Our Favorite Subscription Boxes for 2022

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This is it! The question we get asked all the time – what are YOUR favorite subscription boxes?

Our family of six + two dogs has varied interests, wants, and most especially, needs. We honestly can’t live without our favorite subscription boxes because they make life a whole lot easier by covering those three. Having everything delivered to our doorstep means no more wasting time, money, and effort so we could focus on the more important things. Nothing spells convenience and value for money better than these subscription boxes – see which made it on our list!

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The Best and Favorite Subscription Boxes!

1. Ipsy Glambag Plus

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Ipsy Glambag Plus, an upgrade from the monthly Ipsy Glam Bag, offers five full-size products only! They also feature the best and most popular beauty and cosmetic brands, with a promised value of $120 for each box. Choose 3 to include in your kit, and let Ipsy choose the remaining two. You can expect a few variations, and you can also rate and review your bag to help personalize it to your needs! Tarte, Nyx, OFRA, Estee Lauder, and Lancome are just some of the brands included in past boxes!

Read Ipsy Glambag Plus Reviews for more information.

Price: Subscriptions costs $28 per month.

2. Universal Yums

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Universal Yums takes subscribers to a new snacking destination every month! Each box is filled with delicious snacks unique to a country, from sweet to savory and everything in between. There are three box sizes available to choose from: Yum Box (5-7 snacks), Yum Yum Box (10-12 snacks), and Super Yum Box (18-20 snacks). There’s also an interactive guidebook in every box, which helps to further explain the country’s culture through trivia, games, and other activities. Some of the past boxes have featured snacks from Spain, Austria, Greece, Turkey, and the Philippines!

Check out Universal Yums Reviews to see past snacks featured.

Price: Boxes start at $15 a month.

Deal: Get $5 off your first month when you sign up for a Super Yum Box subscription! Use this link to get the deal.

3. Butcher Box

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Butcher Box takes away the stress of worrying about where the meat you consume comes from. This subscription sends only premium, 100% grass-fed beef, and everything has been carefully and perfectly portioned and packed, saving you a lot of time. Each box is filled with an array of different cuts, and they even provide tailored recipes to help home cooks discover and explore new cooking ideas.

Check out Butcher Box Reviews to know more.

Price: Subscriptions start at $169 per month.

Deal: Check for the latest special offer for Butcher Box! Use this link to get the deal.

4. Maker Crate by KiwiCo

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: For kids and kids-at-heart, Maker Crate sends art and design projects monthly along with the necessary tools to turn creative imaginations into reality and information about the history behind each art form and design technique. Each crate is passionately designed and tested by their in-house experts to ensure it’s fun and engaging. At the end of each project, you can take pride in making something functional that you can use or share with others. Sample projects include macrame planters, punch-needle pillows, terrazzo clay organizers, and more!

See what projects we’ve previously made on Maker Crate Reviews.

Price: Subscribe monthly for $32.95, or get their longer plans for more savings!

Deal: Save 30% on your first month! Use this link to get the deal.

5. Stitch Fix

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Stitch Fix provides a convenient method of spicing up your wardrobe. It’s like having your own personal stylist, except that you don’t have to leave the house. You only have to wait for your new clothes and accessories to arrive in a box, directly at your front door. A stylist will handpick five clothing items based on the style profile you fill out upon signing up, including the style, budget, and other specifics. And just in case there’s something that doesn’t fit you or something not in line with your fashion sense, you can return them without additional cost.

Visit Stitch Fix Reviews to learn more.

Price: Pay for what you keep. Styling fee is $20 per month. Get 25% off the whole fix when you keep everything.

6. Noggin

Image from: Noggin

Why We Love It: Find education and entertainment all in one with Noggin! This subscription-based app allows kids to have a virtual place for learning. It is developed by the experts at Nick Jr and designed by curriculum specialists, with preschoolers in mind. Their vast e-library delivers educational games, eBooks, activities, and more, with totally safe and ad-free age-appropriate content featuring Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies. On top of that, children can also make their own avatars to personalize their learning experience!

