FanMail September 2015 Subscription Box Review

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fanmail box september 2015 box

I couldn’t have been more excited about this box! The September FanMail box was themed “Legends of CW” with heavy Supernatural spoilers! FanMail is a monthly geek and gamer box for women, curated by women. Each month’s mystery box will have a theme and contain a variety of memorabilia and collectibles, including handmade and fanmade! Items might include exclusive comics and t-shirts, jewelry, stationery, books, autographs, and photos.

fanmail box september 2015 unboxing

Each month, you’ll get a handy pop culture newsletter that will tell you what movies are coming out, what’s up for streaming and binging, and what conventions or events are out there that you may want to attend.

fanmail box september 2015 review

All the items in the Supernatural September 2015 FanMail box.

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0394

The card on the left was the promo for FaMail Favorites – holiday time limited edition boxes. The one on the right is the flip side of the information card and is a Buffy Summers Art Print from Maggie Atkinson. I hate to be absolute, but it’s pretty much my favorite series of all time!

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0389

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0395

Exclusive “Arrow” Felicity Smoak Necklace Replica

“Supernatural” Impala License Plate Necklace
fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0396

I am pretty sure that my husband, for the first time in his life, considered wearing a necklace when he unboxed this for me.  We watched the season premier last night (SO GOOD – and don’t hate on us for being a day late. We only get The CW in SD so we have to wait a day for HD). These are the plates from the first couple of years. And it’s shocking how long ago that was!

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0397

This is a replica of Felicity Smoak’s necklace from Season 3, Episode 10. I don’t watch Arrow, but now I know that Peggy Li designs much of the jewelry worn on the show (and there’s a lot of it!) and you can see the original of this necklace at J. Crew. It’s called the Triad necklace and it’s gorgeous! I know absolutely zero about this show but I love the necklace!

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0398

Promo Cards & Stickers

The cards are promos for Ink Works Premium Trading Cards and they’re pretty awesome and a nice promotional item that you can actually hang up or paste in a scrapbook (Smallville, Charmed, Buffy, Supernatural).  The stickers are from Get Glue (Arrow, Supernatural, Nikita, Beauty & the Beast,  Vampire Diaries, 90210!). I thought it was awesome that Charmed was in here!

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0399

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0400

Exclusive “Supernatural” Sam’s Army Replica – No, it’s not a generic soldier packaged with a card, it’s actually an exclusive item (by itself, not packaged with the car). This is from the episode Swan Song, where Sam (inhabited by Lucifer and about to kill Dean) saw the toy that he had crammed in the ashtray as a child, which triggered warm fuzzies thus enabling good to win over evil yet again.

Exclusive “The Flash” CC Jitters Coffee Insulator: The coffee that will get you up in a flash, and straight as an arrow (I totally swiped that). They actually reuse the same set on The Flash and Arrow!

Vampire Teeth!

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0402

Carry On My Wayward Son Shirt by Risa Rodil:  And yes, it’s the most perfect homage shirt that I’ve ever seen. I can’t even with this illustrator. I want all the things. I hope every fan subscription box sees this work and picks up items, because it’s just awesome. We have pie, fbi badges, angels wings, Castiel’s trench, the tablet, Baby (the Impala), and more. And most perfectly – some argyle wallpaper that surely could have been found in the one of 200 hotel rooms the brothers have overnighted in during the series (just guesstimating!).

fanmail box september 2015 IMG_0404

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ornament – Cordelia: Well, the card says BtVS but obviously this is an Angel ornament. Nothing says happy holidays like vampires! But in all seriousness, Angel is a much better way to remember Cordy than Buffy was.

What a fantastic super amazing box September was! I totally loved it, I can’t wait for the October box, which is YA fiction themed!  The items were really perfectly curated, the shirt was a massive hit for me, and there was a lot more in this box than I was expecting. After the last couple boxes I’m really happy with this subscription and absolutely looking forward to what’s up next.

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The Subscription: FanMail
The Description: FanMail is a mystery box designed for lady geeks (by lady geeks!), which means that each box is filled with amazing products from the fandoms you love!
The Price: $21.99 + $6 shipping
The Coupon: Get a pop culture t-shirt in your first box when you sign up for a 6-month or 1-year subscription


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  • Heat7918

    BtVS is definitely my favorite TV show of all time! I love the SMG print but no idea what I’m going to do with it. I LOVE the shirt – that was the big thing that helped make this box worth the $$ for me. I’m wearing the Supernatural necklace right now and I’ll probably hang Cordelia on my little Christmas tree. 🙂

    I don’t watch Arrow or Flash but the coffee insulator/holder will probably get used. And I love love love purple / amethyst but I don’t wear much gold and the gold of the necklace looks super orange/brassy/ fake gold to me… moreso in person than in your photo. Is that just me?

    The funniest thing was my husband who walked in while I was first going through the box. He couldn’t understand why I was squealing with delight about trading cards and stickers… I mean, he’s right really – what in the world am I going to do with them?? I too was so happy to see Charmed! (Although I preferred Seasons 1-3 with Prue so would have loved to see Shannon Doherty on the card – I like Rose McGowen too though.) I also got the same Smallville card which was fun since I watched almost every season of that! (Remember when Jensen Ackles was on the show as Jason Teague?!? Also remember when he was on Dark Angel with Jessica Alba… I loved him even back then!)

    I got a different Supernatural card – I like mine & yours both about equally. But I’d much prefer your BtVS card with the whole gang! I got one with just SMG. All my stickers were different than yours too – I want your Dean one!! LOL. Other than my 2 Supernatural stickers, the rest are all shows I’ve never watched (same TV shows as your stickers – just different stickers) but that’s okay. Again, what am I going to do with them? I’m a 39 yr-old woman… 🙂

  • Jenny

    OMG this is an AWESOME box!!!! Holy WOW I can’t believe it so good.

    I’m with you I thought it was a good first episode back and did a lot of set up for the season. How can you not watch Arrow? You guys totally need to binge and catch up but of course with all the crossovers you will need to watch the Flash too. My boys actually watch the Flash with me. LOL It is pretty PG compared to the other shows and I need to get them in the fandom early. 😉 I’m with you and BtVS. I watched from the beginning and have all the seasons on DVD and have been known to turn them on randomly. When it used to come on everyday I would watch it most evenings too. Yes of course you know I’m a whedonite and as for the CW it is the channel I watch the most shows on. They are all just so good. LOL

    • Heat7918

      I have all 7 season of BtVS on DVD too and have watched them dozens of times! We also now have Netflix so more access to Buffy! BEST SHOW EVER! Since you have such good taste in television, I think I’m really going to have to add Arrow & Flash to my list. I didn’t originally start watching Arrow b/c I was upset that it wouldn’t be Justin Hartley… he was HOT HOT HOT as Oliver Queen on Smallville. So I was kind of protesting. LOL

  • Marie

    Amazing! Missed out on this box ( was sold out when I went to buy it)..the only thing that would have made this box better would have been to put Dean in that box!!;)) strong premiere episode too!! Best since season 5!!

    • Brandy

      I am suspecting that the shirt has to be in the Supernatural themed holiday box?? And prob the necklace too??

      • Marie

        Do you mean a Holiday theme Fanmail box? I will be all over it..:))

        • Brandy

          yeah there’s a card about it in the review. they are going to have single fandom boxes during the holidays!