Honey & Sage Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2017

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Sage Woman Care Package is a monthly subscription box from Honey & Sage Company. This box recognizes that every woman needs time to “refill her cup” and sends 5 to 7 goods to nourish your body + spirit + those you love!

We believe taking time to honor our Spirit, temple + heart is essential to our ability to do our good, earnest work in the world.  Choose a single care package or commit to honoring yourself each month with a subscription you can truly look forward to.

We deserve to honor and celebrate ourselves as women. Refill your cup, sister. There’s so much pouring to do.

DEAL: Save 10% off your first subscription bundle. Use coupon code NEWSAGE.

Everything in the box! I am reviewing the Sage Women Care Package ($55 a month), but there is also a Holy Wellness Mini Care Package available ($24 a month). The Sage Women Care Package will contain 2 Honey & Sage Apothecary goods + 3-5 additional ceremony/beauty/wellness goods each month.

There were two cards in the box. The first one lists the motto “better woman, better earth”, which was also on the outside of the box.

The other side is a meditation card with positive words to live by.

The second card was a product information card with each item listed along with its value and instructions for use. I like that they put a disclaimer on the bottom. Since this box is intended for use by women in any part of their reproductive years, “from menarche to menopause”, if you are pregnant, please be especially careful about any herbs you may use.

The reverse side says thanks for subscribing and gives directions on how to share on social media.

Everything in my box! I love the neutral and natural color scheme but then there is a lovely burst of bright green too!

Honey and Sage Coconut Milk Bath in Nopal + Silk ($22) has a short list of ingredients – coconut milk powder, cactus powder, silk amino acids, and baking soda.

The packaging of the Honey & Sage products is very nice, using glass jars and pretty labels. Just in case you weren’t sure what a nopal is, “that’s cactus y’all!”

This smells wonderful! It smells like grated coconut and I plan on using it when the weather cools down. The fine powder means it won’t clog the drains.

Honey & Sage Co. Aura Mist in Focused Intentions ($12) I love hydrosols – plants and water distilled together to produce a less concentrated product with similar benefits to essential oils.

No, you aren’t going cross-eyed, my hand was a touch shaky! Lemongrass hydrosol is the first ingredient, and it features peppermint, sweet orange, and grapefruit essential oils. According to the Honey & Sage website, this product should not be used on children, but adults are free to spray on skin, around the room, or apply as a facial toner.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant ($9.99) is 95% organic and aloe-based. It has lemon and vanilla added for scent and flavor and is safe for use with latex condoms and toys.

The 5% non-organic product is from seaweed and xanthan gum, which don’t exist in organic form.

Organic Fair Ginger Ale Organic Soda Syrup ($9.99) tastes much more sophisticated than my usual supermarket tummy settler.

It has a bit more heat than I’m used to and a refreshingly unexpected twist of lime. I mixed mine with carbonated water but I am sure this would be equally good in an adult beverage of some sort.

Lola’s Handcrafted Lemongrass + Mint Artisan Soap ($6.50) is hand crafted and cut and smells very nice.

The ingredients are listed on the box and each bar is cruelty free.

It is topped with dried lavender and peppermint and I love to just smell it! My daughter asked if she could take it to college with her so I am passing it along to her. Isn’t it cute?

Sage Women Journal ($6 according to card) is a nice place to jot down thoughts, feelings, or even your grocery list.

It features lined pages and even has a pen loop to keep a writing instrument handy. I am forever jotting things down here and there so it is nice to have an eco-friendly journal to place on my nightstand or even in my tote bag.

I really enjoyed my first Sage Woman Care Package! The items were high quality and natural, while the minimalist packaging and (mostly) subdued colors helped promote a calm feeling. These items look, smell, and feel fabulous so they also help engage my senses, too. The value was also right up there: $66.48, which is more than the price paid for the box, plus, the curation was very nice and suitable for women in all stages of their lives. I was very impressed with this box!

What did you think of the Sage Woman Care Package? Let me know in the comments!

Visit Honey & Sage Company to subscribe or find out more!


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