PetGiftBox Review + #HolidayTailz Free Box Contest

I received this box free for my review. Hello Subscription may earn compensation via links in this post. Read the full disclosure


PetGiftBox is a new pet subscription box for dogs and cats. Every month you’ll get fun toys and a treat for your furbaby. This weekend for Black Friday & Cyber Monday they have a great deal just for my readers! Take half off your first box with code mommysplurge!


Right now PetGiftBox is having a great little holiday contest – take a snap of your 4 legged friend and upload or post to twitter or instagram with #holidaytailz.


Lindy’s box was addressed to her. Awww.IMG_6489

She was super interested!IMG_6490

I was surprised to find that this box was mostly toys. This would be a good box for a toy loving pet!IMG_6491

Spot Pup-rrr-mint Dental Chews ($4) These were pretty large for a small chew so Lindy took her time with it. She thought it was yummy and it gave her nice fresh breath.

I found the toys in the box available for multiple prices online, from $4-10. Since you’d have to pay shipping on all of them I’m just using the MSRP below!IMG_6494

Black Eyed Cuties ($6.99) This is Lindy’s Fave because it has a super loud squeaker!IMG_6495

Knotty Tug Toy ($8.59) We love this toy for quiet tug with the kids or crazy tug with dad!IMG_6496

Vermont Fleece Star ($7.69) I don’t know why the fleece is Vermont but Lindy likes it. She loves pillows. And squeakers.IMG_6497

Holiday Chubz ($7.89) I don’t know if Lindy played with this one yet because it’s under the tree. The kids may have stolen this one!IMG_6498

Holiday Babblers ($10.59) This one talks and has Christmas phrases. Lindy was fascinated by it!IMG_6499

Pet Speak Streamers ($9.39) This one is a good one for crazy play with the streamers, sturdy body, and squeaker inside.

All the items were from the same company, so I’d like to see more variety in the next box, but this was an inexpensive box at $17.99 per month! You can also use coupon mommysplurge to get half off your first box through Cyber Monday!

Visit PetGiftBox to subscribe or find out more! You can also check out all the pet subscriptions in my directory!

The Subscription: PetGiftBox
The Description: A box of toys and treats every month for the pet you love! Dogs and Cats.
The Price: $18 per month


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  • Barbara zukoff

    I subscribed for my 97 lb Best friend Bassett Hound( Big Boy! Worst CRAP! I’ve ever got!:( and I ordered the largest box!!! And to add insult this company wasn’t decent enough to answer their phone!! For 4 days I got a message saying due to high volume bla bla bla!!! They sent puppy ice cream in a little bag and a tiny toy ice cream and a plastic rope, paw protector!!!!! And more ice cream for PUPPY! This one you put water in !!!!!! Really SHAMEFUL TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE LOVE WE HAVE FOR OUR PETS!!!!!!!!!:(

  • Ron

    I tried and the code did work for


  • Joan

    You may want to double check your pricing. The pet box for $18 per month contains 2-3 items. You appear to have received the next level up, a more expensive box that contains 4-6 items (and you got 7). I examined their website carefully because they do not follow the typical procedures for pet boxes, it’s very complicated, with an option to choose your own products but then you have to use a point system. I calculated all prices for month, 3 month, 6 month and yearly. Your post is mistaken, I believe. They do nice boxes and they are worth the price, but the system they have is too nerve-wracking for me. If I have to spend hours on a computer selecting products and trying to meet a point quota, may as well go to the pet store and let the dog pick her own things. In their favor, they average out to about $6 less per month than my current pet box service, so the prices are fair. I just think you may have accidentally been told the wrong one for that box, unless you are including a discount, which by the way I could also not get to register on their site. Thanks.