Price: The subscription is $7.99 per month.


  • Get your first 2 months for just $0.99 per month! Use this link to get the deal.
  • Get 25% off on annual plan + 30-day FREE trial! Use this link to get the deal.

7. Hello Fresh

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Hello Fresh takes the guesswork out of meal preparation. It’s a flexible weekly meal kit subscription that sends complete recipes with high-quality pre-portioned ingredients, allowing you to make your own fresh, healthy, gourmet meals at home. Customize your box depending on how many people you need to cook for and the number of recipes you’d like to include each week. They also offer various options depending on your needs, including Classic, Vegetarian, and Family.

Read Hello Fresh Reviews and see past recipes from the subscription.

Price: Price starts at $69 every week.

Deal: Get up to 16 FREE Meals across 6 boxes + FREE Shipping on your first box + 3 surprise gifts! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

8. MasterClass

Image from: MasterClass

Why We Love It: Without stepping out from the comforts of your home, MasterClass offers lifelong learners an immersive online experience, covering a vast number of specializations and skills. There are classes in arts & entertainment, food, sports, writing, business, music, and much more! It is also an opportunity to learn from the world’s best, with instructors including Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, James Patterson, and more! The videos are exclusive, which means the courses are produced directly with the instructors and only subscribers have access to them.

Check out MasterClass Reviews to know more.

Price: Subscription costs $180 per year.

9. Bespoke Post

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Specifically curated for men, each box from Bespoke Post contains luxury items revolving around a central theme. This subscription is all about elevating small parts of every day with high-quality crafted gear, accessories, and goods. It has a unique model that allows subscribers to select what kind of boxes they’re most interested in, making sure they’ll only get what’s right up their alley. Some of the past boxes have included unique accessories, shoe care for the professional man, bar mixology, and a whole lot more.

Check out Bespoke Post Reviews for more details.

Price: For members, each box is $49 or for guests, the box is $70. Free shipping on orders over $95.


  • Save $9 on your first box! Use coupon code FREEBEER.
  • Get a Mystery Box with your first Club shipment! Use coupon code BOXFREE.

10. Good Chop

Image from: Good Chop

Why We Love It: Good Chop is a flexible subscription delivering quality all-American meat and seafood to serve to your loved ones! They give you the chance to build your own box, making sure you get the cuts you enjoy most. You can choose which box size to subscribe to – Medium Box (select up to 6 items from the menu) or Large Box (select up to 12 items from the menu). From beef to pork to chicken to seafood, all proteins they offer are responsibly sourced from American farms and fisheries. Pick from 48 different cuts to include in your box to taste the real deal!

Price: Medium Box costs $149/mo, while Large Box costs $269/mo.

11. Lovevery

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Toys and other learning materials from Lovevery are backed by research and designed by child development experts to give a fun and safe playtime experience for toddlers. Toys are customized by stage to help develop every child’s brain and thoughtfully crafted using sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics. Aside from the developmentally appropriate toys, there’s also a lengthy guidebook for parents in each box.

See contents of past boxes on Lovevery Reviews.

Price: Lovevery play kits start at $80 every two months during the first year of baby’s development. In the toddler and preschool years, kits switch to quarterly, starting at $120 per kit.

Deal: Save up to $48 when you pay upfront for longer length plans! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Free shipping for orders $75 in the shop!

12. The Detox Box

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: For fans of green beauty, The Detox Box makes it easier for you to discover the latest natural beauty brands and products. They make us understand the importance of switching to healthier beauty products, and they even provide us all the information we need about the month’s featured brand, plus expert tips. Each box includes tried-and-true favorites and game-changing discoveries with an overall value of at least $90.

See past box contents on The Detox Box Reviews.

Price: Monthly boxes start at $58.95, or less for longer subscription plans.

13. BoxDog

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: BoxDog is all about curating a fully customized box just for your four-legged companion! They send boxes every month to make sure that our furbabies live their best life with all the delicious treats and vegan skincare items they have to offer. Need not worry because the treats are 100% handmade and made from the safest ingredients that your pet can’t resist munching on! Members can also customize their box with their favorite toys, wearables, gadgets, and more!

