Artistry Gifts February 2016 Special Edition Box – Valentine’s Day

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Artistry Gifts
Artistry Gifts

Artistry Gifts offers three different subscriptions – a bimonthly gift wrap box, a monthly themed box, and a themed box plus gift wrap subscription. My review is for the monthly themed box. The monthly themed subscription box consists of 4-5 wonderful giftable items that you can gift or keep for yourself! Items may be candles, spa items, home, jewelry, snacks, stationary and more!

Artistry Gifts February Box and Valentine Box
Artistry Gifts February Box and Valentine’s Day Special Edition Box

Artistry Gifts also offers one time purchse Special Edition Boxes. I decided to purchase the February Special Edition Valentine’s Box for $75.00.

Fun to unrap
Fun to unwrap

Both my February monthly box and Valentine’s Day Box were packaged together. I had lots of fun unwrapping everything!

Information Card
Information Card

The information card describes the items in the box. I did not read it until after I unwrapped everything because I wanted to be surprised!

Artistry Gifts Valentine’s Day Special Edition Box

Here are the items for the Artistry Gifts Valentine’s Day Special Edition Box. I didn’t read the information card until I opened up everything. I am curious what is in the boxes!

Hearts & Flowers Spa Gift Set by Michel Design Works
Hearts & Flowers Spa Gift Set by Michel Design Works

The Hearts & Flowers Gift Set – Love (S17.00) caught my eye right away. The box itself is sturdy and reusable. I love the box and will use it to store small sample vials that are sitting on my dresser.

Scent - Refreshing Spa
Scent – Refreshing Spa

The made-in-England triple milled soap contains palm oil, glycerin, shea butter among other ingredients. The 5-ounce soap has a light spa scent. An indulgent bathing experience awaits me!

Heart soap nestled on a heart soap dish.
Heart soap nestled on a heart soap dish.

The heart soap looks beautiful in the heart dish. I placed the soap in the bathroom and will try it out soon!

Romance Travel Cande
Michel Design Works Romance Travel Candle

The Romance Travel Candle ($9.00) is a 100% soy wax candle. The beautifully decorated tin sets the mood for romance. The burn time is approximately 20 hours.


The scent is Morning Rose. I can smell the scent as soon as I open the tin. It is not overpowering when lit and provides ambiance for the room.

Love Matchbox
Love Matchbox

No need to worry about matches. The Love Matches by Michel Design Works ($3.00) have pink tips! They are long enough to be used with jar candles. That makes my husband happy because the jar candles are hard to light with a regular size match once it burns down.

Romance Bubble Bath
Romance Bubble Bath

The Romance Bubble Bath by Michel Design Works ($18.00) is huge and contains 12.7 ounces of bubble bath! The bubble bath is in a gorgeous long neck glass bottle with a stopper. The scent matches the candle – Morning Rose. I can see an incredible night of pampering with the luxurious soap, candle, and bubble bath.

Ticket Kitchen Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar
Ticket Kitchen Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar

The Ticket Chocolate Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar ($6.00) has a lot going on. I asked my husband if he thought it was worth $6.00. He said yes!

Waffle Pecan Chcooalte Bar
Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar

He loved the chocolate bar and thought that the best part was that it had a waffle and maple syrup taste to it. I read the ingredients, and it contains real maple syrup! The chocolate bar is handcrafted in California, USA.

Abdallah Peanut Grizzly with Heart – bonus item

The Abdallah Peanut Grizzly with Heart is another chocolate that I gifted my husband. He loved the combination of chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. He said it’s a great treat for someone that loves peanuts.  The fourth generation chocolate company still uses some of the copper kettles from long ago.

Ticket Chocolate Love Mug Gift Kit
Ticket Chocolate Love Mug Gift Kit

Ticket Chocolate Love Mug Gift Kit ($20.00) is my first hot chocolate on a stick kit. I have never received hot chocolate on a stick before!

The Items
The Items

The gift pack includes a bone china heart mug, one French Dark Truffle and one Belgian Milk hot chocolate sticks with conversation hearts, and four vanilla marshmallows. The heart tag is a coaster.


I am excited to finally try hot chocolate sticks! I was hoping they would show up in a February box.

Fluffy Marshmellows
Fluffy Marshmallows

The marshmallows have bits of real vanilla in them. Everything is included except for the milk.


Yes, even directions were included!

Belgian Milk Hot Chcoolate
Belgian Milk Hot Chocolate

I gifted it to my husband. He loved the hot chocolate and gamely posed the Belgian Milk stick for a quick photo. It tasted delicious.

The Artistry Gifts Valentine’s Day Special Edition Box was amazing! Chocolate, bubble bath, candle, and floral designed items round out the box. What more can you ask for in a Valentine’s box?

What do you think of the Artistry Gifts Valentine’s Day Special Edition Box? Did you order a box? What variations did you receive? Share below and let us know!

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  • Asheli

    This is a package junkie’s one way ticket for the poor house! #thosematchestho

  • Valerie

    Everything in these boxes is so lovely and right up my alley. I’m a sucker for feminine packaging and decor. Sigh!

  • PA Anna

    I’m coming clean! I ate the French Dark Chocolate right off the stick.

  • Megan

    I agree. I loved my box. Supreme indulgence! I ate the Belgian hot chocolate stick straight without dipping it in milk and it was delicious.

  • AngelaR

    This box always has artistically beautiful gifts. And everything in the box is useful.