GlobeIn Subscription Box Review & Coupon Code – June 2015

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Eeek! I thought for sure this box would be a lost cause with the way it was punched in, but it turned out just fine! GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box is a monthly subscription box full of artisan goods from producers all over the world.  GlobeIn sources its products exclusively from non-profits, artisan collectives and other organizations that ensure a fair wage is paid to the artisans and farmers.  This subscription was recently pepped up a bit – no more variations, higher value, and I have to say that I’m really loving it. FYI this box is still available!


Can you believe – no damage! I didn’t get a card this month – my box is sent early to me for review, so you’ll just have to believe me that there is indeed a card! It includes the stories of the artisans and the information on each item.  Every GlobeIn box I have received comes packed in the outer box and most everything is inside the nice leaf basket.

Plus there’s a great recipe!

Welcome to the Party!

Whether it’s at a casual brunch, a family barbecue or a neighborhood block party, the best gatherings combine people, moments and meaning. Your Entertain Box is a starter kit of accessories, fixin’s and stories sure to save you a seat at the next table of honor.

As a starter, Palestine’s sun-dried tomato spread pairs perfectly with crackers and cheese. We also recommend trying your new spice mix in our refreshing salad recipe, included at the end of this booklet.

Use your Mexican basket to create an easy, elegant centerpiece that spruces up any table setting. String up a friendly splash of color with our Tea Time Bunting from India. And while serving drinks, save your surfaces from water rings while entertaining guests with the story behind your upcycled coasters from Ghana.

Great memories are all about great people enjoying great moments. We hope your Entertain Box inspires all three.

globein box review june 2015

The June GlobeIn theme is “Entertain.” I loved this box as soon as I saw the items!


ABAN Handmade Coasters from Ghana. ($12) So pretty! These use upcycled plastic on the back! I love the designs – they’re gorgeous.


Canaan Fair Trade Za’atar Spice Mix ($7.99) Dried thyme, wild sumac, cold pressed olive oil and roasted sesame seeds – this is very aromatic! Use to marinate meats, flavor hummus, or spread on to flat breads. This is a very large package! The most common use is to dip pita into oil and then into the za’atar. Here are some recipes from The Kitchen for Za’atar!


Mexican Palm Leaf Basket ($12) This is a bit of a different pattern than my last few baskets, and I have to say I enjoy it! It really speaks to the utility of this basket that it was not damaged in any way by that box crushing!


Matr Boomie Block Print Tea Time Bunting ($14) I honestly couldn’t have expected from the spoiler photos that we’d receive the bunting! It’s absolutely fabulous and will be perfect for us to decorate for a party – and then in our home!


Canaan Fair Trade Sun-Dried Tomato Caper Spread ($8) This will go great with all those sumac-flavored breads and meats we’ll be creating! I love sun-dried tomatoes and capers, and especially the combination of the two! It would be fun to wrap some fish up in banana leaves with this spread on the fish!

The total value was around $54, and with the shipping it would have been quite a bit more.   This box has maintained a consistently high quality all this year and I don’t hesitate to recommend it! You can use code WELCOME to save $25% on your first box of a 3+ month subscription. Or use code ENTERTAIN to get a wine bottle stopper from South Africa in your first box (which I think are super cute!).

Visit GlobeIn to subscribe or find out more!  You can also see all my GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box reviews.

The Subscription: GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box
The Description: “The globe in a box” – a themed collection of 3 to 5 artisan-made products from around the world. Each box includes stories on the country of origin and the artisan behind each product.
The Price: $35 per month


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