View past box contents on the BoxDog Reviews.

Price: BoxDog costs $50 on a seasonal plan and $45 on a monthly plan.


  • Get a FREE BoxDog box with purchase of any prepaid plan! Use coupon code FREEBOX.
  • Get 10% off on your first month when you sign up for a 6 month prepaid plan! Use coupon code 10OFF.

14. Wildgrain

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Wildgrain makes sure you have bread, pastries, and pasta to serve at the dining table. This monthly subscription sends individually wrapped, ready-to-bake bread items that require no prep time – just pop it in the oven! Each box may include an assortment of sourdough bread, hand-cut pasta, and artisanal pastries anyone can enjoy. Everything is made from clean ingredients with no preservatives of any kind. And another great thing about this subscription? They donate 6 meals to the Greater Boston Food Bank for every new member.

Check out Wildgrain Reviews for more information.

Price: The box costs $89 per month with free shipping.

Deal: Get $30 off your first box + FREE FREE Sourdough Rolls in every box! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

15. OwlCrate Jr.

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: It’s a well-curated subscription for middle-grade bookworms! OwlCrate Jr sends out a book or two that targets the young crowd of the book-loving community each month, specifically kids aged 8-12 years. Kids magical moments starts with a themed box that binds everything in it together, and it includes activities, games, and more gender-neutral bookish items designed to enhance their reading experience. There’s even an exclusive letter and a signed bookplate from the author!

See OwlCrate Jr. Reviews and check out books from past curations!

Price: Subscription begins at $29.99 per month, with savings for long subscriptions.

Deal: Save 15% off your first subscription! Use coupon code HELLO15.

16. Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Kiwi Crate by Kiwi Co encourages children to explore the world of arts, crafts, and sciences. Every box contains a fresh creative experience for youngsters, complete with supplies and easy-to-follow directions to encourage them to create and imagine. The projects are always age-appropriate, and the outputs are usually ideal as toys or playtime props. Aside from all necessary supplies for the featured activities, each crate also includes an issue of explore! magazine containing comics, experiments, and games!

Visit Kiwi Crate Reviews to know more about it.

Price: Subscription begins at $23.95 per month, or less for a longer plan.

Deal: Save 30% on your first month! Use this link to get the deal.

17. Beachly

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Beachly is the best companion you can tag along with when you go out to the coast! This beach-inspired subscription helps you get that summer vibes through and through. Each box comes with 6-8 premium pieces from top brands and the hottest up-and-coming brands who are dedicated to showing everyone what the coastal lifestyle is all about! Such items include apparel, accessories, and more goodies valued at $250 or even more! So you really get the beach vibe all year round with this amazing box.

Check out Beachly Women’s Box Reviews to know more.

Price: Delivers every 3 months for $99/box.


  • Get a FREE BONUS BOX ($100+ value) with your first box! Use coupon code BONUSBOX.
  • Get a FREE Salt & Stone SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion (worth $18) with your first box! Use coupon code SPF.
  • Save $30 on your first box! Use coupon code SAVE30.

18. Curology

Image from: Curology

Why We Love It: Acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and more? A subscription like Curology will deliver the best solutions to all your skin woes! To give you clinically-proven results, they provide personalized skin care formulas based on your skin needs. Simply provide basic information about your skin type, profile, and medical background before taking a selfie. Your information will then be reviewed and evaluated by a licensed dermatologist, who will expertly create a routine just for you so you can put an end to stubborn skin issues!

Price:   This subscription is $39.90 per box + FREE shipping.

19. Rocksbox

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Rocks Box is a rental subscription that lets you accessorize your outfit with unique jewelry pieces without breaking the bank! A styling quiz will help determine your wishes and preferences, and a stylist will curate the box based on it. You can wear the pieces as long as you want and return them when you’re done with them. There’s also a wish list you can easily update to get the styles you’d like to try!

See what kinds of jewelry were included in the past boxes by visiting Rocks Box Reviews.

