Bulu Box July 2015 Subscription Box Review & Half Off Code

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bulu box july 2015 box

Fitness boxes target different kinds of subscribers, from the “consult with your sport’s governing authority before taking this supplement” crowd, to the casual fit lifestyle set.  Bulu Box falls somewhere in the middle.  Bulu Box is a health and fitness subscription box. Get a monthly box  – either the classic version or the weight loss version – for $10 a month. Save HALF on any subscription (the whole thing!) with code BULUGAN792. 

bulu box july 2015 unboxing

When you get your box, try your samples, and review them for points, just like Birchbox.  I got six products in my July box and I can review my box for $6 back in points!

bulu box july 2015 card
Bulu Box has an informative little card that really packs everything in.  I like that it includes the full-size pricing information as well as descriptions of the items.

bulu box july 2015 review

Everything in our July box.

bulu box july 2015 IMG_3193

Island Boost Renegade – Blueberry Pomegranate: An energy gel that uses coconut water for electrolytes and no caffeine!

bulu box july 2015 IMG_3195

Runa Mint Guayusa Tea: On the flip side, this tea provides as much tea as a cup of coffee, but it also has 2x the antioxidants of green tea. This has really excellent reviews on Amazon, is certified organic, fair trade, and non-GMO. Supposedly “Guayusa lacks the bitter tannins that traditional teas have, so it is naturally smooth and sweet.” I might actually try it out – I’m not a tea drinker, but this one has me intrigued!

bulu box july 2015 IMG_3196

Bugeater Foods Jump – Cricket Based Protein Shake: OMG OMG OMG OMG.

The world is changing and I don’t know if I’m ready. We totally need sustainable protein sources.

But I’m just. not. ready.

Chicory powder for fiber and is whey and soy free. If someone had said here drink my protein shake, and it was good, I would maybe not have an issue.

But… I can’t! Maybe my husband will try it! If you got this one and tried it – let me know! I have no probs with this being in the box – it’s just not for me right now.
bulu box july 2015 IMG_3197

Earth’s Care Anti-Itch Cream: I’m really excited to try this one with my daughter – it’s natural, has no artificial colors or fragrances, and is petroleum free. She has a couple itchy spots on her legs that chronically flare up, and we’ll give this a shot!

bulu box july 2015 IMG_3202

Lifestyle Bonus Item: More-T Toothbrush: I am honestly not sure if this would get me to brush my teeth any differently, but I’m willing to give it a try! I’m all for worthwhile innovations.

This is the world’s first t-shaped toothbrush and has been patented in over 100 countries. The more-T Toothbrush provides a more effective and comfortable cleaning experience. These toothbrushes use soft, DuPont nylon bristles to clean your teeth while being gentle on gums. This revolutionary toothbrush promotes up and down brushing to reduce tooth sensitivity and give your mouth a deeper, easier clean. Plus, the more-T toothbrush design makes it an excellent tool for cleaning your tongue to rid unwanted bacteria, preventing halitosis. *

  • Less Physical Effort *

  • Promotes Up and Down Brushing *

  • Protects Tooth Enamel *

  • Gentle on Gums *

bulu box july 2015 IMG_3203

bulu box july 2015 IMG_3204

Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula: 5 kinds o’ fiber! Psyllium seed husks, barley bran, acacia gum, oat bran, and apple pectin, all with an orange flavor. It’s like metamucil plus.

Despite the totally crazy cricket shake, I thought this was a really great box! It had a nice mix of products and nothing was too out there, except crickets. Which I’m much more accepting of than crazy supplements or 10x caffeine products.

Boxes are $10 per month, but when you subscribe you can get at least half off, which is fantastic. You can then review the items in your boxes for points to redeem at the shop, so be sure to do your reviews – it makes the boxes very cheap! This was a good month and it was definitely worth the price – and nothing was too weird for me!

Visit Bulu Box to find out more or to subscribe. Use promo code BULUGAN792 to save 50% off any subscription or use the coupon THREEFORONE to get 3 months for $10. See all our Bulu Box Reviews or check out more health & fitness subscription boxes in the directory.

The Subscription: Bulu Box
The Description: Choose the health, nutrition, and supplement discovery box or the weight-loss focused subscription box and get 4-6 samples of interesting and unique health-oriented product
The Price: $10 per month
The Coupon: Use promo code BULUGAN792 to save 50% off any subscription!


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