Rockets of Awesome Fall 2017 Subscription Box Review – Boys!

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Rockets of Awesome is a quarterly clothing and accessories personal styling subscription box for kids. Each season, you’ll get a box filled with high-quality, stylish and comfy clothes. There’s no styling fee – just pay for what you’d like to keep and return the rest.

Boxes are available for both boys and girls. In every box you’ll get 8-12 pieces, all from the Rockets of Awesome brand.

When you sign up you’ll answer a quick and easy quiz to help set your style preferences for your child.

The box is filled with awesome clothes to the brim!

The information sheet with the item list and retail price is fincluded.

This sheet gives back-to-school tips. It also comes with a set of instructions on how to return your item(s).

A for Awesome!

Everything in my Fall 2017 Rockets of Awesome Boys box!

There were no bonus stickers this quarter 🙁 or 🙂 depending on your perspective.

Long Sleeve Supersonic Jersey ($26) This athletic top has breathable fabric and a sun saying – a nice alternative to a logo.

Palm Pull-On Short ($26) my son really loved the shorts he got this summer but they were already getting small. We used the size preferences (and they are now pretty specific – they keep on improving the data the collect) to set his shorts size one larger.

Cute outfit! We kept the shorts for the last few weeks of summer and Florida trips this winter.

Stripe On Stripe Tee ($22) Holy stripes Batman – there are 3 kinds!

I’m impressed with the pattern matching with the stripes on the breast pocket.

Moto Galaxy Tee ($22) Dirt biking through the galaxy. Cute design!

Kangaroo Jogger ($28) These joggers have a modern fashion forward design with a full kangaroo pocket across the front.

My son found the pants ultra comfy and they matched his style request for no buttons.

Camo Hoodie ($30) This boy loves blue camo.

A really nice zip up jacket. And let’s face it – he’s more likely to wear this and keep it on than a coat.

Camo Crew ($28) More camo – this time in a crew neck silhouette.

Varsity Tee ($20) A fairly simple raglan sleeve baseball tee. For whatever reason their plainer t-shirts are very soft, but thinner.

Rugged Jogger ($32) Despite the jogger name these are made of twill and they were pretty bunched at the bottom of the pants. Great for taller boys but I wasn’t wild about it for mine.

Baseball Hat ($18) I don’t get the A hat – it works for my daughter (her name starts with an A) but for E – it’s a no. We have so many hats already we don’t need more – and in fact, my style file says NOT to send me hats, so I don’t know why we got this one.

The inside brim says We Are Awesome.

Long Sleeve Pizza Power Tee ($24)

Yes for Pizza themed tees!

Indigo Raglan ($24) Finally a space-dyed blue raglan with 2 varsity stripes on the sleeves.

For the fall, Rockets of Awesome didn’t send out their line to assist with requesting specific items, and we did receive 1 item (the hat) that was on my lists of specific requests not to receive. Unfortunately this box was lots of plain shirts (boring for us) and not enough pants. Everything did match his style but there weren’t enough prints for us. We kept the shorts, the jogger kangaroo pants, and the pizza shirt for $78. Really spendy this quarter, but the clothes go from brother #1 to brother #2 (despite a 4 year age difference they go from one closet to the next!).  I do have to make note of this quarter’s promo – keep 6 (!) items from your box and get 25% off in the shop. That wasn’t an incentive for me to keep items, for sure. I want to see discounts on the items I keep – and no penalty for needing to change sizes. However, I’m happy to see them try out a promotion for keeping items – this is the first time.

Rockets of Awesome has preppier/dressier clothes too, but we’ve indicated that we’re not interested in them, because our kids don’t have any particular need. What I really want from this subscription is the ability to preview and reject items before my box gets shipped. While I love showing you all a variety, ultimately my kids don’t select plain items, so I’d like to see fewer of them in our boxes. We, like most American families, are inundated with shirts for everything – we don’t need plain shirts one bit! Send more pants!

This is a super easy box to try out – free shipping both ways, and you pay just for what you keep. I would recommend giving it a shot.

Visit Rockets of Awesome to subscribe or find out more!


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