TasteCrate August 2021 Subscription Box Review

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TasteCrate is a monthly subscription box full of snacks that are healthy, unique, and hard to find. Boxes will contain a variety of snacks including bars, chips, nuts, crackers, and sweets. You will receive between 15-20 snacks per crate. TasteCrate is $39.99 a box and shipping is free.

TasteCrate is for those who like trying new things at restaurants. You, brave soul. You, who hit all the latest bistros and post Insta photos of your cocktails. We made this for you. We spend every waking moment (well, almost) looking for amazing treats for your crate. From rare and exotic companies you’ve been wanting to try — to new startup brands making delicious and innovative snacks you’re sure to enjoy.

Looks good so far, these look exciting to me!

I received a card welcoming me to the TasteCrate family.

You can scan the QR code on the back and provide feedback on your box. I found a drop down menu and chose one of the two options (July) and only one of those snacks was in this box, so I skipped the survey.

Everything in my box!

Volay Caffeinated Sparkling Water in Watermelon Mint ($1.66) I like sparkling water, my husband buys Topo Chico by the case and I tend to mix it into juice or lemonade for spritzers. This is a lightly flavored seltzer but with enough caffeine to equal about a half a cup of coffee (50 grams), which is a decent amount, nothing over the top. There’s no sugar or other sweeteners and no colors added, and the flavor is exactly what it states, watermelon mint. Nice!

The GFB Dark Chocolate + Almond Bites ($5, 5 servings) The description for these bites is spot on — brownie balls covered with roasted almonds, yum! There’s a pea protein blend, dates, dark chocolate, brown rice, and flaxseed. It is pretty decadent for a health food and keep in mind that a serving size is only two balls.

The Empowered Cookie Lemon Lavender Poppy Seed ($3.33) is a soft-baked cookie that gets its flavor inspiration from a spring morning! The ingredients are really natural and I appreciate that there isn’t fillers like inulin or alternative sweeteners like stevia. This is made with stuff like almond meal, flax meal, coconut nectar, lemon juice, and lavender essential oil. Interestingly, I don’t see poppy seeds listed, and it’s not on the website either so I have reached out to them for an explanation (update: they just somehow overlooked it). The cookie is soft, lightly sweet, has a hint of lemon, and is nutty. I didn’t detect lavender (which I’m not a fan of in food anyways) and it was delicious.

Beviva Purpo Sweet Potato Granola ($2) I was looking forward to trying this for breakfast. It’s a cereal similar to the crispy rice kind. It was sweet but not overly so and the flavor was rather bland, like Cap’n Crunch without crunch berries. Unfortunately, the dried fruits were pretty darn hard and when you have as many crowns as I do you tend to want to keep them on your teeth. If you still have your original chompers then you are probably going to be fine.

Purpo Cereal

Zesty Z Mediterranean Popcorn ($2) I shared this with my husband and we both agreed it was kind of soggy/stale. It’s flavored with feta cheese, which I like, and spices, which are usually ok for me, but I’m not a fan of oregano and that’s all I can taste.

Every Body Eat Chive & Garlic Thins ($1.74) I thought the texture in this chip/cracker was interesting, it was similar to a tortilla chip rather than the potato kind. The flavor was just right — not overly strong or salty like typical snacks. They have a base of brown rice flour plus potato starch, hemp seeds, and flavoring that comes from food things (like garlic, onion, and chives).

Think Jerky Beef Jerky Classic ($3.12) I’m not sure if I should consider jerky a snack or exercise equipment for my jaws! While I dislike meat sticks, jerky is ok and this was one of the best tasting jerkies I’ve ever tried. This one has some brown sugar, a little orange flavoring, and some spices so it’s sweet and a little salty — it reminds me of beef bulgogi from my favorite Korean restaurant!

I Amaranth Himalayan Salt Sticks ($3.75, about 3.3 servings) These tasted so familiar when I crunched into them. The are made with amaranth seeds, chickpea flour, water, olive oil, sesame, prickly pear flour, and salt. The first ingredient however is corn and these taste like Fritos! Fritos aren’t all bad and the calories, fat, and sodium are similar to that big brand, but this has more fiber and a bit of protein, and the corn is non-GMO.

