Mini Donuts – Take 1 (and 2)!

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So, I picked up this Nostalgia Electric Mini Donut maker from some crazy sale at Best Buy (go to Best Buy & search “nostalgia electrics” to see what’s still available. At the pickup counter there were literally 5 of them for pickup! They come in these huge metal tins for storage – very cute). It was $9.99 and Best Buy is literally across the street, so I bought it online for instore pickup. I almost never shop there but my children love all things in donut form and I am hoping to come up with a recipe that 1) is healthyish (thinking protein with fiber or hidden veggies) and 2) is very, very small.


I spent a long time making donuts today. I also figured out why this was so cheap – the donut recipe inside I believe is printed incorrectly. You’re supposed to pour the donut batter. Instead, it looked like this.


Even adding extra milk the first batch came out like this.

doughy, unbaked, barely rose
doughy, unbaked, barely rose

So, I doctored it up by adding oil, an egg, lots of extra milk, and extra sugar (seriously 1/4 cup for 2 cups of flour?) and a METRIC BUTTLOAD OF BAKING POWDER. Also I should note that I only use White Whole Grain Wheat flour (by King Arthur). I prefer the nuttier texture & flavor and it has more fiber (and duh, whole grains).

    much better crumb although this one was wetter than i think preferred i did not receive any complaints
much better crumb although this one was wetter than i think preferred i did not receive any complaints

It wasn’t a healthy recipe but I wanted to give it a shot normally before I started fooling around with it. The frosting was leftover from Valentine’s Day and some of the donuts I sprinkled with cinnamon sugar (homemade using organic brown sugar but mostly Costco’s Vietnamese Cinnamon – I find that most premade cinnamon sugar is way too sugary!). I started a pinboard on Pinterest for donut maker recipes so I can start getting some ideas!

I found that the heating on the device was very uneven, but after I had it going for a while it was better – perhaps due to my batter sitting. I’m really not sure. If you are experimenting yourself I will note that it seems like a very large amount of baking powder is good – they cook quickly and you want them to rise all the way to the top so they cook from both sides. The back center donut didn’t cook well and the donuts turned out better if I flipped them just after the three minute mark. But really, I want a recipe where I can make one or two batches, max!

IMG_5155 IMG_5156

The kids ate like ten donuts apiece. I’m not kidding.

Do you have one of these gadgets? What’s your favorite recipe?



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