Price: Rental fee is $21 a month. There are discounts if you want to keep the items.

Deal: Get your first month free! Use coupon code mommysplurgexoxo.

20. Pusheen Box

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: It’s the ultimate subscription for Pusheen lovers and collectors. Pusheen Box is overflowing with Pusheen-themed merchandise, from clothing and accessories to electronics and toys. Most of the goodies are exclusive to the box and can’t be found anywhere else. Sometimes, they even send rare first-edition items before they are released in stores! In addition, each box is expected to have a total retail value of more than $100, which is more than double the cost of the subscription!

Visit Pusheen Box Reviews for a peek at previous boxes.

Price: Quarterly boxes start at $43.95 and $159.80 on an annual plan ($39.95 per box).

21. Brick Loot

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Brick Loot is for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages! This monthly subscription offers LEGO and brick-related items that anyone can play with or display. Each box has a theme, and there are 4 to 8 never-before-seen building kits by famous LEGO designers included in the box, handpicked by their Lego-loving team. It’s a fun way to build your Lego collection because the items can be mixed and matched with other Lego items for expansion.

Read Brick Loot Reviews to find out more.

Price: Monthly boxes start at $27.28, with savings for longer subscriptions.

Deal: Get 15% off on your subscription! Use coupon code Hello15.

22. Supernatural Box

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: If you can’t get enough of the Winchester brothers, you’ll find your craving for all Supernatural merchandise to be satisfied with this box. Supernatural Box is a quarterly subscription service that sends out great items featuring characters and scenes from the Supernatural TV series. Each box contains over $100 worth of items that are licensed and produced exclusively for the subscription. From collectibles to apparel and accessories, everything about this box feels premium!

Head on to Supernatural Box Reviews to learn more about the subscription.

Price: Subscriptions start at $49.99 per quarter and drop down to $44.99 per box when you prepay for a year.


Image from: our review

Why We Love It: BOXYCHARM makes it easy to stay updated with the latest beauty and makeup trends. Each box contains 4 to 5 full-size items from well-known, popular, chic, and up-and-coming brands each month. Aside from makeup and cosmetics, they also include nail care, skincare, haircare, fragrance, and more. It’s always a great variety of high-end products from the best beauty brands without paying the full price!

Check out BOXYCHARM Reviews for more information.

Price: Subscriptions begin at $25.00 per month, with savings for longer subscriptions.

Deal: Get a FREE Gift with Boxycharm - enter code on site! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

24. quip

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Dental care is important, and Quip is a subscription designed to help you with that. They offer quality oral care products such as electric brushes, refillable floss, gum, toothpaste, and more for the whole family. They have customizable bundles and starter kits to help you get a headstart towards your journey to healthier teeth. The starter set includes a sonic vibrating electric toothbrush, a holder, suctions, and an optional anti-cavity mint toothpaste. You can also get the refill plan that ships every quarter, keeping you loaded with the best products for a good oral care habit!

Visit Quip Reviews for more information.

Price: Starter sets are from $25 and refill plans start at $5 per quarter.

25. BarkBox

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Barkbox is ideal for pet owners who want to keep their pooch happily pampered from head to foot. Each month, subscribers receive a thoughtful selection of 4 or more items that are carefully curated based on your dog’s size and distinct personality, so you’ll get the right treats, grooming products, and gadgets to keep your dog happy and content. It also comes with a cute theme that you, as an owner, will also love! Past fun themes include Lick or Treat, Podium Pups, Dogsgiving, Dinner Dates, and more.

Read BarkBox Reviews for more details about this subscription.

Price: Each box is $35 + shipping, with an option for more savings for longer subscriptions.


  • Check for the latest special offer for Barkbox! Use this link to get the deal.
  • Get a FREE extra month with 6 or 12 month subscription! Use this link to get the deal.

26. Menlo Club

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Menlo Club makes it easy for men to fill their wardrobes with fresh clothing pieces. All you have to do is sign up, pick a style profile, supply them your sizes, and receive 2-3 pieces of curated apparel every month, featuring New Republic footwear, Grand AC athleisure wear, Five Four, and Melrose Place apparel. Along with the curated monthly packages, members will receive up to 25% off items in the Menlo House E-Commerce store, as well as free shipping on all orders and access to exclusive member-only items!

