Best Subscription Box Gifts for Men

We know that gift shopping for men could be quite a task during the holidays. This year, you can finally get rid of the same old gifts a.k.a. gift cards and mugs by checking out these great subscription box gift ideas. Our list covers a wide variety of interests, so you can find one for your dad, son, bros, and best buds as well!

1. Bespoke Post

For: Discerning individuals who love handcrafted small-batch goods with a throwback air.

Why We Love It: Bespoke Post is all about elevating small parts of every day with high-quality crafted gear, accessories, and goods. It’s technically a subscription box for men, but most selections are totally gender-neutral.

Gift It: Send a Bespoke Post gift! You can send a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.

See all our Bespoke Post Reviews to find out more!

Price: Boxes costs $45.00 (+ tax and $3.95 shipping)


  • Save 25% on your first month! Use coupon code MYFIRST.
  • Save 20% on your first month! Use coupon code HELLO20.

2. Robb Vices

For: Men who collect high-end goods.

Why We Love It: Robb Vices comes up with the most interesting themes and every box always means a fresh collection of high-end products and experiences that men can enjoy. From gourmet food items to unique tools and gears, the story of every product they send is told through a keepsake booklet to help you discover what they are all about.

Gift It: Send Robb Vices as a gift here!

Check out our Robb Vices Reviews for more information!

Price: Delivered monthly for $159.95. Subscribe to 3 months, 6 months, or 12-month plan to get a savings up to 38%

Deal: Get $50 off your first box! Use coupon code LUXURY50.

3. Flaviar

For: Men who take pleasure in discovering the finest and rarest alcoholic beverages.

Why We Love It: Flaviar is a great way to taste and discover new spirits. They send not only personalized samples and complimentary bottles but they also give exclusive access to extremely rare and hard-to-find alcoholic beverages from around the world. It’s a liquor connoisseur’s dream come true!

Gift It: Send a Flaviar gift here!

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Price: The membership costs $95 per quarter or $339.54 per year.

Deal: Save $80 on annual subscriptions! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

4. The Gentleman's Box Premium Box

For: The modern gentleman!

Why We Love It: When they said it’s premium, they meant it. Each seasonal box is packed with premium lifestyle goods from around the world, curated by fashion experts.

Gift It: Send The Gentleman’s Box Premium Box as a gift!

See our The Gentleman’s Box Premium Box Reviews to learn more!

Price: The quarterly plan costs $100 and the Annual plan costs $340 (save $60!) Free shipping in the U.S!

Deal: Get 20% off your first box! Use coupon code HELLO20.

5. Craft Beer Club

For: Guys that are always trying a new beer (that isn’t available in an 18 or 30-pack).

Why We Love It: For one because we love great beer. Two, because this is also the only practical way to try some of these great beers. Every month brings a twelve-pack with four varieties of Craft Beer, two picks each from two different microbreweries. Some months are bottles, some are cans, but all are awesome

Gift It: Send a Craft Beer Club gift here! You can select anywhere from 1 to 12 shipments of delicious beer!

Read Craft Beer Club Reviews to know more!

Price: Get it for $43 and receive upto 3 bonus gifts! Shipping is always FREE!

6. Culture Carton

For: The guy who keeps on improving himself!

Why We Love It: Everything in this subscription is classy. With a selection of lifestyle items and a featured book of the month, Culture Carton is focused on helping men improve their lives in various aspects. Of course, that includes dressing and looking the part of the gentleman that they are.

Gift It: Send a Culture Carton gift here!

See our Culture Carton Reviews and find out more!

Price: Receive one book every month plus 3-5 lifetime items when you subscribe monthly for $45 a month!

Deal: Get 10% off your monthly subscription! Use coupon code HELLOSUB.

7. Breo Box

For: Active men who need to be reminded to have fun once in a while.

Why We Love It: This luxury subscription serves as a helpful companion to any man’s journey towards a better and healthier lifestyle. Aside from the health and fitness items, Breo Box always includes fun extras that make the box really jampacked every quarter.

Gift It: Send a Breo Box as a gift here!

Visit the Breo Box Reviews page and see past box contents!

Price: Get the box Seasonally for $159, or get the Annual for $579 (and save $57!)

Deal: Get $15 off your first box! Use coupon code hs15.

8. Stitch Fix Men

For: Guys who hate department store shopping but wish they had some nice clothes to wear.

Why We Love It: Stitch Fix Men is so easy! You fill out a brief style profile, and your stylist does the rest. Keep what you love and send back what you don’t. Having your own stylist also means the subscription adapts to your feedback, honing in on what you love to wear.

Gift It:  Stitch Fix gift cards are the way to go. He will select exactly what he wants and you will never have to do his shopping again! (Double whammy!)

Read our Stitch Fix Men Reviews for more details!

Price: Styling fee is $20 per month. If you decide to keep everything, you save 25% on your whole fix.

9. drift

For: Guys who always like to smell something nice!

Why We Love It: With air freshener, no more foul smell inside your car or your room! Drift‘s formula is free of harsh chemicals and is made of natural essential + fragrance oils. Pick the product that you want – Wood Visor Freshener, Rove Vent Freshener, Room Spray, and leave your surrounding smelling nice and fresh.

