January 2015 Hamptons Lane Healthy Eating Box Review & $10 Coupon

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January’s Hamptons Lane box is all about healthy eating and it’s definitely one of my favorite boxes of the year (and will be all year long – not just because it’s January!). Hamptons Lane is a fantastic foodie/gourmet subscription box perfect for everyone who loves to eat. Every month you’ll get a box of food and gourmet kitchenware items curated around the theme (though you can skip it if you’re not into the theme), you’ll pick up new and interesting finds from both domestic & international producers, plus the kitchenware to complete the theme. We LOVE this subscription! Save $10 on Hamptons Lane with coupon Mommysplurge10.


This month shipped in an Extra-Large Fedex Box (mine may be slightly different as I receive it for review) but the kitchenware item was just too big to do anything different with it.IMG_8238

January’s theme was Healthy Eating – and it is not boring! You may have noticed that I was crazy excited about this month – because of that awesome spiralizer! I love spiralizing veggies and over the next week or so I’m going to post some new recipes my husband came up with this week!IMG_8236

Better Off Spread The Ace of Spice Spicy Peppery Organic Peanut Butter ($10) This is pretty mind blowing! It’s not just spicy but so flavorful with the goodness of natural peanut butter plus Szechuan peppercorns. I totally dipped dark chocolate in it.IMG_8237

My husband ate his with cucumber. Bo-ring. But he said it was good. Wegman’s didn’t have zucchini, otherwise we would have certainly made pad thai with this and spiralized zucchini.IMG_8234

Greenpoint Trading Dracula’s Nightmare ($6.25) Sesame Seeds, Garlic, Onion, Oregano Leaves, Basil Leaves, Celery Seeds, Marjoram, Paprika, &  Thyme Leaves. This is billed as a rub but look for it soon in our red cabbage slaw!IMG_8233

jojo’s sriracha ($14) We’ve purchased this before and it is SO good. I’m so spoiled by artisan sriracha sauces I can’t go back to the rooster kind! Our recipe using this is quick-pickled cucumber with sriracha. I also liked eating this with the peanut butter. Have you ever noticed I just like eating my condiments? IMG_8232

Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal Nuts.com ($6.99) This was yummy and combined chia, quinoa, and berries for a nice not too hard crunch. My kind of granola for sure.IMG_8241

World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer ($33.24) Ahhhh the Paderno Spiralizer is mine at last! The only reason I hadn’t owned this puppy is that I have a couple other spiralizers but this one is probably the best you can get for the money, and it works amazingly well!IMG_8259

E spiralized a whole cucumber in about a minute!IMG_8263

If you cut down one side of your veggie you can make almost-rings. And yes, my kids ate that cereal!IMG_8256

It took more effort for the sweet potato but she spiralized the whole danged thing.IMG_8239

The information sheet contains lots of information about each product.IMG_8240

And recipes are on the back. This box is so great and if you’re a new subscriber, if you use the coupon it’s pretty much like buying the spiralizer and getting everything else free (the total value is ~$70).   We adore Hamptons Lane and my husband and I both think it’s one of the best subscriptions out there. We just finished eating our spiralized meal (seriously, it’s so fun and gets the kids involved too) and my tummy is warm and happy!

You can still get the January Hamptons Lane box! Just visit Hamptons Lane to grab it and save $10 on this box with code Mommysplurge10!

The Subscription: Hamptons Lane
The Description: Each month, Hamptons Lane curates an amazing box of artisan foods, kitchen tools, and serveware for the food lover. Each month is different – spotlighting a different region, food, ingredient, skill, or activity – and you can always skip if you don’t want that month’s box, free of charge.
The Price: $45 per month
The Coupon: Get $10 off your first box! Just use coupon code Mommysplurge10


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