Hello Witches: Learn Witchcraft Online with Wicca Academy!

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Your witchcraft journey starts here! If you’ve ever been curious about magic, spells, and crystals, and you want to dive deep into these topics, you can now study them online.

Why learn modern witchcraft online? Wicca Academy allows you to study at your own pace, which means you set your preferred schedule and the online classes are available 24/7. You can simply study when you have time, whether that’s after work hours or on weekends! They have courses ideal for beginners looking to get started, as well as for seasoned witches.

To start learning, just create an account and choose which lesson videos you want to watch. They suggest you take notes while watching, and after your first lesson, you can test your knowledge through a quiz. Once you complete your first 3 courses, you will receive an Official Wicca Academy Degree. Sign-up is initially free, but to earn a degree, you’ll need to upgrade to a monthly plan for $19.95 or to a yearly plan for $89.95. You can also earn a 2nd degree after completing 6 video courses and a 3rd degree after completing all 8 video courses.

There’s so much more to modern witchcraft than we think! According to Wicca Academy, some of the benefits of learning Wicca include the feeling of belonging, a sense of purpose, inner peace, closeness with nature, and a healthier lifestyle.

Currently, there are 8 online courses available at Wicca Academy, composed of 75 videos. For newbies, there’s a Basic Signs and Symbols course where you can learn basic Wiccan signs and symbols, herbs, crystals, and elements. If you’re particularly interested in magic and spells, take the Basic Magick and Advanced Spells, a course that dives deep into magic, spells, and the art of divination. Another interesting course offered by the Wicca Academy is Dream Interpretation and Psychic Visions, which discusses dreams and sleep science, as well as the power of essential oils. Want to be familiar with Wiccan holidays? Here’s good news for you: there’s a course that discusses all of the major Wiccan holidays, including their meaning and everything else that you need to know about them! Other courses you can look forward to are Meditation and Elements, Tarot Card Readings, Zodiac Signs, and Spirits and Familiars.

Here’s what Michelle, one of the Wicca Academy students who earned all three degrees, has to say:

I loved learning each degree from 1st degree to the final 3rd degree. I have learned so much and I love how all the areas of courses are based off of diverse thinking and so informative. It isn’t a waste of time or a waste of money its so amazing and I am looking forward to showing what this experience has taught and guided me toward my life path and career.

Wicca Academy also created a great impression on one of their new students, Toni:

As an entrepreneurial minded and service hearted witch myself I recognize it for what it is and appreciate the way you kept it simple and not overly pushy or bulky. Other than that I’m also excited to experience this course.

All students will also get insightful monthly horoscopes, fascinating articles and guides, and exclusive deals. Wicca Academy has its own online store where you can purchase accessories, notebooks, and even home decor for witches.

What are you excited to learn from Wicca Academy?

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  • Jennifer Neville

    Hi how do you sign up for the yearly membership? I saw option but don’t see it anymore and only saw after I had signed up fir monthly. Since I need more time/ the yearly is a better value for me & when I saw for 79 & change I find it will be better plus I didn’t know didn’t come with downloadable option till after I already purchased the notebook & pen set. I would have preferred the download but do love my little notebook regardless Wouk’s have bought. I have an account and only canceled because I’m away now & don’t have time to do. I do want to re activate but with yearly membership. Can you send me link or let me know hie to get to that option/when I goto reactivate? I don’t know how long the corse will take me but at least w/ the yearly, in times like this, it would work better for me & my schedule
    Especially for times like this when I had to stop to go help parents & don’t have time to do for a month & knje that will periodically happen. Thank you JJ 💕