Personalized Health Recommendations: Reasons To Give InsideTracker A Go!

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Being healthy is one thing and maintaining your overall wellness is another! InsideTracker makes sure you live a more fulfilled life by giving you a deeper understanding of your body’s health. It’s an ultra-personalized system that analyzes your blood, DNA, and lifestyle to provide you with daily nutrition suggestions.

InsideTracker believes that no two bodies are alike. Each person’s nutritional plan should be unique, which is why they deliver guidance based on your physiological data. Whether athletes or busy professionals, this program create evidence-based solutions that are simple and clear to follow. Helping improve the lives of individuals from the inside out, nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations are provided.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should try InsideTracker:

1. It provides a full picture of your health

Combining your DNA and lab info helps uncover useful health data. This program gathers personal data and biomarkers to assess and optimize your nutrition, wellness, and performance. They evaluate everything from your blood to your DNA to your lifestyle to provide you with a much more comprehensive picture of your overall health. You can have your blood, DNA, or both tested to collect precise information that will be utilized to make health-related recommendations.

2. Personalized goal settings based on results

InsideTracker takes into account each body’s biometrics. From the result of testing, they give personalized recommendations to help you achieve your health goals. By knowing and understanding what your body needs, they recommend nutrition, supplementation, fitness, and lifestyle science-based action plans that are all unique to your DNA.

No more guesswork! They tell you the numbers your body needs. Every action plan is driven by peer-reviewed science. You decide on which goals to focus on, and they’ll align those with your data. They combine expertise with leading technology, giving you the best advancement to your goals.

3. It’s simple, clear, and actionable

Collecting samples is simple. Testing can be done at a nearby lab or home if you purchase a home kit. The results are easy to understand, and you’ll receive actionable, science-backed methods to make sure your best days are still ahead of you. There’s even an app with thousands of scientifically studied food to give you the best options for your overall wellness. They don’t just tell what your body needs but explains why too! A customer success team also responds to all of your inquiries and assists you throughout your journey, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.

4. Hit your health goals with the help of a mobile app

InsideTracker has a mobile app that can be installed on any smartphone, designed to make it easy for you to stay on track with your health goals.  Some of the information you’ll see on the app includes a progress chart showing where you are from low to optimized to high; your exact numbers, so you can do more research on your own if desired; recommended foods or actions (like yoga to lower cortisol); science tab that explains why a biomarker is important for your health and performance; ongoing history of a biomarker if you’ve had more than one test; and links to detailed articles for additional information.

5. Different plans to choose from

There are different types of plans, and each comes with personalized zones and results tracking, a science-based digital platform, personalized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, access to a secure online web portal, and live customer support when needed. You can choose individual plans or package them together for deeper insights into your health. Plans range from $29 to $399.

  • Ultimate – comprehensive insight into your physiological data; ideal for serious athletes, executives, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious
  • Shalane Flanagan Panel – increase endurance and optimize recovery; ideal for serious athletes, executives, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious
  • Essentials – linked to overall wellness, metabolism, sleep, and energy; ideal for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious
  • Innerage 2.0 – learn to live longer and better; ideal for healthy agers, health-conscious, and fitness enthusiasts
  • Blood Result Upload – convenient integration of your test results and their advanced analysis; ideal for anyone with existing blood test results, looking to optimize their health and well-being
  • DNA Kit – reviews your genetic potential; ideal for anyone with 23andMe or test results wanting to reveal their genetic potential
  • Home Test Kit -improve your wellness from home; ideal for international users, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious
  • Immunity – concrete insights to maximize your resiliency; ideal for international users, fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious, and healthy agers
  • DNA Results Upload – deepen your understanding of your genetics; ideal for anyone with 23andMe or test results wanting to reveal their genetic potential

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InsideTracker is great for anyone who desires to gain more understanding of their health and use that data to come up with daily decisions that will affect their nutrition and wellness.

Recommended re-testing is 2-3 times a year, allowing you to track and manage how your body is doing. Although not a subscription, InsideTracker sees you through the end. It has a one-time fee that includes the price of lab tests and access to the platform. It’s like a roadmap that guides you through a better health journey!

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