Animal Jam Box Spring 2018 Review

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Animal Jam Box is a subscription box for Animal Jam fans that brings an assortment of curated products like clothing, electronics, toys, accessories, stationery and more! It’s $25 per quarter + $6 shipping with over $60 worth of Animal Jam merchandise!

The outside of the box looks so fun!

My kids love playing Animal Jam! It’s put on by National Geographic, and really well done. My daughter is also in love with the Nat Geo Kids mag. We love everything they do.

Included in the box is this Animal Jam information card.

It gives you a list of all the goodies this quarter!

Everything in the Spring 2018 box!

Evil Emote Charm. In Animal Jam, there’s a set of emoticons and they serve as the way for the player to show their various emotions in the gameThis charm features the Animal Jam evil face! It’s supposed to be scary, but it still has that cute appeal to it.

The emoticon is in yellow and it comes with a hook so you can easily hang it wherever you like. Have you ever seen a cat that looks devilishly cute? That naughty grin is surely up to something!

Emote Shirt. Did someone say emoticons? Because all of them are right here on this t-shirt!

There are 20 Animal Jam emotes (that’s what emoticons are called in Animal Jam) featured on the print. From the surprised face down to the grinning face, this shirt has got you covered. The text below the emoticons says it best: All. The. Feels.

Exclusive Game Code. You can get a secret gift in-game by scratching this off and entering the code.

Each code is valid for one-time use only. I wonder what gift we are getting!

Tada! A Happy Emote!

Two-Sided Emote Plushie. Animal Jam sends the best plush toys, and we’re so glad that they included another one in this quarter’s box! It’s a two-sided emote-inspired plushie featuring a toothy devilish grin on one side…

…and a silly looking tease emoticon on the other side. It’s soft and huggable!

Emote Desk Planter. What better way to encourage your child to start planting than having an emote desk planter for them to use?

This planter is made from ceramic and can house small plants. If your little one is not yet ready to learn how to plant, you can use this to hold your child’s pens and other small items.

Well, this emote planter looks absolutely happy!

There’s enough room in this planter to hold a small plant or several pens.

Emote Tote. We loved the emoticon shirt and this tote goes perfect with it as it is also filled with cute emojis from the Animal Jam game. The blue strap is stitched into the fabric to make it stronger and to help carry more weight.

The Animal Jam logo is actually a removable patch!

You can replace it with other patches from the box!

One of the patches sports the evil emote look and the other one looks like it’s in love. Both of these patches are well made and the details are spot on too!

At the back of each patch is a velcro lining so you will be able to attach or remove them from your tote bag easily.

We love how easy it is to swap the patches! I wish there were more emoticon patch designs to choose from, though.

This subscription box is perfect for kids who can’t get enough of National Geographic’s Animal Jam. My kids enjoyed the surprises that were contained in this box, especially the emote tee and tote. Receiving a bunch of Animal Jam goodies make them happy, and I find everything fun and cute too. We all agree that the emoticon shirt and the emoticon tote stole the show this quarter!

This box is super close to selling out – but is still available for a limited time!

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