BookCase.Club April 2016 Subscription Box Review – Booking for Love Case

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BookCase.Club  is a one stop monthly subscription service for book lovers. Each month, you’ll receive 2 books curated for one of six genres.  For the Read to Me Case (children’s picture books), you’ll receive four books!  With each new subscription, a book is donated to Books for Keeps in Athens, Ga.  This is an inexpensive book subscription – less than $15 including shipping per month!

Select your genre when you sign up.  I love a good romance and am still searching for my HEA (happily ever after), so I got the Booking for Love Case.


Your books arrive safely packed with paper to prevent them from moving around.


This box contains two full-sized books in it; one a paperback and the other a hardcover.


Happy 1st birthday to BookCase.Club!  The folded information card contains a brief synopsis of each title as well as a note to subscribers.



Dictatorship of the Dress by Jessica Topper ($13.79):  This seems like a cute rom-com.  It’s a little bit of mistaken identity with a girl-meets-boy and they’re stranded scenario.  Hmm… what kind of craziness will lead to romance?  I think this will make a fun weekend read.  Jessica Topper is a new author for me, and this book is part of her A Much “I Do” About Nothing series.  If this is as good as it sounds, I’ll have to go through the series.

As the dress-bearer for her mother’s wedding, comic book artist Laney Hudson has a lot more baggage than the bulky garment bag she’s lugging from New York to Hawaii. Laney is determined to prove she’s capable of doing something right, but running chores for her mom’s fairytale nuptials is proving to be a painfully constant reminder of her own lost love.

So when she’s mistaken for the bride and bumped up to first class, Laney figures some stress-free luxury is worth a harmless white lie. Until the flight crew thinks that the man sitting next to her is Laney’s groom, and her little fib turns into a hot mess.

The last thing Noah Ridgewood needs is some dress-obsessed diva landing in his first-class row. En route to his Vegas bachelor party, the straight-laced software designer knows his cold feet have nothing to do with the winter weather.

When a severe storm leaves them grounded in Chicago and they find themselves booked into the last available honeymoon suite, Laney and her in-flight neighbor have little choice but to get better acquainted. Now, as her bridal mission hangs in the balance, perhaps the thing Laney gets right is a second chance at love.



Do or Die Reluctant Heroes by Suzanne Brockmann ($26.00):  After reading the jacket, I was immediately dying to start this book.  Former Navy SEAL, pinned up lawyer, and a kidnapping involving the government.  I could totally picture the sparks flying while on a high octane adventure.  When I finally looked up, I realized that I was over a hundred pages into the story!  So far it is living up to my fast-paced expectations and there is some sexual tension brewing.  I can’t wait to see how this will play out.


Suzanne Brockmann’s seamless blend of heroic military action and intense passion inspired USA Today to call her “a superstar of romantic suspense”—and for years her award-winning Troubleshooters books have been must-reads for fans of sizzling stories of action and adventure. Now the New York Times bestselling author shoots to thrill again with Do or Die, an electrifying new novel that is certain to win Brockmann new readers and delight devotees.

Navy SEAL Ian Dunn went rogue in a big way when he turned his talents to a lawless life of jewel heists and con jobs. Or so the world has been led to believe. In reality, the former Special Ops warrior is still fighting for good, leading a small band of freelance covert operatives who take care of high-stakes business in highly unofficial ways. That makes Ian the hands-down choice when the U.S. government must breach a heavily guarded embassy and rescue a pair of children kidnapped by their own father, a sinister foreign national willing to turn his kids into casualties. Shockingly, Ian passes on the mission for reasons he will not—or cannot—reveal.

But saying no is not an option. Especially not for Phoebe Kruger, Ian’s beautiful and unexpectedly brash new attorney. Determined to see the abducted children set free, Phoebe not only gets Ian on board but insists on riding shotgun on his Mission: Impossible–style operation, whether he likes it or not.

Though Phoebe has a valuable knack for getting out of tight spots, there’s no denying the intensely intimate feelings growing between Ian and Phoebe as the team gears up for combat. But these are feelings they both must fight to control as they face an array of cold-blooded adversaries, including a vindictive mob boss who’s got Ian at the top of his hit list and a wealthy psychopath who loves murder as much as he loves money. As they dodge death squads and play lethal games of deception, Ian and Phoebe will do whatever it takes to save the innocent and vanquish the guilty—or die trying.

This month’s value was around $22, if you adjust for the Kindle and paperback versions of Do or Die (on sale for $7.99).  Sticking with the hardcover version I received brings the value to nearly $40!  I am really enjoying this subscription and having fun discovering some hidden gems.  BookCase.Club has been perfect for letting me disconnect and get back to one of my favorite past times.

And just to follow up, I did finish The Lady’s Tutor from last month and loved it.  The heroine’s personal journey was sometimes hard to believe, but the hero’s charm and general swoon worthiness made up for it.  There were also some interesting plot twists that left me scratching my head.

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The Subscription: BookCase.Club
The Description: Book Case is a one stop monthly subscription service for book lovers. Our team consists of certified book worms and we have a long history in the world of literature so you can be assured that the books we select for you each month will be a delight to read. With each new subscription we donate a book to Books for Keeps in Athens, Ga. Genres include YA, children’s picture books, mystery/thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal romance, and regular romance too!
The Price: $14.99 per month


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