Gift It: Send Drift as a gift here.

Check out our Drift review to learn more.

Price: Choose from two subscription options:  Wood ($8 for the first box, $8 for refills)  and Rove ($18 for the first box, $5 for refills)

Deal: Get 20% off on all subscriptions! Use coupon code HELLO20.

10. Menlo Club

For: The stylish one who knows exactly what he wants!

Why We Love It: Menlo Club features brands such as New Republic footwear, Grand AC athleisure wear, Five Four, and Melrose Place apparel. A style profile needs to be filled upon sign up and that’s it! It’s like having a personal stylist, with easy exchanges and 75% off retail!

Gift It: Menlo Club offers gift cards that you can send as a gift. 3, 6, 12-month memberships available!

Check out Menlo Club Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: Receive a curated package of Five Four, New Republic, Grand Running Club, or Melrose Place apparel for $60 a month or $75 per season. Shipping is free!


11. Sunday

For: Men who like gardening!

Why We Love It: Sunday Lawn Care is a subscription box custom-made based on your lawn’s soil and climate. It’s easy to use with a hose attached to it. Nutrient pouches are made with ingredients like seaweed and molasses making it a safe product for your lawn. It will definitely give you the perfect gift that you desire – the best lawn!

Gift It: Send Sunday Lawn Care as a gift.

Check out our Sunday Lawn Care reviews to learn more!

Price: Full-season Smart Lawn Plans start at $129.

12. The BIG D Bag

For: Hunting and camping enthusiast!

Why We Love It: The Big D Bag is perfect for a man who loves to go outdoors. Each product inside the box is hand-picked by veterans and tested outdoors. This bag is packed full of innovative and long-lasting gears making that adventure incredibly fun and worry-free!

Gift It: Give a The Big D Bag as a gift here.

Price: Subscription costs $56 plus $4.99 S&H. Save up to 35% when you subscribe to longer plans!

13. Society Socks

For: Guys who love wearing funky socks as a fashion statement.

Why We Love It: The socks they send are not just comfy, but are always cool, colorful, and trendy. For every pair sold, Society Socks donates another pair to charity in your name.

Gift It: Send Society Socks as a gift here!

See our Society Socks Reviews to learn more!

Price: Monthly subscription for 2 pairs is $19 or Prepay 3 months for $57, 6 months for $109 (save 5%) and 12 months for $199 (save 10%).

Deal: Take 50% off your first box. Use coupon code TAKE50.

14. Birchbox Grooming

For: Any man who wants to look good and feel good.

Why We Love It: Birchbox Grooming is a men version of Birchbox! It offers 5 deluxe grooming product samples matching the subscriber’s profile—from hair care to body care to fragrance, and more. Birchbox Grooming Plus is another option for $20 a month! Each box includes a hand-picked lifestyle item (from cool tech gadgets to stylish accessories to bar necessities) with 5 men grooming samples.

Gift It: Send a Birchbox Grooming box as a gift!

Check out Birchbox Grooming Reviews for more information!

Price: Birchbox Grooming Plus box is $20 per month and the regular Birchbox Grooming box costs $10 per month.

15. Watch Gang

For: Trendy men who love wearing sophisticated watches.

Why We Love It: Watch Gang makes it so easy to build a watch collection, plus there’s always something new to look forward to since they collaborate with new watch brands every month. The surprise? One random member wins a Rolex. Every Friday.

Gift It: Send Watch Gang as a gift here!

See more about this box at our  

Price: Choose your subscription from: Original Tier – $49.99 per month (worth up to $150 of watches), Black Tier – $99.99 per month (worth up to $500 of watches), and Platinum Tier – $299.99 per month (worth up to $1500 of watches ). Save up to $200 if you prepay for longer plans!

Deal: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code GET10.

16. The Gentleman's Box

For: Every career man.

Why We Love It: When dressing up all the time is a necessity in the workplace, a subscription box like this will surely come in handy. The Gentleman’s Box mostly consists of accessories and grooming products for men, and every box has a different theme!

Gift It: Send The Gentleman’s Box as a gift here! 

Read The Gentleman’s Box Reviews to find out more!

Price: Get The Classic Subscription (includes 4-5 products) is $29 a month or The Premium Box (with 4-6 premium accessories) for $100 per quarter.

Deal: Save $5 on your first box. Use coupon code HELLO.

17. Cairn

For: The man who loves outdoor adventures!

Why We Love It: Cairn keeps you excited to explore the outdoors with a mix of gear, apparel, food, and emergency tools. If you complete the subscriber profile, the box will be curated to best match your outdoor lifestyle!

Gift It: Send a Cairn box as a gift here!

Visit the Cairn Reviews page and see what’s in the past boxes!

Price: Monthly subscriptions cost $29.99, choose the longer subscription plans for more savings! Shipping is free for US subscribers and $5 to Canada.

18. BattlBox

For: When you are selected to compete in the next annual Hunger Games.

