July Taste Trunk Review: Gourmet Box

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I was so excited to get the inaugural Taste Trunk Box! I picked the Gourmet box, though I wanted to try all of them.  I loved this box! Taste Trunk is a new food subscription box and there are four different versions: Sweet, Gourmet, Healthy, & BBQ.  Each Taste Trunk costs $29 including the shipping and I thought it was a fantastic value.

If you want to subscribe go to Taste Trunk, put my name (Brandy O’Grady) in the special instructions box, and use coupon code Splurge25!  This promo code will get you your first Trunk for 25% off!

The Taste Trunk ships in a medium flat rate priority mail box and the actual trunk is a white box.


I loved this tiny detail – a gold seal embossed with the Taste Trunk logo.


Inside the box was a tiny packet in this adorable bag. I thought this was a really nice presentation and it had another gold seal! I loved the seals. The Taste Trunk had a trunk vibe without actually being a trunk.


The bag (old timey classifieds) held all the information cards, plus a welcome card. It was kind of like something you’d find when you opened an old trunk.


There were a ton of information cards. Each one had information about the producer of an item and a suggested recipe. I loved that the cards were separate, because you could totally separate items and gift them if your heart desired.


One of the Taste Trunk cards was a coupon for The Andiron, the Taste Trunk owners’ inn in Mendocino.  It looks really swell and all the cabins have a total 60s Scandinavian vibe.

July Taste Trunk: Gourmet Box


My Taste Trunk had so much variety and fun gourmet taste treats. I loved opening this box because it seemed like it never ended.  All of the items were packaged very carefully. The food inside was not like opening an old trunk.

IMG_8117Oren’s Kitchen Coconut Chili Macadamias – So delicious. So so good. Coconut chips I think are the hottest thing this summer (so healthy and natural and ridiculously good) and you can’t go wrong with macs. The flavor on this was excellent. $7.

Susan’s Gourmet Mango Salsa (All Natural) – I love fruit salsas for summer and this would be perfect with fish, just like the recipe card suggests.  I opened it up to taste it and it was very spicy with a hint of sweetness. The fruit was firm and the veggies in it were crisp and crunchy. I was really surprised by that. A little of it will go a long way!  This was a fantastic salsa. $4.25.

IMG_8121 Community Spice Company “Tran Doori” – I think this means it’s supposed to be a Vietnamese/Indian crossover flavor. I’m going to make burgers with it. I opened it and tasted it and I think it will be great! $5.IMG_8119

Cucina & Amore Artichoke Bruschetta – The card says to make actual Bruschetta with this, but I’m kinda thinking it would be great plopped on a big juicy steak. $3.IMG_8122

Imperial Organic Caffeine Free Organic Vanilla Rooibus Chai –  $4.  I’m not a tea drinker, but my kids are, and I was happy to see that this caffeine free tea was included.  The box suggested mixing with milk, and I’m going to make this for my kidlets tomorrow.IMG_8125

Miners Mix OMGarlic Cheese Bread Spread – $5. All natural garlic bread mix. That’s gotta be a first. It usually has some sort of weird crap in it, right?  I’m going to buy a loaf of crusty goodness tomorrow and make this. IMG_8124 México Lindo Hot Sauce – $5 The card in the box had a picture of the Jalapeño hot sauce, but I got the regular one. I like both. This one is all natural, no MSG, and uses grapefruit seed as a preservative. It’s hot for sure, but also had a fantastic flavor.  It’s actually pretty unusual to find a hot sauce that’s really hot with good flavor, so I am happy to have this one.IMG_8123 Purely American Gilroy Garlic Pasta Stir Fry Mix – $6.50. This came with a darling bottle of EVOO attached to the side. I used my own oil and saved the bottle for Bestie, who travels for work. Is that weird of me?  The pasta was very garlicky and the kids loved it. I lived near Gilroy (garlic capital of the USA) and let me tell you, when you get out of your car, it STINKS!IMG_8120

I made the garlic pasta (without the veggies – we just got a produce box and I made corn for the kids) for dinner!

Everything in the Taste Trunk was all natural, and that made me really happy. The total value of the box was about $40 and the price was only $29 and the shipping was free.  Plus, now I have all sorts of taste adventures and I didn’t have to do any hunting. If you want your own Taste Trunk, go here, use my name (Brandy O’Grady) in the special instructions box and enter couponcode Splurge25 to get 25% off.  I’m really not sure what box to get next – what should I get?IMG_8127


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  • Rachel S.

    Ohhh, now this a box I can get behind! Thinking I may have to order the ‘Gourmet’ this month. Does the coupon code still work?

    • Brandy

      As far as I know! They didn’t give me an expiration on it.

  • bethany

    get the sweet box