The Library Box by Candlefish January 2017 Subscription Box Review

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The Library Box by Candlefish is a monthly candle subscription that brings three different fragrances curated by an expert Chandler. The Library Box costs $30 per month, and is curated based on the season.

So vibrant! The box is sealed with the Candlefish logo.

What a fabulous unboxing experience!

All the information for the month comes in this nice, crisp folder.

The Candlefish Chandlers wish you a happy New Year this 2017!

More info about Candlefish and what to expect each month. Each of the three candles is a 2.5 oz travel candle and burns for 15-20 hours each. They’re designed for smaller rooms. Although they are the same size as the travel candles on the Candlefish site, the ones available for sale there say 20-25 hours, although they appear to be exactly the same.

This card tells you how to take care of your candles and be safe when using them. Following the directions will help extend their lives and yours.

The information card gives you details about each candles and their scents. If you notice the information looks like a library card, that’s obviously by design.

The Library Box is a way to bring the Candlefish experience into your home. Check out the video!

The candles use cotton wicks and all-natural soy wax.

All the candles this month! Each candle is labeled with a Fragrance Number. Some of us might call that a Call Number! You need to consult the Checkout Slip in order to match the fragrance with the notes (or let your nose do the smelling!).

Fragrance No. 54 – Ozone, Marine, Amber, Sandalwood

I guess by ozone they mean the scent of the air before it rains? This had quite a “this is a spa candle” sort of scent!

Fragrance No. 28 – Ginger, Lemongrass, Coconut Milk

This one smelled good enough to eat and I couldn’t help but pair it with my Peanut Chicken Curry over Sticky Rice from Plated

Fragrance No. 62 – Lilac, Rose, Heliotrope, Blackcurrant, Musk

This floral mix seemed to blend more than the other candles I received, more like a perfumey scent with intermingled layers, rather than being able to pick out those top notes. The musk saved it from being cloying, but probably not my top pick! Although this was strongly scented when it began, it kind of fizzled out.

The candles retail for $10 apiece, so this is a break-even subscription, although you receive free shipping, which would otherwise be $5 for 3 travel candles. I love giving and receiving artisan candles and smelling all the smells so I think this is a fun little box! As there are 100 fragrances in the Candlefish library if they don’t repeat it would take you nearly 3 years to try all of them. What a fun and delightful journey that would be!

Are you thinking about trying The Library Box by Candlefish?


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