Subscription Box Gifts for $15 or Less!

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Doing Christmas on a budget this year? You can still get the best gifts to give this holiday season that are priced just right for your budget but still offers real value! You don’t need to shell out big bucks to give awesome gifts – these practical subscription box gifts for $15 or less will help you with the gifting process!

No need to worry, these boxes are not limited to one type of item only – some boxes offer beauty products, while some feature clothing and accessories! There are even book subscriptions, as well as yummy snack boxes. So check out the list of the best subscription box gifts that cost $15 or less, but still keep on giving!

The Best Subscription Box Gifts For $15 And Under!

1. Atlas Tea Club

Image from: our review

For: The tea lovers of the world!

Why We Love It: Atlas Tea Club will take anyone on an exciting journey towards the world of tea! Subscribers will not only be tasting new tea flavors each month, but they’ll also learn about cultures and the communities of the world. Each box is a curation of the world’s best single-origin tea, and it includes 2 new tea flavors you can’t find anywhere else, accompanied by tasting notes, a postcard, and steeping tips. Every cup of tea will help them transport into a new country and experience a culture that’s different than their own. With this tea club, they can finally say that it’s their cup of tea! So if you want to know more about how it works, check out Atlas Tea Club Review.

Gift It: Send Atlas Tea Club as a gift here.

Price: The plan starts at $14 per month.

Deal: Get 50% off your first subscription purchase! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION50.

2. Vellabox

Image from: our review

For: Every person who wants to feel calm and relaxed with the help of scented candles!

Why We Love It: Vellabox features artisan scented candles made from natural ingredients. Scents are perfectly curated, and with just a strike of a match, it helps ease one’s mind! Choose from The Lucerna Box, The Ignis Box, or The Vivere Box. When burned, each gives a long-lasting aroma that helps set the mood of any home – no parabens, artificial dyes, and animal-by products. Each box also comes with a special gift. Wondering what scents they would send? Check out Vellabox Reviews for more details.

Gift It: Send a Vellabox using their gifting page.

Price: Choose from: The Lucerna Box includes a 4 oz candle for $10 monthly, The Ignis Box with an 8 oz candle for $20 monthly, and The Vivere Box with an 8oz + a 4 oz candle for $30 monthly. The biggest box includes free shipping.

Deal: Get 50% off your first box! Use coupon code HELLOSUB50.

3. Pipsticks

Image from: our review

For: Crafters & sticker lovers of all ages!

Why We Love It: Pipsticks is a monthly subscription that sends a variety of cool and cute sticker sheets to anyone obsessed with peeling and sticking stickers! It includes 7-15 fun sticker sheets, depending on what plan you’ve chosen to gift. Each plan comes with a paper goodie or coloring postcard, a reusable holographic pouch, and a Pippy zine or activity booklet. Choose from Pro or Kids Club: Classic or Petite Pack, and get cuteness overload! Go through Pipsticks Reviews to see all the cuteness this subscription brings.

Gift It: Send Pipsticks as a gift!

Price: Choose which club to join: adults (Pro Club) or kids (Kids Club). Both clubs come in Classic (15 sheets for $17.95 a month) or Petite (7 sheets for $11.95 a month). Shipping is free to the U.S. and can even be shipped worldwide for a fee.


  • Save $5 on your subscription! Use coupon code FRIENDSROCK.
  • Get 50% off on your first month of Pro or Kids Club Classic Pack! Use coupon code STICKER50.

4. Mighty Fix

Image from: our review

For: Those who want to start an eco-friendly lifestyle!

Why We Love It: Mighty Fix offers one green product every month with the aim to help families live healthier. They encourage everyone to live green by sending eco-friendly items that promote health and wellness, from plastic-free containers and reusable bags to zero-waste shampoo and soap bars, and more! Each monthly package is guaranteed to be valued more than the price paid for the subscription! On top of being mindful of people and the planet, they donate 15% of the proceeds to a school of your choice. Shipping is free, and add-on items ship free, too! You can also visit Mighty Fix Reviews if you want to learn more about previous boxes.

Gift It: Grab a Mighty Fix gift card!

Price: Subscribe monthly for $15.


  • Get your first month for $3! Use coupon code HELLOSUB3.
  • Get 3 months FREE with an annual subscription (save $33)! Use coupon code FIXAYEAR.

5. Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month

Image from: our review

For: Every woman who loves rustic and handcrafted jewelry!

