Harry’s Blades Men’s Shaving Subscription Box Review

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Harry's Shaving Subscription
Harry’s Shaving Subscription

Harry’s is a shaving subscription for men. My husband got one but I tried it out anyways! (My husband has yet to try it, but when he does, I’ll be posting his thoughts on his site). The premise is super simple. Buy a razor handle. Then subscribe to refills of blades and cream. You can adjust your frequency and quantities to your preferences as well.  Harry’s offers ergonomic handles in plastic (and in various colors!) as well as engraveable aluminum. The blades are German-engineered. I ordered “The One-Two Set,” which is a “Truman” (plastic) handle and one blade, plus a 2 ounce shave cream.  I also got a 4 pack of blade refills.

The Subscription: Harry’s
The Description: After buying your razor handle, subscribe to refills of blades and shaving cream. Subscription plans are customizable to shaving needs. Get the Winston handle in silver or the Truman (in colors)
The Price: $16 for a basic 4 blade + 1 shaving cream refill (but varies with selection) per month.

Harry’s Razor + Blades Review (by a lady)

Harry's One-Two Set
Harry’s One-Two Set

The Harry’s Blades One-Two Set is only $12. Considering a Gilette 4 blade runs around $9-12, I thought this was a fine price. You get the Harry’s Shave cream (travel size) and  blade in a color of your choice. My husband chose orange. I was excited to get this because I totally don’t have a razor here, and after 2 weeks, well, something needed done. I liked the handle and thought it was well balanced, although somewhat slick. It doesn’t have any nubblies or grip on it at all. But it sure is fancy. It took me a while to figure out how to take the blade off the razor. There’s a pushing mechanism but mine was a little stuck. After I yanked it off it worked just fine.

Harry's Shave Cream
Harry’s Shave Cream

The shave cream is paraben and sulfate free and uses coconut oil for the lather.  I got a really nice shave from it and it was really soft. I’ve found that most items that use these types of ingredients wash off super clean, and that was the case with this shave cream. Ergo, not so great for the ladies (generally we want that silky feel on our legs afterwards) but excellent for men. The full-size bottle is $8. It had a great eucalyptus smell too!

Harry's Blades - Box
Harry’s Blades – Box

I thought the box of Harry’s blades was really elegant.

Harry's Blades
Harry’s Blades

And tada, the blades. A blade cover comes with the razor, but there are no covers on the other blades. I love how these are secured and slide out, but you cannot store this paper box in the shower. You probably shouldn’t do that anyways, but I normally do.  For the forest of trees on my legs, fewer than 4 blades probably would have been good (I had to rinse a lot) but for someone who actually shaves on a normal schedule, the 4 blades are nice. The price per blade drops with the number of blades you select at a time, so get more at once if you can handle storing them (I know some people have issues, which is why we like subscriptions!).

My husband is probably going to be totally ticked that I “wasted” one of the blades on my legs (for some reason he hates it – and I’m like really? It’s worse than rubbing it all over your scratchy face?) But whatever, he’ll have to deal. I thought this was a fancy subscription and would be nice for a gift. I’m super curious to see what he thinks about the shave and if he likes it. He normally buys really terrible 2 blade disposable razors and throws them away after a year, and I just think it’s weird.

You can find out more about Harry’s and get a razor handle or subscribe to blades on their site. See more Men’s Shaving & Skincare boxes in the the subscription box directory, and stuff for ladies too while you’re at it. For all my husband’s reviews of subscription boxes for men, check out his site.


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  • Mark

    Firstly, shaving is a personal thing. Sorry ladies, shaving your face daily is not the same as shaving your legs once in a while, but you all seem to think so. The Harry’s razor handle is poorly designed and has no grip. The blades offer an unremarkable shave and do not last long with a strong beard (maybe 3 to 4 shaves). The head is bulky and does not pivot well so the area under the nose is left incomplete. The packaging might be cool, but one usually throws that out and uses the product. Don’t make your man suffer through these blades to save a few dollars or because the box may be cute. I’m trying to explain these things to my wife as well.

    • Brandy

      I’ve heard this before and I have passed along the feedback to Harry’s!

  • Rickey Ward

    I purchased the 16 blades hoping to save money. The first four I used broke on the second shave. Where the head pivots, it broke. Cheap plastic. Cut myself a couple of times, although not seriously. With a broken blade it is hard to manage. I’m going back to the razor my father taught me with. Double edge safety razor, a brush, and shaving soap. Honestly, I have never understood the concept of five or six blades. if you have a good razor, and a good blade, one blade is all you need.

  • Ron

    At the price per blade I don’t feel bad discarding the used blades, even though I don’t get as many shaves as I did with the OTC products. My biggest complaint, and one that make me go back to OTC, is the fact I can’t keep a grip on the slippery handles. It’s caused me to cut myself on occasion.

    • Brandy

      I’ve heard this before and I have passed along the feedback to Harry’s!

  • Jack

    I love the handle and the look of the system. However, after 3 shaves, I don’t find the blades comfortable and they do not yield a close shave. Even after two passes, there is still stubble. Returning to over the counter systems.

    • Brandy

      I have passed along the feedback to harry’s!!

  • Thomas Banis

    Good Stuff

  • Karen celiga

    Did your hubby try Harrys? I want to order for my hubby but wasn’t sure.

    • Brandy

      Yes, he’s been using it snce then. He didn’t write up a whole review because we are busy and I was so sick at the beginning of the year, but he says they are super high quality and he really enjoys them. He was all excited when I told him I sent him new blades this week!

  • ampidala

    Loving the packaging! My husband would love this!