Bramble Box June 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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IMG_6241Bramble Box is a monthly subscription for 3-8 year old children that helps foster pretend play. Each month, you can choose your own theme! Just remember to select your box by the fifth of each month. If you would prefer to receive the newest monthly theme, simply select “surprise me,” and you’re all set! Your box will arrive mid-month via priority mail.

IMG_6242Your first box will contain a special welcome pack that you can use throughout your subscription to supplement the material contained in each Bramble Box. All subsequent months will include a collectible sticker.

IMG_6244Each package arrives beautifully wrapped in tissue paper inside a decorative box.

IMG_6243June’s theme was Meteorologists (weather watchers)! We love the weather and talking about clouds at our house, so my son was very excited to receive this!

IMG_6245June’s surprise box contained a book, a thermometer, a magnetic dress up boy, an activity kit and craft supplies.

Weather Forecasting by Gail Gibbons ($7.19) is a comprehensive introduction to what meteorologists do for a living. Truth be told, it’s a little long and dry. Still, my son enjoyed it. He asked a lot of questions as we read it aloud together.


I love receiving new books in the mail! My children always flock to me whenever I read them something new!

IMG_6253Both my kids enjoyed playing with this magnetic dress up doll set! My son enjoyed telling me during what season one would wear each of the outfits.


This was his first time playing with dress up dolls of any sort!


The activity guide provided clear, detailed instructions for creating and using tools that help meteorologists!

IMG_6254My son and I enjoyed talking about temperature using the enclosed thermometer.

IMG_6299We also talked about the differences between ºF and ºC. While the thermometer registered about 72 ºF inside the house, it couldn’t read the temperature inside a garden pot left outside–it was too hot for the thermometer to register!

IMG_6280Next, my son created a pretend anemometer with help. I never knew what this instrument was called until we received Bramble Box!

IMG_6286My son enjoyed spinning it around and around.

IMG_6290Next, we made a barometer. I thought this was really cool. When the weather is nice, the air pressure will be high. The air outside will press down on the balloon. As the balloon pushes into the jar, the straw affixed to the top will angle up indicating high pressure outside. Conversely, when the weather is stormy, the outside air pressure will be low, and the air pressure inside the jar will be relatively high. The balloon will puff up, angling the straw affixed to its top down indicating low pressure outside. Cool!

IMG_6294My son left the jar on the windowsill to dry. Once dry, we’ll move it outside.

IMG_6311Expecting the air pressure outside to be high, we closed a pine cone by submerging it in water for a little over an hour inside before placing it outside. After letting it sit over night, the pine cone opened, indicating hot, dry conditions. Cool!

IMG_6298Finally, my son assembled a solar oven. He was most excited about this project!

IMG_6300Once complete, we put a marshmallow into the oven and waited about 1.5 hours.


By the time we removed it, it had only partially melted. Still, the plate was quite hot! Next time, we’ll time it better: we’ll put it outside between 10 and 3 as recommended!

IMG_6255Bramble Box included some helpful sheets to aid in recording weather observations.

This was such a fun first box! When we were done, I asked my son if he wanted to be a meteorologist when he grows up. He told me he’d like to be a musician. Cool! Whether or not he actually becomes a meteorologist or a musician, one thing’s for sure: we had fun pretending together! Thanks, Bramble Box!

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The Subscription: Bramble Box
The Description: Imaginative play kits for kids age 3 – 7. A new themed box such as – post office, detective or community helper – each month. Each box is designed by parents, tested by kids to support a variety of role playing opportunities, through use of versatile, open-ended materials that provide hours of fun, educational and imaginative play. One of our kids’ faves!
The Price: $27.95 per month


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