Why We Love It: Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month is committed to empowering women around the globe by providing jobs and an outlet through which they can distribute goods and overcome poverty – they purchase the earrings directly from the artisans, paying a fair price for their handwork. Supporting this cause while getting wonderful earrings every month is definitely a win-win! Snag a pair and let your ears shine. The designs are gorgeous and well-thought-of, and it’s hard not to fall in love with every piece! Peek at how detailed and lovely each piece looks on Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month Reviews.

Gift It: Send a Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month box here!

Price: The monthly subscription is $12.99.

6. Birchbox

Image from: our review

For: The beauty junkie!

Why We Love It: Birchbox sends great grooming products at a great price! This is one of the best values in product discovery boxes, as it comes with 5 samples and deluxe size skin care items, as well as makeup and hair care products with an occasional full-size item. Boxes are customized to the subscriber’s beauty profile, which means they’re likely to receive products they can actually add to their beauty routines! Some of the brands they’ve featured include Sunday Riley, MAC, Benefit, DOUCCE, and more. Check out Birchbox Reviews to see past box contents.

Gift It: Send Birchbox as a gift here!

Price: The box is $15 a month. Subscribe to longer plans for more savings!


  • See special savings on your subscription! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Save 15% off on $30+ Birchbox shop orders! Use coupon code FIRST15.

7. Universal Yums

Image from: our review

For: The passionate snack lovers!

Why We Love It: Universal Yums offers different snacks from different countries each month! Every box highlights a specific country, and it includes a selection of snacks that are hard or even impossible to find in the US. Select a box size – Yum Box (5-7 snacks), Yum Yum Box (10-12 snacks), and Super Yum Box (18-20 snacks), and enjoy every single snack inside. Steer one’s adventure learning about culture, local recipes, and more through an interactive booklet included in the box! Look into Universal Yums Reviews to see what countries they’ve featured already.

Gift It: Give a Universal Yum Box as a gift.

Price: There are three available box sizes to choose from: Yum Box for $15 a month (6+ snacks plus a 12-page booklet), Yum Yum for $26 a month (12+ snacks plus a 16-page booklet and other bonus content), and Super Yum Box for $41 a month (20+ snacks plus a 20-page booklet and other bonus content).

Deal: Get $5 off your first month when you sign up for a Super Yum Box subscription! Use this link to get the deal.

8. Love with Food

Image from: our review

For: The ultimate snack fanatics!

Why We Love It: Love With Food is a gourmet sampling and discovery subscription box filled with snacks, centered around a monthly theme. It only includes delicious and healthy snacks made with real ingredients and contains no added chemicals, colorings, or anything artificial. The Tasting Box is more of a sample box, and it contains 7+ snacks, while the Gluten-Friendly Box is curated especially for those who are avoiding gluten but still want to enjoy snacking (comes with 10+ snacks). The Deluxe Box is for heavy snackers, which includes 15+ surprise snacks. Truly a delight for foodies who loves to try and taste new stuff! Discover more snacks when you visit Love With Food Reviews.

Gift It: Send a Love With Food box as a gift!

Price: The Tasting Box costs $9.99 each month, while you can get the Deluxe Box for $19.95. Gluten-Friendly box is also an option for $24.99 a month.

Deal: Get 40% off your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

9. Pura Vida Bracelet Club

Image from: our review

For: Girls and women who appreciate artisan-made items!

Why We Love It: Pura Vida Bracelet Club asks subscribers to choose between two exclusively designed bracelet packs every month or leave it as a surprise! Each pack has over $45 in value and includes 3 hand-picked bracelets from their latest and most popular collection, plus an exclusive monthly sticker. Everything is fun and stylish, handcrafted, easily complements any outfit, and helps support artisans in Costa Rica! What’s even great is for every order made, aside from providing sustainable employment to artisan communities, they also give back to charities and help protect the planet. See more on Pura Vida Bracelet Club Reviews.

Gift It: Send a Pura Vida Monthly Club gift here!

Price: Monthly subscription is $14.95, 6 months for $75 ($12.50 per month), and 12 months for $132 ($11 per month).

DEALS:  Save 10% on anything in the shop with coupon code PVSAVE10 (subscription not included) or subscribe to notifications for potential holiday deals!

10. Angels' Cup

Image from: our review

For: Someone stuck in a coffee rut!

Why We Love It: Angels’ Cup provides a lot of fun and a perfect way to discover coffee-growing regions and flavor profiles that are never considered before! At present, there are 3 subscription options you can choose from: The Cupping Flight with four 1oz samples, the Black Box with four 2.75 oz samples, and the All Stars subscription with a 12oz bag. Blind taste-test four coffees, record tasting notes, then compare notes with the roaster’s notes using their app! Learn more about coffee goodness from different regions on Angels’ Cup Reviews.

Gift It: Send an Angels’ Cup gift here!