Amäzi Chili + Lime Jackfruit Chews ($5.99, 2 servings per pack) I was today years old when I tried jackfruit for the first time. Sure, I’ve seen its hugeness at the grocery store, and I’ve heard it makes a great stand-in for meat in vegan pulled pork recipes, but there’s no way I’m going to buy it, I don’t have the fridge space. This is flavored with chili and lime and I was kind of worried it would taste like pork jerky, but nope, it’s actually sweet and somewhat tropical, like mango. The lime is subdued but the chili packs a punch. Some of the pieces are soft and others are chewy, just like jerky.

Angelic Bake House Lemon Blueberry Snack Crisps ($5.99, 5 servings per bag) I’m sure you’ve probably tried snack mix (like Chex) that has those crispy rye toasts? This is similar, except it’s lightly sweet! It also is flavored with lemon and blueberry and the lemon is pretty authentic. They are made with sprouted grains that include rye, wheat, quinoa, millet, oats, barley, and amaranth. There’s 3 grams of fiber per serving and I am imagining topping this with cream cheese, or pairing with yogurt. Yum.

Partake Triple Chocolate Cookies ($0.90) I really enjoyed these cookies and they took me back to my childhood, when my mom would take me to a store that always had these chocolate cookies coated in sugar for the taking. These cookies have a bit of a grainy texture, like there’s sugar inside instead of on the outside. The flavor was great too. It’s made with a gluten-free flour blend, flax meal, and mainly other things I can pronounce and know what they are. They are soft-ish baked.

Skout Organic Chocolate Cherry Protein Bar ($2.33) I love bars like this, they are pretty natural and have fiber from actual food (and not that inulin stuff that causes GI problems). This is made of dates, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa, and cherries. It was very fudgy and dense with bits of nuts here and there.

Unity Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein Bar ($4.99) Sorry everyone, I wasn’t a fan of this bar. It was a dry protein bar that doesn’t really taste like chocolate at all and it has that monk fruit aftertaste. There were chewy bits of coconut and it has CBD but I’m not a fan of sugar-alternative products in general but this was not for me.

The Better Bar ($3.00) I think this was a delicious snack bar and the berry flavor tasted natural compared to some berry flavored snacks I’ve tried. This has crunchy quinoa; dried cranberries, blueberries, and goji berries; sunflower seed butter; and pepitas. There’s a chocolate covered version out there too, please send that one next time! It has 4 grams of fiber and a little bit of potassium, and lots of yum!

Here’s those Triple Chocolate Cookies.

Skout Bar

Unity Bar

The Better Bar

Blake’s Pineapple Snack Bar ($1.99) I couldn’t find this flavor, perhaps it’s been discontinued? The expiration date isn’t until October though. I like the bar, which has puffed quinoa, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and more. It’s held together with a sweet syrup and has 4 grams of fiber. The only thing I didn’t care for was the pineapple flavor, which didn’t taste like dried pineapple, more like pineapple-flavored candy, and that didn’t mix well with the pumpkin seeds, which are kind of earthy. UPDATE: I checked the brand’s Instagram and they explained that it was indeed retired due to low sales.

Nomz Almond ($2.75) This was such a great snack, and I could probably make something similar but then again I never actually do that. There were two bites in the bag and it’s pureed dates and cocoa kissed by sea salt and coated in roasted almonds. Simple and delicious. The chocolate flavor was actually stronger than the dates but the nuts put it over the top.

Blake’s Pineapple Snack Bar


TasteCrate sends such an amazing assortment of snacks, and some of them have multiple servings, too! I like to try them in the afternoon when I need a pick me up or in the evening when I’m watching tv. Some of the bars were eaten for breakfast and all of these are perfect for eating while out and about, just stick in a purse or lunch bag, backpack, whatever. The most amazing part is that with the exception of maybe one bar, these are all brand new snacks to me! The ingredients were pretty natural and some were tastier than others but all were fun to try. The value for the box was around $51. There were 16 snacks, which works out to about $2.50 a snack. Another way to look at is that there were 27 individual servings, so that brings it to about $1.48 per serving. I would be wary of buying something I was unsure of liking in bulk, but this helps me try new snacks and then I can decide which snacks I want to buy in bulk after trying.

What do you think of TasteCrate?

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