Tokyo Treat July 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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TokyoTreat is a monthly Japanese snack and candy subscription box that is shipped directly from Japan.

There are two box sizes — Classic ($25) and Premium ($35). As always, shipping is free worldwide.

  • The Classic box includes 12 items altogether — 4 popular snacks, 4 share packs (new), 2 dagashi snacks, 1 DIY candy kit, and 1 kinosei (quirky) snack.
  • The Premium box includes 17 items — 5 popular snacks, 1 party pack (new), 4 share packs (new), 3 dagashi snacks, 1 anime snack (new), 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinosei snack, 1 drink.

This is a review of the Premium box.

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The box is filled to the brim!

This month’s theme is Life’s A Beach.

The booklet contains everything you need to know about the items inside the box. There’s also a message from the Tokyo Treat Crew and an instruction on how to activate your box for rewards!

Of course, there’s a list of the items we should be expecting in this month’s box.

This part of the magazine features Peach Mint KitKat and DIY Kit Cider Soft Serve!

Discover Japan page shares a bit of Japan’s local culture every month. This month, it’s about the 3 must-visit beaches in Japan.

This booklet also comes with a fun activity related to the theme.

Everything inside the box!

Peach Mint KitKats. This newly-released premium version of KitKat features their trademark crispy wafer, coated with creamy milk chocolate blended with peach and mint. Inside the bag are 12 individually wrapped pieces that you can share. It isn’t as sweet as the usual KitKat, with a fun minty flavor! Not sure about the peach!

Sour Cream And Onion Doritos. Japan has its own version of Doritos, and they’re much more flavorful. The one we got features a scrumptious blend of sour cream and onion. Each piece is crunchy with just the right blend of tangy and savory.

Melon Cream Soda. This melon cream soda is a popular beverage in Japan and it’s not surprising why! It’s refreshing especially when chilled, definitely a perfect drink for summer. The taste is similar to melon mixed with vanilla ice cream in a fizzy beverage.

Anpanman Grape Gummies. It’s a pack of grape flavored gummy candies, featuring one of the most popular Japanese cartoon superheroes, Anpanman. Each piece is chewy and bursting with flavor!

Texas Corn Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a popular dish similar to a pancake but with a mixture of ingredients that includes cabbage, egg, meat, cheese, onion, and seafood. It’s what inspired this puffed snack, and think they did a good job in capturing the savory flavor of okonomiyaki.

Chocolate Mint Candy. If you love minty snacks, this treat is definitely for you! It’s a pretty unique candy with a sweet hard outer shell filled with mint flavor inside. Each bag contains 24 individually packed candies, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Umai Sugar Rusk. These are bite-sized crackers with sweet sugar rusk flavor. They’re light and airy, perfect to munch on while watching TV!

Sour Peach Gum. Even gums from Japan are flavorful too! This one is a peach-flavored bubblegum with a gooey sour center. Each pack contains 3 pieces of sour gummy with 1 of them being super sour.

Mini Chocolate Bat. This log-shaped chocolate snack reminds me of the popular umaibo. Its center is crunchy and airy, while the chocolate coating is rich and sweet. As suggested by its name, it’s inspired by a baseball bat, probably because baseball is a widely popular sport in Japan.

Crushed Poteco. We got ring-shaped potato snacks in share packs this month! The rings are light and crunchy, perfect for a snack anytime and anywhere.

Sherbet Perot Cider. It’s not your ordinary lollipop candy because it’s dipped in a sour, fizzy, and sherbet-flavored candy powder. It leaves a tingling sensation inside your mouth!

Cider Soft Serve DIY Snack. This month’s featured DIY candy kit includes a plastic tray, a spoon, cone, and a powder packet. It’s so easy to make, put the powder on the empty tray, pour water and stir well. Once it turned into a creamy texture, scoop a piece and put it on top of the cone.

Voila! Here’s our finished product and it does look like some soft serve!

Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo. This version of Umaibo features its trademark puffed corn stick with a flavor inspired by tonkatsu sauce, a savory sauce that is normally paired with their famous pork cutlet. Like any other umaibo snack, this one is crunchy and filling too!

Soda Soft Candy. It’s a chewy candy that features the deliciously refreshing taste of soda. Each pack contains 6 pieces of candies, perfect for sharing.

It’s another box full of delicious Japanese snacks from Tokyo Treat! As always, the variety is fantastic. There’s something for every craving like chocolatey, fruity, savory, salty, and sweet. I like everything, most especially the sharing packs as I can eat them together with my loved ones. I also love the latest edition of KitKat, they really never stop to innovate and create new flavors. If you love Japanese snacks like us, then this subscription is a great choice. You’ll also get to learn a thing or two about the country through their snacks!

What did you think of this month’s Tokyo Treat?

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