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Brandless is a direct-to-consumer home and grocery goods company that focuses on cutting out middlemen to send you the savings on high quality items. They’ve now introduced a subscription service plus an expanded line. With regular delivery, they make sure you will always have exactly what you need.  Subscribers can get a monthly supply of baby and pet products, food, personal care products, household, and kitchen products. You can also choose and customize your own subscription box according to your needs.

Every subscription has a surprise gift and who doesn’t want surprises? The proceeds of subscription also give back and donate meals to someone facing hunger through a partnership with Feeding America. In addition to the subscription delivery, they also have a membership option for free delivery on orders for $36 per year – get the details on the Brandless B.More membership here!


Today we’re reviewing a selection of BABY products perfect for both your regular & subscription Brandless orders! Brandless just debuted their Baby and Pet lines this month!

I love the idea that I’m not paying an additional fee for retailers because Brandless already cut out the unnecessary steps and ship the items directly to our home. Talk about saving time and effort!

There’s a thick booklet that welcomes us as we open this big recyclable box.

Here are the goodies! The box is sectioned into parts so each product has sufficient space. Everything arrived intact and in good shape! You can see we’ll also be tackling some goodies for our dogs in a separate review.

This booklet will be our guide to the world of Brandless.

The box encourages us to volunteer and to invite our friends to the cause.

Everything in my box!

Brandless Diapers ($9) It is important to have a diaper that is non-irritating and is not dependent on harsh chemicals. You can be sure that this can be good for the baby as the diaper’s fun design is printed with non-toxic and water-based inks.

It is also made with wood pulp that didn’t undergo any chlorine processing, plus it’s cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and free of latex, fragrance, and lotion.

The top sheet, back sheet and absorbent core of the diaper are also made from plant-based materials. It has 6 sizes with the weight capacity guide so it won’t be hard for you to choose the right one for your baby.

My baby seems comfortable with her new diapers! It offers up to 12 hours of protection and features reliable adjustable tabs for a better fit. There’s no worry when changing frequently because I can subscribe. Sweet.

Brandless Baby Wipes ($3) It can get messy around here and the baby wipes are the next thing I need the most. Using wipes that I know are safe for my baby makes diaper changing easier and more enjoyable. This doesn’t have unnecessary and harsh ingredients and can be the best choice for the baby’s skin. It gently cleans up the mess with its hypoallergenic plant-based fibers. It is made in the USA, free of parabens, phthalates, drying alcohol and ethanol. It is also vegan, gluten-free and silicone -free.

The packaging has a weight to it so even if you pull the wipes harshly the whole box will not come with it. It is so easy to store and practical to use because of the lid closure. The wipes don’t tear easily and have enough size for cleaning effectively.

Brandless Diaper Rash Cream ($3) No need to worry about your baby’s skin as this diaper rash cream is hypoallergenic, protect and soothes with coconut oil, shea butter, and non-nano zinc oxide. It is free of parabens, gluten, dye, silicone, and fragrance. You can apply this anytime and as often as necessary. Just clean the diaper area and allow to dry. As for my baby, her skin is not allergic to it, so far so good. It is a non-greasy, non-pasty cream which I like.

Brandless Baby Balm ($3) It has almost the same formula as the diaper rash cream. This, however, has, cocoa butter and sunflower seed and olive oils. It is also free of harsh chemicals and other no-nos. This hypoallergenic balm surely hydrates and nourishes the baby’s skin. I love that it is unscented so no matter how many applications in a day, my baby won’t get irritated by the smell.

The packaging is practical to use and I don’t have difficulties using them. They are easy to store too! Both are made in the USA and are just three bucks each!

Brandless Baby Lotion ($3) This nice and light lotion is made with shea butter & coconut oil for moisturizing. It is also unscented and effectively hydrates the skin without being too tacky.

It can be applied multiple times a day too. It’s a good way to make sure baby will not have dry skin or other irritations!

Brandless Baby Teething Wafers ($3) This is a non-GMO, organic and free of artificial flavors teething wafers that are large enough to grasp and can be a good solid snack as the children can also improve their hand to mouth motor skills.

Sometimes it is hard to keep the baby’s interest especially when eating. You can already see and feel if the baby doesn’t like the food or snack given. They are just like Baby Mum-Mums and totally a hit!

There are 24 wafers in the box.

These crackers are great – taste like banana and melt away!

Brandless Baby Food ($3) Every box contain 4 pouches of baby food. This is an exciting time as a mother to see my baby explore new textures, flavors and enjoy what she’s eating. I chose this flavor with pear, banana, pumpkin and squash combination because I think babies find these flavors tasty!

It’s organic and free from the basic allergens like dairy, gluten, tree nut and peanut.

The pouch is easy to grasp and very practical to use. My baby loves them – I hope Brandless will introduce a pouch container next 🙂

Brandless Baby Food ($3) We also selected a pouch with pear, blueberry, purple carrot and milled chia flavors.

The packaging is simple, straightforward and with color coding.

The pouch also has the nutritional facts stated at the packaging box. They’re super convenient to keep in the pantry and grab one for meal time!

The Brandless baby items were easy, inexpensive, and high quality, and they couldn’t make it easier to check out. My favorite part is that not a single one contains any ingredient on Brandless’ 400 harmful ingredient list. I absolutely love that they’ve done the work on create safe products for healthier and happier babies, and I can have my time with my child instead of navigating which products I can choose and not choose.  It’s also great that you can change, update, and cancel your subscription at any time right in your account – I don’t need to spend 3 hours on the phone to cancel a subscription, and Brandless knows that! Plus, although we just reviewed the baby items here – my subscription can include anything by Brandless, making my life much easier.

What do you think of Brandless’ baby line?

This is everything in my haul for this month! Puppy items review coming soon, and more info on Brandless below!

Yey! I can definitely use these coupon codes for discounts.

You can filter your choices to find the products you need and buy them fuss-free.

If I have friends who are new homeowners are coffee lovers, I will definitely consider this as a gifting option. If I will be given this kind of gift I would be happy too!

There is a lot of inspiration for gifting. You can give a serving style bundle that includes plates and spatulas. If your friend is a coffee lover, this coffee blend bundle can definitely make your friend smile. It has a lot of coffee beans, cups, sugar, mug, creamer and anything that will make the coffee experience enjoyable.

You can also shop for seasonal items and for now, they feature the flavor Cranberry.

They also discussed the sleek design and practical packaging in this booklet. I agree that their products are easier to store and their simple packaging will not distract you from the features written on the item.

The illustration of that whole wheat spaghetti is so yummy!

I will definitely try this when I have time. It’s a huge plus to know how to make delicious healthy foods.

Not only it made my shopping fuss-free, I was able to learn a new thing or two also!

They have clear illustrations of the snacks and also marked the new ones so it’s easier for us to shop for them on the website.

They also have the essentials for beauty and vitamins for health and wellness!

Name it, they got it! It’s a good thing there’s a brand out there that truly cares for their customers. I think the brand name is witty and really suits what they stand for. They provided a lot of variety to choose from. I love that we can customize the plan according to our household needs. It’s an easy process and you can receive your box on a regular schedule. The booklet they provided really helped plan my future purchases too. It contains the complete catalog of their website. I’m always on-the-go and with my busy schedule, I consider this box is a life saver for me. Nearly everything in their shop is $3, but they do have some new items at higher price points (like $9) to offer a better variety. We get to enjoy a healthier lifestyle at a lower cost. Organic products are usually pricey and we got a good deal with this one.

What do you think of Brandless box?

Visit Brandless to subscribe or find out more!


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