Price: The Black Box contains (4) 2.75oz samples starting at $17.99/month + shipping. Their Cupping Flight has (4) 1oz samples starting at $8.99/month plus shipping, and the All-Stars Subscription has a single bag (12oz) of top-rated coffees from light to dark roast starting at $15.75/month plus shipping.

Deal: Get 20% off your first box when you sign up for a pay per shipment plan! Use coupon code HELLO20.

11. Loot Socks

Image from: our review

For: Discreet geeks!

Why We Love It: Geeks can’t always let their geek flag fly, and Loot Socks is a great way to get a franchise wearable fix while wearing a (pant)suit! It is a part of Loot Wear by LootCrate, and it is the ultimate sock subscription for geeks! Every month, geeks will be served with two exclusive pairs of fun, nerdy, pop-culture socks in each package, inspired by their favorite movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more. Styles might include crew socks, dress socks, and sublimated socks. Check out Loot Socks Reviews to see past geeky sock designs.

Gift It: Send a Loot Socks gift here!

Price: Monthly subscription is $9.99, 6 Months for $53.94 ($8.99 per month), and 12 Months for $101.88 ($8.49 per month). 


12. Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Image from: our review

For: Every tea connoisseur!

Why We Love It: Simple Loose Leaf Tea is the best option for anyone who enjoys drinking tea. Each package comes with hand-packaged, fresh, and quality loose leaf tea. Choose the ideal box type (Sampler, Herbal Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea) and set a schedule of how often they would deliver tea boxes. The box also comes with helpful tasting notes and 4 USA-made Linen filters for easy steeping. Visit Simple Loose Leaf Tea Reviews to help you decide which one to gift the tea lover in your life!

Gift It: Send Simple Loose Leaf Tea as a gift here.

Price: Choose from 4 different tea types: Black, Green, Herbal, or Sampler, and receive single-origin teas, blends, and linen bags for steeping for $18 a month!


  • Get 10% off on any gift memberships! Use coupon code 10TEABOX.
  • Get $5 off on your first box! Use coupon code 5TEABOX.

13. stickii

Image from: our review

For: Planner junkies and scrapbookers!

Why We Love It: Stickii sends loads of cute stickers in all shapes, colors, and sizes that fit one’s style, mood, and personality! It’s one of the best subscription choices for journal/planner enthusiasts and crafty people because the package sometimes includes a few extra stationery items, like washi tape samples or custom-shaped paper clips. Every sticker pack is different, so choose which style to gift the scrapbooker in your life – cute, vintage, or pop! It’s cuteness overload! Look at some of the best sticker sheets they send each month on stickii reviews.

Gift It: Send stickii as a gift here!

Price: The subscription costs $10 a month. Shipping is $1 to the US, $1.75 to Canada, and $2.50 international.

14. Scent Box

Image from: our review

For: Anyone who wants to smell nice every time!

Why We Love It: Looking for a fun way to enjoy new fragrances? Scent Box provides a great way to try out new scents monthly! This subscription offers affordable elegance in the form of a handy atomizer anyone can carry around wherever they go. Each 8ml elegant refillable travel spray contains 100% authentic new designer fragrance that’ll last for a whole month. It’s a great subscription to rely on for trying a variety of scents before committing to a full-sized bottle! Discover the world of fragrances and see how meticulous they pack each vial on Scent Box Reviews.

Gift It: Send a Scent Box as a gift.

Price: The initial subscription to the Standard box costs $9.72, while the Premium box is $12.97. Pay $14.95 thereafter for Standard and $19.95 for Premium.

Deal: Save 50% on your first box! Use coupon code SCENT50.

15. Pet Treater Dog Pack

Image from: our review

For: Dog person wanting to surprise his pet!

Why We Love It: Pet Treater Dog Pack lets dog parents customize boxes based on their dog’s size and food allergies. Each box includes a variety of 3-4 items, including fun toys, delicious treats, and surprise goodies! Also, you get the best of both worlds, as the items they send are a balance of fun and practical, hand selected for your dog’s enjoyment! Deluxe Dog pack is also available with 5-8 quality items. Learn more about how these boxes are curated on Pet Treater Dog Pack Reviews.

Gift It: Send Pet Treater Dog Pack gift here!

Price: For $15 a month get a pack fun toys, treats, and goodies!

Deal: Get 10% off your first month! Use coupon code DOGPACK10.

16. Loot Tees

Image from: our review

For: Geeks and gamers of all ages who want to wear their fandom up their sleeves!

