BeadCrate Subscription Box Review – November 2016

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BeadCrate is a monthly subscription box for bead enthusiasts. Every month you’ll receive a curated collection of beads, findings, and other goodies to enhance your beading creations! There are three box sizes – Hobbyist ($7.99), Enthusiast ($15.99), and Collector ($35) [prices don’t include shipping] to choose from. This is the Enthusiast Crate!



The beads always come neatly packaged inside individual well-labelled plastic bags inside a cute organza bag. We also have a curator’s note explaining the theme. And this month, it’s all about a Feast! Over here (in Canada), our Thanksgiving was back in October, but never fear! Christmas is coming and food will start being a big part of my life starting soon! So bring it! Also, you can share your creation on their social media for a chance to get a little surprise in next month’s box.


The crate comes with a chart that tells you exactly what you’re getting. This month was worth about $30.



Artistic Wire 24 Gauge Copper Wire – Assorted Colors. I’m actually slightly disappointed to get the silver color variation as I work quite often with silver wire. Other colors included red, yellow, purple, pink, and green. I’m thinking of maybe doing a little “basket” with colorful beads in it, like what we can find on a table at a feast!

5x17mm Brass Floral Filigree. They can be used as links, but they are quite delicate and flexible, so I would use them maybe with a golden chain to make a delicate chain, but nothing too heavy involving beads.

14x11mm Tlehr de Lys Brass Filigree. As with the Floral one, they are quite delicate and they call for a small, delicate, simple design. Maybe having small seed beads hanging from them for chandelier-type earrings?


Hot Apple Cider!

4mm Amber Druks Czech glass. I love the topaz colors! It really is the color of apple cider! I like using these small beads as an accent on a chain-like necklace. Something simple by itself, or as a way to lighten an otherwise heavy design, or to tone down a very sparkly jewelry! The sky’s the limit with druks.

9mm Topaz Flat Squares Czech glass. Like for the previous beads, I love the color. It’s bright, it’s sunny, it’s a happy color. I have a lot of square beads, they are very interesting, but I’ve never used them yet. I might do a bracelet with them.


Leafy Greens!

8mm Round Olivine Czech glass. I love love love the color! Over here, we are far in fall already and there’s not a lot of green leaves anymore. The few left in the tress are yellow and red. I love using the 8mm beads with bead caps, it gives a huge color burst to simple earrings or necklace!

4mm Olivine Firepolish Faceted Rounds Czech glass. Fire polished beads always add just that little extra bling to a design, without being overwhelming. I might use them mixed with the garnet colored beads.


Delicious Cranberry sauce (or deep red wine!)

6mm Firepolish Garnet Faceted Rounds Czech glass. I was so happy to see that color in my box this month! It’s not quite red, but not purple either. It looks like little grapes and the color is just delicious! With lighter colored beads, these would make a nice, classy necklace or bracelet.

5x7mm Garnet Cubes Czech glass. I think they are my favorite beads this month! I love the shape, the color, the size! I’m not sure what to do with them yet, but I need to do something with them!



12mm Amethyst Firepolish Faceted Roungs Czech glass. I love purple beads, I find them easy to mix with any type of metal (especially brass), and they give a classy feel to any design. I’m thinking of using them on a long necklace, at the top of a tassel.

4mm Carnelian Rounds. There’s a tree beside my window with fruits of that color and that shape. They look juicy and like pomegranate seeds. They would look great in clusters with some leaf shape beads for a mistletoe inspired necklace!

Toho 11/0 Transparent Amethyst Japanese glass. More purple!!! I can see them in a multi-row seeded necklace.


At first, I wanted to use the seed beads, but after having to pick them all up from the floor, I changed my mind. I used the wire to make the green beads links. So, here it is. Grapes hanging from the vines! Under the sunlight, the dark beads are actually garnet red. Like wine. They are gorgeous!


I love how all the colors work well together. It’s classy, luscious, and looks tasty! It has a nice Fall feel to it, without relying solely on oranges to make it work. Also, I will never say no to purple beads. Well played, Bead Crate, well played!

What do you think of this month’s BeadCrate box?

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  • PA Anna

    I love seeing what you make each month. The necklace is beautiful.

    • Catherine

      Thank you! I’m never sure how a piece will turn out until the end. I’m so happy when I step back and it actually works!