Why We Love It: BattlBox goes full tilt and full tactical! It skips the stuff that might prove useful on the trail and focuses on the stuff you want when your plane goes down in the backcountry. Boxes are available in several tiers, from Basic to Pro +, with every box themed around a specific mission (e.g. “survive the zombie apocalypse”).

Gift It: Send a BattlBox gift here!

Take a peek at our BattlBox Reviews to find out more!

Price: Subscription starts at $29.99 a month. S&H not included.

Deal: Save 5% on any subscription. Use coupon code HELLOBATTL.

19. Loot Crate DX

For: The ultimate geek guy!

Why We Love It: It’s the jumbo version of Loot Crate, what’s not to love!?! Every Loot Crate DX has over-sized loot that couldn’t be stuffed in an ordinary Loot Crate, so you get big collectibles, full-sized items, and geeky stuff with a wow factor.

Gift It: Send a Loot Crate DX gift here!

Read our Loot Crate DX Reviews for details!

Price: Get the box for $44.99 a month, with savings for longer plans!

Deal: Save 15% on any subscription plan. Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION15.

20. Southern Scholar Socks

For: Any guy wears business attires regularly!

Why We Love It: Southern Scholar Socks sends the best and most sophisticated dress socks for the modern and veteran gentleman alike. Also included in every box is a card with useful styling tips!

Gift It: Send a Southern Scholar Socks box as a gift!

Take a peek at our past Southern Scholar Socks Reviews to learn more!

Price: Month to month plan is $15 a month.

21. GQ Best Stuff Box

For: The busy man!

Why We Love It: Curated by GQ Editors, this quarterly box features the latest in electronics, grooming products, and accessories! GQ Best Stuff Box Items have been rigorously tested and you get to enjoy only the best ones. Also, they send exclusive offers and discounts from the brands featured, as well as how-to articles and video tutorials to help you get the most out of your stash!

Gift It: Send a GQ Best Stuff box as a gift here!

See our GQ Best Stuff Box Reviews to learn more!

Price: Each quarterly subscription of GQ’s favorite products costs $50 (valued at $200+) while the Annual Plan Costs $190 (that’s $800+ in value per year), Shipping is FREE!

22. Wohven

For: Who likes to look simple but stylish!

Why We Love It: Wohven provides a quality t-shirt every month. Choose whether you like a graphic tee or just a blank shirt. These shirts are made from a soft blend of combed, ringspun cotton and polyester. Each month, they feature a new artist. There are also shirts for women too!

Gift It: Send a Wohven as a gift here.

Check out our Wohven Reviews for more details.

Deal: Get 30% off on your first month! Use coupon code HELLOSUB30.

23. ScentBird Men

For: Perfume addict!

Why We Love It: Receive fragrances from authentic brands such as Burberry, Versace, Bvlgari, and more! ScentBird Men delivers perfumes or colognes that’ll last for a month with 4 sprays each day. Your first subscription will give you a case that will protect your perfume vial. Get refills every month when you subscribe.

Gift It: Give ScentBird Men as a gift.

See our ScentBird Men Reviews to learn more about this subscription.

Deal: Get your second month free! Use this link to get the deal.

24. Dollar Shave Club

For: Who wants to keep looking clean!

Why We Love It: No more hassle shaving beards with Dollar Shave Club. Get their efficient starter set which includes the handle and a trial-sized version of their products. Your next box comes with razor refills, so you’ll never have to deal with dull ones. Get that clean and refreshing look with every shave!

Gift It: Send a Dollar Shave Club as a gift here.

Visit our Dollar Shave Club review page.

Deal: Get your first Starter Set for FREE! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Just pay the shipping of $5.

25. ESPN+

For: Sports enthusiasts!

Why We Love It: Get updated to every sports news, highlights, and broadcasts with ESPN+. You can watch through supported devices such as iPhones, Androids, Web, PS4, and more! You can even access three streams at one go!

Gift It: Send an ESPN+ subscription as a gift.

Deal: Get ESPN+ bundled with Disney+ and Hulu for just $12.99 per month! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

26. Lucky Tackle Box

For: Any fishermen out there!

Why We Love It: Complete your gear as you go fishing. Learn everything about it in just one box of Lucky Tackle Box. Each package comes with 7-14 items and a monthly magazine full of information about fishing. Items inside the box are baits, terminal tackle, soft plastics, accessories, and extras! Get geared up and reel it in!

Gift It: Send a Lucky Tackle Box as a gift.


  • Get an extra free lure in your box when you sign up! Use coupon code FREELURE.
  • Save $5 on your first box! Use coupon code HELLO5.

27. Beachly Men's Box

For: Every beach bum!

Why We Love It: Never have to worry about your best outfit as you go out to the coast because Beachly Men’s Box will deliver it to you 4 times a year! Each shipment contains 4-5 pieces of apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items to give you beachy vibes. Help save our seas as proceeds from every box sold fund beach cleanups hosted by Heal The Bay.

Gift It: Send a Beachly Men’s Box as a gift here.


  • Save $30 on your first box! Use coupon code BEACH30.
  • Get 20% off your first box! Use coupon code HELLO20.

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