The Nick Box Winter 2017 Review

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The Nick Box brings back the most memorable 90’s Nickelodeon characters through a quarterly subscription box for $49.99 per box plus $7 shipping. Each box is filled with nostalgic goodies like plush, apparel, toys, and other unique items from famous Nickelodeon shows like Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Catdog and a lot more.

We’re lovin’ the festive vibe of the box!

Look at the Nick characters sneaking from the windows!

This box’s theme is Snowed In!

I’m so excited on what’s in store for us!

The box features all the Nick characters we grew up with!

The info card has the same design as the outside of the box.

The information card contains a list of all the items included this quarter with the briefest of descriptions.

Everything in the Winter 2017 box!

Kenan And Kel Orange Soda Enamel Pin. Featured on the pin is one of the most popular catchphrases from the teen sitcom Kenan and Kel: “”who loves orange soda?”

One of the main characters, Kel, has an obsession with orange soda and he is seen in most episodes drinking it. This enamel pin with some 90s vibes to it will look great on a tote or even on a jean jacket!

Arnold’s Bus Pass Paper Wallet. Do you still remember Arnold from animated series Hey Arnold? He’s the boy with a blonde hair parted by a tiny blue cap in the middle, and his funny bus pass is featured on the exterior of this paper wallet!

Meanwhile, when you open the wallet, you will see Arnold and his best friend Gerald inside. They’re doing their famous friendship gesture while having fun around Hillwood.

There’s also Arnold’s love interest Helga, and she’s just hiding behind a compartment!

On the other compartment is Grandma Gertrude, the best Nicktoon grandparent ever!

The part where you can store paper bills has Arnold’s room wallpaper design. It’s so cute!

Knit Double Dare Winter Hat. Next item is a winter hat and its from one of Nick’s most popular game shows, Double Dare!

The beanie features the network’s colors, blue and orange. It also has green on top, which looks like another Nick icon… the slime! And look at that soft pom pom on top! Isn’t it cute? Wearing it for the rest of winter!

Rocko & Spunky Pixel Allover Print Tee. This gray shirt has an overall print of Rocko and Spunky, the main characters from animated sitcom Rocko’s Modern Life!

It comes in a classic 90’s game design and it’s so colorful too!

Abner The Pig Plush. This pig plushie is another item from Hey Arnold. It’s Abner, Arnold’s pet!

It’s so cute and huggable!

Abner also has a cute curled tail!

Wrapping Paper And Washi Tape Set. We also received a crafty set and it features Rugrats and CatDog! So nostalgic!

The blue wrap can be used for holiday gifting and it features all the Rugrats, up to Chuckie’s step sister Kimi. The other one is in pale yellow and can be used for wrapping a birthday gift.

Also included in the set is a green washi tape and it features the comedic duo CatDog!

The other side of the wrapping sheet has Nick’s orange splatter icon.

The wrappers are made of high-quality paper and the prints are just so colorful!

Olmec Coin Bank. The next item definitely reminded us of the Legends of the Hidden Temple and all the fun in the show!

Olmec was the announcer, co-host and mascot of the popular game show. This character’s backstory was revealed for its 2016 movie adaptation:

Olmec was once the human king of a great civilization. But on the day he planned to appoint his trusted son, Zuma, as the successor to his throne, his evil other son, Thak, attacked with an army of banished Temple Guards in an attempt to kill Zuma and usurp the throne. To keep his civilization out of Thak’s evil hands, Olmec split his powerful Pendant of Life in two and then, before Thak could get both halves, cast a spell that turned everyone to stone until the pendant could be safely returned to him.

The coin bank looks exactly like the entrance of the temple!

Ren Ceramic Mug. Do you recognize this scrawny Chihuahua? It’s Ren from The Ren and Stimpy Show! The animated comedy show hasn’t been around since 1995, so I was really happy to see this in the box. More nostalgia!

CultureFly always impresses me with the individual packaging of their items.

And here’s Ren on a mug, ready to hold some beverages!

This really captured his pink eyes and wide grin!

He’s described as a psycho dog who easily loses his mind… But this mug is just too cute!

Tommy “Little Dude” Pickles Vinyl Toy. Last but not the least, we got a Tommy Pickles vinyl figure. He’s the central character of Rugrats.

Tommy is wearing a pale blue t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses, and diapers, while holding a comb.

He looks really cool and totally having fun!

I love that the figure is intricately detailed!

Most of all, I love this little guy’s character! Being a year old doesn’t stop him from all the adventures!

Nick Box is a total package! This subscription is so ridiculously jam-packed, and they always do a great job putting the box items together. I’m always a fan of fun, usable items, and it seems that CultureFly really knows how to pack a box full of items we’ll use – and items we’ll play with and/or display! My fave from this set is definitely the Tommy figure! This is the perfect subscription not just for kids, but also kids at heart, those who grew up in the 90s!

Did you like the Winter 2017 Nick Box box?

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