Helpful Tools and Add-ons

These are tools that both I and my clients have personally found helpful in following their weight loss program! I have collected a variety of products into a single collection via an Amazon store with different price points and features. Of course I would love it if you shopped through my store, but no need – many of these items you can pick up in a retail store near you.

  • Water bottle or big cup. I personally prefer my 24-ounce Contigo Autoseal over other water bottles. I get them in packs of three fairly inexpensively at Costco. Whatever you select it should encourage water consumption. For that reason I don’t recommend a screw-top water bottle. It needs to be easy to drink!
  • Water Filter. I greatly prefer Pur over Brita. It stops filtering when it gets full and removes more contaminants than the Brita, in my experience. I use the 18 cup version and keep it on my counter so it’s easy to refill.
  • Blender. There are a variety available. Many use the Health Mate blender. You can also use the Magic Bullet, Ninja, or Hamilton Beach personal blender.
  • Mini Whisks for mixing. They work much better than just a fork or spoon.
  • Liquid Sweetener. Traditional artificial sweeteners use fillers that contain carbs and no nutrition to make the sweetener into a powdered product. I recommend that you skip the sweetener altogether, but that if you must use it, use a liquid version.
  • Bouillon. I prefer Rapunzel bouillon. I use half a cube of salt free and half a cube of the salted (it is very salty). Herb-ox works too.
  • Food Scale and measuring cups for weighing and measuring your lean and green foods. I recommend a digital scale! If you eat out frequently or travel for work, you may be interested in a digital pocket scale.
  • A scale (preferably one that tracks your bodyfat) and a self-measuring tape for tracking your progress.

Have something you think should be added to this guide or to the Amazon store? Drop me a line and let me know!