Pet Treater October 2016 Dog Subscription Box Review + Free Pet Bed Coupon

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Pet Treater is a monthly dog treat, toy, and accessory box. Each box shipped results in a bag of treats, toy or accessory donated to a shelter in need. Choose from 3 size options (based on weight) to find the right fit for your furry friend – Small (0-20 pounds), Medium (21-50 pounds), and Large (51 + pounds). For a limited time, use code FREE-PTBED and receive a free pet bed with your first box in a 3-month or longer subscription!


First look in, and there’s a personalized letter for the girls. Wow, this box is loaded!


This little guy is highlighted on the box lid.  Love the hipster attitude.


Guten Tag! (Good Day!)

My name is Adalbert and I’m ready to celebrate Bark’Tober Fest this month! It’s like the human version of Octoberfest, only so much better! There is a fun parade full of my doggy friends in their finest German attire! We all bark out our favorite Polka songs, and do our best yodel to earn treats! What’s my favorite part of Bark’Tober Fest you ask? THE FOOD! There are pretzels, schnitzel, sauerkraut and bratwurst. Oh, and the doggy beer!

Well, I have to go practice the traditional Chicken Dance so until next time Auf Wiedersehen! (Goodbye!)

Your freund,


P.S. – My friends at the shelter wanted to thank you SO much! With every purchase of a Pet Treater box, you’ve helped donate a bed, blanket, or toy to a local shelter dog or cat. It helps while they’re waiting for their forever home!


The Bark’Tober Pet Treater Box!


PetSafe Indigo Smokehouse Strips – Bacon and Chicken ($8.00 each): These are moist and meaty treats for your pup. The first ingredient in each is meat – pork or chicken depending on flavor, with no fillers. These are a massive hit with the girls!


PetSafe Indigo Fresh Floss Bones ($1.28): These textured treats are made to clean your dog’s teeth and gums better than brushing by utilizing the mechanics of a dog’s chewing. The bones have natural chicken and blueberry flavoring. I’m all for anything that helps to improve the girls’ breath and wish that 2 of these would have been in the box so that they each could get one.


Grriggles Halloween Boo Bat Dog Toy ($10.23): This bat flew in just in time for Halloween (sorry, couldn’t resist). He has a squeaker and unstuffed wings, making him easy to hold onto. One of my dogs was angry when this did not stay out for playtime.


HuggleHounds Mini Wiley Dog Toy ($9.99): This little guy has 4 legs, each with a nubbed ball on the end. The long leg lengths are great for tug-of-war play. Wiley’s head is hollow and has an opening so that you can add kibble or a small treat. I thought that Lexi would immediate go for this toy based on her love of balls. However, both she and Lily were a little confused on how to play with it. Lexi did steal him away to her bed in the end.


Bowser Beer – Porky Pug Porter ($4.00): Did your pup ever try to steal a sip of beer? Or maybe you wanted them to enjoy the game or Octoberfest with you? Well, now you can make that a reality with Bowser Beer. Porky refers to the flavor. Bowser Beer is made without added salt or fat and loaded with vitamin-packed malt barley and glucosamine for healthy joints. Both girls loved this drink. I don’t think they were drunk, but they sure were happy after a glass.


Drinking Buddy Dog Scarf: Accessorize your pooch for Bark’Tober Fest or Octoberfest! Either way, your pet will be stylishly dressed for the occasion. How adorable are those pretzels and steins!?! Sadly, this was just way too big for either of my girls; it looks like it was meant for a large dog.  Thankfully, I have someone that I can pass this onto.


Richards Homewares PetStor 6-Pocket Organizer ($15.89): This black and taupe organizer has 6 pockets (4 medium and 2 large) to store your pet’s things. The bone-shaped grommets hook onto two metal over-the-door hooks to help maximize space. The organizer also has a side hook for leashes or collars. While I like this organizer, there’s no way it will fit all of Lily and Lexi’s toys or clothes. This is a good travel piece for us.


*HUMAN GIFT* Halloween Silicone Muffin Pan and Spatula ($11.49): This set is super cute! The pan will get a lot of use leading up to Halloween, and the spatula will be on hand through autumn. I have a bunch of pumpkin in my pantry that is screaming to be turned into pumpkin muffins and mini pies.

And now for the required silly pet pictures…


Lexi with Wiley


Anti-social Lexi. Bowser Beer was the only thing that made her come out from under the bed, and even then, it was only her head that appeared.


Lily the Lush. If you didn’t know better, you might think she was actually drunk. I love the regretful and faraway looks she has in the top pictures – like she’s contemplating her life’s choices between rounds.

Without a price for the scarf, this box is nearly $70! Once you factor in the scarf, the value is at least 3 times the cost. This box is a fantastic value, and I love the thought that went into the curation. The products were seasonally appropriate, with treats that were good for my pets.

Have you tried Pet Treater yet? Get a free pet bed with your first box in a 3 month or more subscription! Use coupon code FREE-PTBED or save $5 on your first box with coupon code LOVE-PT5.

Visit Pet Treater to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Pet Treater
The Description: Pet Treater is a monthly dog treat, toy and accessory box. We pride ourselves on bringing incredible value and quality per month. Our members enjoy not only the convenience of new items every month, but actually saving money compared to buying the items themselves. Also, each box shipped results in a bag of treats, toy or accessory donated to a shelter in need. Feel free to reach out to us to suggest your local shelter to be included in this program.
The Price: $24.99 per month


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