Why We Love It: Loot Tees is a monthly subscription of tees from the Loot Wear collection of Loot Crate, designed to match geeky fandoms. They’re a team of fans themselves, so they totally know what kind of stuff geeks like! They’ll send one exclusive and stylish t-shirt every month with graphics that anyone will surely love. Every shirt is exclusive and gives a strong nod to geeks’ favorite fandoms. Available in up to 3XL women’s or 5XL men’s. See what fandoms they’ve already catered to by checking Loot Tees Reviews.

Gift It: Send a Loot Tees gift here!

Price: Subscription costs $13.99 per month, with saving for longer plans!


17. Say it with a Sock

Image from: our review

For: Fancy sock addicts!

Why We Love It: Say It With A Sock is a monthly subscription box that lets anyone customize their own sock! Providing comfy socks made from the highest quality combed cotton every month, anyone – men, women, and kids, can pair with their fave footwear. Recipients can pick their own choice of socks: patterned ones or graphic socks. No socks suck with every unique design they offer. Don’t believe us? Check out Say It With A Sock Reviews to let your eyes see what we meant.

Gift It: Send Say It With A Sock gift here!

Price: The box costs $12.99 per month, with a free pair for 12-month subscriptions.


18. Mighty Body

For: Everyone who genuinely wants to be vigorous using only eco-friendly products!

Why We Love It: Mighty Body is a monthly subscription centered on natural body care that’s 100% safe not just for the body but for the environment too! Each month, subscribers can discover one handpicked body care product that actually works. Just complete a profile, so they’ll know what the receiver love and what they don’t want. Each package also comes with a card detailing the product, plus tips on how to use it. Take some time to visit Mighty Body Reviews to see what products they’ve sent us!

Gift It: Send a Mighty Body as a gift here.

Price: The subscriptions cost $12.99 a month and shipping is free.

Deal: Get your first box for just $2.99! Use coupon code TRYMIGHTYBODY.

19. Disney+

Image from: Disney+

For: All cineholic individuals!

Why We Love It: With Disney+, Disney fans can get unlimited, ad-free viewing of hundreds of movies and series from a library full of 4K UHD titles that are not only limited to Disney Originals but also Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more — so grab some snacks and get ready to binge-watch! Stream from up to four devices simultaneously, and downloads are unlimited, so anyone can bring them anywhere they go.

Gift It: Send a Disney+ subscription as a gift.

Price: A monthly subscription costs $7.99 per month.

Deal: Get Disney+ bundled with ESPN+ and Hulu for just $13.99 per month! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

20. Casely

Image from: Casely

For: Every meticulous phone lover!

Why We Love It: Keep every mobile phone safe from scratch and make them more stylish by gifting Casely. Each month, they’ll send a brand new phone case with unique designs exclusive to members for iPhone and Samsung users, made with premium, hard protective material. Subscribers can choose the style they want – Classic or Bold, or just let them do all the surprise! And good news. For every case purchased, a portion is donated to their charity of the month. Check out the amazing phone cases they’ve sent by visiting Casely Review.

Gift It: Send a Casely as a gift.

Price: For $15 a month get a classic phone case tailored to your style and phone size, plus $10 shipping to Canada/international, FREE to the US! Upgrade to a Bold subscription for an additional $10 per month!

Deal: Get 50% off your first month of Casely! Use coupon code HELLO50.

21. Ipsy

Image from: our review

For: Who wants to look glamorous every single time!

Why We Love It: Ipsy takes note of subscriber’s unique features and personal preferences through a beauty quiz, helping them improve the product offerings each month. Receive 5 personalized and deluxe-sized beauty products, along with a chic beauty bag that fits them all! Items may include skincare, nail care, hair care, and makeup products. They also give an option to choose one of the products. Discover oneself with every beauty item they include in every box! Wondering what makes this box well-loved? Know why on Ipsy Reviews.

Gift It: Send an Ipsy as a gift.

Price: Receive five makeup, beauty, skincare, and hair care items in a cute bag every month for $13!

22. drift

Image from: our review

For: Everyone who likes to smell something fragrant wherever they go!

Why We Love It: With Drift, no more foul smell inside cars or rooms! Their formula is free of harsh chemicals and is made of natural essential + fragrance oils to keep cars smelling nice and fresh as one drive for hours. Pick the product that you want to gift – Wood Freshener or Metal Freshener. You can also choose what scents to gift or subscribe with their rotating scent of the month! They also offer a room spray you can carry wherever you go. Look in on drift reviews to see how classy they would look in cars.

Gift It: Send Drift as a gift here.

Price: Choose from two subscription options: Wood ($8 for the first box, $8 for refills) and Metal ($15 for the first box, $8 for refills). The room spray is also available for $12/month.

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