Japan Okashi Box April 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Japan Okashi Box is a sweets and snacks box from Japan! The brightly coloured green box is full to bursting with authentic Japanese sweet and savoury treats as well as a special bonus gift each month. Shipping is free worldwide!

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Full to the brim with goodies – there’s about 18-20 items in every box!

The information sheet is clearly laid out and lists all of the snacks and ingredients, as well as stating any potential allergens.

Shiba Inu Sticky Notes — O.M.G.! Right at the top was this adorable pad of doggo sticky notes! Shina Inu are a popular breed of dog in Japan (inu literally means “dog”) and the kawaii cartoon version sits among pretty pink sakura (cherry blossoms) flowers.

Umaibo — One of my fave snax from Japan are umaibo — long puffed corn treats with so many different flavours. We were sent three — takoyaki (octopus dumpling) yakitori and corn potage. I’ve tried all of them before and the takoyaki is definitely my favourite! It has a savoury sauce that reminds me of Worchestershire sauce.

Chocolate Fish — Another fave I’m happy to have another of. This is a fluffy, aerated milk chocolate inside of a wafer fish shape. The chocolate reminds me of Aero chocolate here in Canada, and it melts in your mouth.

Ototo — Crunchy, salty potato chips in cute sea animal shapes! I shared these with my little nephew who LOVES anything animal shaped, and he really liked them. The seasoning reminded me a bit of the flavouring you get with chicken ramen in the package.

Baby Star Ramen — Chicken-flavoured dry ramen snack. When I was a kid we just crushed the pack of ramen and added the seasoning package, but this snack has it already done for you. I found the chicken flavouring wasn’t as strong and was a bit bland. Super crunchy and fun to eat, though!

Kyabetsu Taro — Another corn based snack. Puffed corn balls with a delicious savoury seasoning. These were so addicting!

Poteto Furari — And another corn snack! I am loving all these new treats. These are large thin flat corn crackers with a chicken flavour.

Here are the corn puffs.

And the other corn crackers. They were large but there were only 4 in the pack. I wanted more!

Gummy Choco — Strawberry gummies covered in chocolate. These reminded me so much of Glossette raisins, only with a strawberry center. They are addicting!

Almond Glico — These are definitely fascinating little treats. They’re wrapped up like a hard caramel or fudge, but are almond! They’re chewy and sweet and I am addicted.

Morokoshiwa-Taro — A much more simple corn snack with a lighter flavour. These are slightly sweet as well.

Spicy Mini Senbei –– An assortment of small senbei (rice crackers) and nuts with a chili seasoning.

Bakauke — A pair of larger senbei with some bits of seaweed in it. This adds a nice salty flavour to it along with the soy sauce traditionally used in senbei.

Salad Pretz — Pretz is Pocky’s savoury sibling. Where Pocky has a sweet covering and flavour, Pretz are savoury. This is a salad flavour which tastes of various herbs.

DIY Sushi Gummy Kit — Make your own gummy sushi pieces with this kit. I didn’t open this one but you can see from the photos that you can design your own sushi using the small pieces of gummy candy.

Black Thunder –– Black Thunder is a popular candy bar in Japan. This variation has a delicious dark cookie inside which reminded me of an Oreo. Also has some peanuts inside as well.

Matcha Kit Kat — Did you know in Japan there are dozens of flavours of Kit Kat? It’s true, and I’ve tried many of them. Matcha Kit Kat replaces the milk chocolate we are used to with a less sweet matcha chocolate. It’s so good!

Mario Chocolate Lolly –– Everyone’s favourite Nintendo plumber is now in edible form, haha! This is a cute chocolate candy on a stick.

Grape Gummies — A package of delicious grape flavoured gummies. These are really addicting and I couldn’t stop eating them!

Japan Okashi Box delivered a huge box of a wide variety of snacks and treats all the way from Japan. Shipping is free and they ship worldwide no matter where you are! I love the extra bonus gift and the mixture of sweet to savoury was great. I would love to see maybe a drink in the box (or as a possible add-on) as one of my favourite things from Japan are their fun drinks like ramune! This box is great for anyone who loves Japan or is a candy or snack addict in general.

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