Tea Box Express October 2018 Subscription Review & Coupon

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Tea Box Express is a monthly subscription box containing a brand-name, whole-leaf tea (either loose leaf or in a pyramid bag) plus 3-4 other tea-related items, which may include infusers, measuring spoons, or food items like chocolate or cookies. It costs $25.50 for a monthly box, plus $6.49 for shipping. They offer 1, 3, or 6-month terms and each will automatically renew until canceled (or choose the gift, which doesn’t renew).

First look!

DEAL: Save 20% on your first monthly box! Use coupon code  HELLO20.

There were two cards in the box. One is from Tea Box Express, and the other was a discount code for one of this month’s vendors.

There is some info on how to share your box pictures on social media for a chance to win a free box!

Everything in my box!

The Chai Box All Chai’d Up Recipe ($12) Although chai isn’t my usual cup of tea, my daughters love it. This one smells amazing and could make me a convert.

I prepared this following the traditional method, although you could also steep this like regular tea and then add sugar or milk to taste.

The ingredients are black tea, ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel. I think I finally figured out why I’m not a fan of the usual preparation – it is a bit too salty for my tastes. Next time I will steep it like my usual cuppa and add just a splash of milk to keep it sweet.

Hastings Sugar Spoon Tea Box Express sends tea time accessories and this month it was a cute little sugar spoon.

I think it could hang over the side of a sugar dish with that little hook handle. This is a very small spoon, cute and petite.

Even the handle is decorated!

Beach House Teas Fall Spice ($1) is a seasonal take on a common tea additive. Organic sugar is infused with cloves, cinnamon, and star anise to add a little extra flavor to teas or ciders. You could use it to rim the glass of an adult beverage.

A Couple Of Squares Inc. Handmade Sugar Cookies You may be able to find these cookies at places like Williams-Sonoma, Macys, or Sur La Table. These sugar cookies have a royal icing decoration and ingredients are listed on the back.

These were really hard to bite into. I’m not a fan of this type of cookie, I prefer Lofthouse, but I also realize those can’t be shipped.

Last month we received a bunch of individually wrapped teas and it looks like Tea Box Express is keeping on that line by sending a bunch of individually wrapped tea products! Tea Drops Vanilla White Tea ($1), Tea Drops Cardamom Spice ($1), and Tea Drops Chocolate Earl Grey ($1) are made of real tea leaves and flavorings that are pressed into drops and then you just add boiling water, stir, and drink!

The ingredients are listed on the back of the packs as well as directions. No strainer is needed, the tea leaves supposedly dissolve and any sediment that remains in the bottom of the cup is normal and drinkable.

So cute! Look, there’s a star/tea dust trail!

Here’s the finished product. This was tastier than I thought it would be, I was impressed. This is way ahead of those instant teas that I’ve tried in the past. There was sediment on the bottom of the cup, as expected, and although it may be edible I just dumped the contents when I got that far.

Tea Drops Tea Sprinkles in Glow ($0.83), Tea Drops Tea Sprinkles in Refresh ($0.83), and Tea Drops Tea Sprinkles in Boost ($0.83) are from the same company but are more like herbal teas and are not as full-bodied as the previous packs (although the boost one has caffeine).

These ones are unsweetened and calorie-free. Just mix with one cup of boiling water and again, some sediment is normal and expected. I tried the Glow one, which was caffeine-free. I poured boiling water over it and stirred and then decided it needed honey. It reminded me of a spiced cranberry drink, it was good and I simply stopped drinking before I got to the bottom of the cup. I remember making Friendship Tea back in the day and it never dissolved all the way either but it was wildly popular.

I have been super happy with the multiples that Tea Box Express has sent these last two months. It’s a neat way to try products from a company that’s new to me and I tend to be one of those people who likes lots of choices and so this satisfies some inner part of me. I liked the convenience of the packets, just add hot water and stir. The flavors I tried were tasty. Of course, the main tea sent this month was good too and I think it’s neat that Tea Box Express sent so many different teas to try.

What do you think of Tea Box Express? I’d love to know your thoughts about this box!

Visit Tea Box Express to subscribe or find out more!


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