The 10 Best Geek Subscription Box Gifts in 2023: Unique Gifts For Your Unique Loved Ones!

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There’s something truly magical about receiving a gift that aligns perfectly with one’s interests or fandom. It’s a feeling of pure delight that resonates deep within. Whether they’re a die-hard Star Wars enthusiast, a devoted gamer, or an avid comic book lover, our handpicked selection guarantees to cater to their diverse interests and provide a constant source of geeky bliss. These thoughtfully curated boxes are a testament to the profound impact of fandom and the power of shared passions!

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If you’re on the hunt for geeky gifts that will bring joy to anyone in your life, your search ends here. We’ve curated an extraordinary collection of the absolute best geeky and nerdy subscription box gifts that are sure to ignite their passion and their joy!’

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The Best Geeky And Nerdy Subscription Box Gifts!

1. Curiosity Box

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For: Creative and curious minds!

Why We Love It: Curiosity Box is an excellent family-friendly STEM box without too much fiddling – if they like science and science themes but aren’t necessarily interested in a project-based subscription, this is one cool box to get – but there might be a fight over the shirt! They’ll send 8 to 10 amazing items that are meant to entertain, educate, and satiate the thirst for knowledge.

Gift It: Send The Curiosity Box as a gift here

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2. Disney Movie Club

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For: The ultimate Disney movie fans!

Why We Love It: Disney Movie Club makes it easy to build the ultimate Disney movie library. This subscription allows anyone to own their favorite movies forever. There’s even a selection of Exclusive Disney DVDs and collectibles only available through the Club! Every 4 weeks, your chosen recipient will get the featured title of the month in their chosen format – DVD, Blu-ray, or 4K Ultra HD, plus exclusive gifts along the way!

Gift It: Send Disney Movie Club as a gift here

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3. Brick Loot

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For: The ultimate LEGO enthusiasts! 

Why We Love It: Brick Loot offers LEGO and brick-related items that anyone can play with or display! Each box has a monthly theme, and it includes 4-8 never-before-seen building kits by famous LEGO designers, handpicked by their Lego-loving team! Gift this subscription to any LEGO-loving person, so they can build mini-figures they can add to their collection.

Gift It: Gift a 1, 3, or 6 month Brick Loot subscription here

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4. Tinker Crate by KiwiCo

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For: The young innovators!

Why We Love It: Tinker Crate by KiwiCo is all about hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects! All the materials to build a creative and innovative project will be provided, along with a blueprint that has detailed step-by-step instructions. Also included in every crate is the Tinker Zine, a magazine for additional science content and activities. For online learning, subscribers will get access to online tutorials and tips and tricks. Sample crates include Automatons, Hydraulic Claw, and Walking Robot!

Gift It: Send a Tinker Crate gift here

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Image from: our review

For: Anyone starting to build a LEGO collection!

Why We Love It: Brick Box sends a combination of actual LEGO pieces and accessories to add to someone’s collection, plus themed merchandise like t-shirts, which is a great treat to those who fancy building sets or minifigs. They have two boxes to offer: BrickBox, which includes a buildable set or two, 1 or 2 minifigs and other surprises to delight you with, and BrickBox Mini, which is a smaller version of the BrickBox and contains a minifig, and a smaller building set together with other surprises. Occasionally, they send custom-designed kits and smaller LEGO compatible accessories to go along with the current month’s theme.

Gift It: Send a Brick Box gift here

6. Supernatural Box

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For: The hunters and members of the SPN family!

Why We Love It: Who doesn’t love licensed and exclusive merchandise from their favorite series? Supernatural Box ships quarterly, with awesome gear featuring characters and moments from the Supernatural TV series. Each box contains over $100 worth of items that are licensed and produced exclusively for the subscription. From collectibles to apparel and accessories, everything about this box feels premium!

Gift It: Send the Supernatural Box as a gift here

7. Eureka Crate by KiwiCo

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For: Kids and kids at heart who love Science!

Why We Love It: Eureka Crate by KiwiCo is a monthly subscription that teaches how to apply principles of science and math to make awesome things subscribers will love to use every day – from an articulated desk lamp to an electric pencil sharpener to a wooden ukulele! They provide detailed step-by-step instructions, the materials needed to complete the project, plus a Maker’s Guide that explains all the design, process, and engineering behind the design, plus a design challenge to take your project knowledge to the next level!

Gift It: Gift a Eureka Crate here


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8. MEL Chemistry by MEL Science

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For: All the future scientists!

Why We Love It: MEL Chemistry by MEL Science, a next-generation chemistry set, delivered monthly as a subscription, aimed to captivate the interest of children by demonstrating real science in all of its beauty and depth. Each set contains everything that is needed to perform the experiments – reagents, additional equipment, detailed step-by-step instructions, and links to the video instructions.

Gift It: Give MEL Science as a gift here

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9. Charm With Me Club

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For: Fanatics who love fashion accessories!

Why We Love It: Charm With Me Club brings the most amazing fandom-related charms straight to the recipient’s doorstep so they can build their own bracelet! The starter bracelet comes with the option to pick The Single Wrap Bracelet or The Double Wrap Bracelet, along with a set of 2-4 custom charms matching the theme you’ve chosen. These charms also fit all major brands of bracelets, including Pandora, so there’s no need to worry! Past themes include How To Train Your Dragon, Wreck-It Ralph, Friends, Deathly Hallows, and more.

Gift It: Send a Charm With Me Club gift here

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10. Loot Crate

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For: Gamers and geeks, whether young or old!

Why We Love It: Teen gamers and geeks will feel like they’re in a game or some series because of Loot Crate! Subscribers will receive themed boxes that include awesome geeky stuff like figures, pins, stickers, gift cards, and more. Many of the items are also exclusive to the subscription, worthy of adding to anyone’s collection! Past boxes have featured Captain Marvel, Hulk, Naruto, Adventure Time, Attack on Titan, and more.

Gift It: Send Loot Crate as a gift here

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And that’s our list of the best geeky and nerdy subscription box gifts!

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