Marvel Collector Corps December 2016 Subscription Box Review – X-Men

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I arrived home and noticed there was a box waiting for me. I was pretty anxious to see what Marvel had in store for me with the X-Men edition of the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box.

Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription from Marvel Comics and Funko. Boxes are $25 plus shipping. The box promises $50 in value every box, plus every single item is a 100% exclusive item. Past items have included vinyl collectibles, home items, accessories, and apparel.

A Storm patch and a Magneto pin are included and are the first things you see when you open the box.

Storm is the character on this cool looking patch.

The pin is Magneto’s helmet. This item looks wonderful as well.

The inside of the box has some cool artwork!

The X-Men have some of the greatest stories in all of comic books. The social commentary is amazing and the collection of characters over the years are incredible.

Plenty of X-Men items for the collectors out there.

Funko has now started inserting information cards that detail the creation of each item. These are really cool as you will get some background on many of the items.

This is really awesome and gives some insight into the Funko creation process as well as why some of the items were selected. There is also a tease for the February 2017 box!

Champions #1 – Variant Edition($4.99). The Funko Pop version of Cyclops graces the cover of this comic book. I like that this is the first issue of the new series.

Funko POP! Wolverine Motorcycle. This figure is exclusive to the box, therefore estimating price is really based on the current market at conventions or eBay.

This is a fantastic addition to any POP! collection. The detail looks great and having Wolverine on a vehicle is awesome!

Mystique Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible. Mystique is one of the coolest villains in comic books. She can change into whomever she wants which makes things difficult for the X-Men.

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters T-Shirt. I really like that this shirt did not have a Funko POP! character on it.  This is one of the best t-shirts that Marvel Collector Corps has ever put into the box.

Marvel Collector Corps was great this month. I was hoping for some more fun or usable items and a cooler looking t-shirt and I got it. I look forward to this box every other month.

Visit Marvel Collector Corps to subscribe or find out more!


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