Check out Menlo Club Reviews for more information.

Price: Flat monthly fee for the subscription is $60.


  • Get your first package for just $40 – that’s $35 off seasonal subscriptions OR $20 off monthly subscriptions! Use coupon code TBMENLO$.
  • Get your first package for just $59 - that's $16 off on seasonal subscriptions OR $1 off monthly subscriptions! PLUS get a FREE Bonus Package! Use coupon code TBMENLODOUBLE .

27. Ritual

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Ritual makes health care for the whole family more accessible by sending supplements that contain essential vitamins for their overall health. Every ingredient has been meticulously researched by in-house experts, ensuring you’ll only have the best vitamins to take every day. These vegan-certified vitamin capsules are designed to dissolve later in less sensitive areas of the stomach, so it’s safe to take them even without food! Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is good for one month of a health boost.

Check Ritual Reviews to know more details.

Price: Subscription begins at $30 per month, with free US shipping.

Deal: Save $15 on your first month when you bundle any 2+ Ritual products! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

28. PetPlate

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: PetPlate does all the hard work for dog owners by creating ready-to-eat dog meals and sending them straight to your doorstep. Their meals are made from USDA meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and none of the harmful stuff, available in four recipes – beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey. All you need to do is provide details about your dog so they can customize the plan and send what’s best for your hyper doggy!

View past boxes on Pet Plate Reviews.

Price: Starts at $80 per month.

Deal: Get 35% off your first box! Use this link to get the deal.

29. Blue Bottle Coffee

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Blue Bottle Coffee sends whole-bean coffee with multiple options to suit your coffee needs. They expertly roast prized and heirloom coffees, grown and processed in the great coffee-growing regions of the world, producing amazing coffees you just can’t find at a supermarket. Each box contains either a half-bag (6oz) or standard bag (12 oz) of coffee every other week, but you can also add some extra to double your bag. Their coffee is roasted and shipped within 48 hours of ordering, making sure that they’re fresh and aromatic when they arrive at your door!

Read Blue Bottle Coffee Reviews for more information about the subscription.

Price: Boxes start at $22.


  • Subscribe to the Welcome Kit Subscription, and get FREE Complimentary Tools! Use this link to get the deal.
  • Get a FREE Standard Bag of Blue Bottle Coffee! Use this link to get the deal. Just pay $5 shipping!

30. Snack Fever

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: The best Korean snacks are easily within our reach, thanks to Snack Fever. This subscription includes the most popular snacks like Pepero and choco pie, as well as unique and hard-to-find items such as traditional cookies and cakes. It’s a great way to learn more about Korea through their snacks or simply when you want something to munch on while doing your Kdrama marathon! Snacks also vary each month, so there’s something new to look forward to!

Read Snack Fever Reviews for more information.

Price: Subscription starts at $40 per month, with savings for longer subscriptions.

Deal: Save $3 off your first box (Original, Deluxe). Use coupon code HELLOSUB3.

31. Mighty Fix

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Mighty Fix sends one amazing product every month with the aim to help your family live healthier. They encourage everyone to live green by sending amazing eco-friendly items that promote health and wellness, from plastic-free containers and reusable bags to zero-waste shampoo and soap bars, and more! On top of being mindful of people and the planet, they donate 15% of the proceeds to a school of your choice. Shipping is free, and add-on items ship free, too!

See all of Mighty Fix Reviews to know more.

Price: Subscriptions start at $15 per month with discounts for longer terms.


  • Get your first month for $3! Use coupon code HELLOSUB3.
  • Get 3 months FREE with an annual subscription (save $33)! Use coupon code FIXAYEAR.

32. Loot Crate

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: With Loot Crate, each month is a chance to geek out! Subscribers will receive themed boxes that include awesome geeky stuff like figures, pins, stickers, gift cards, and more. Many of the items are also exclusive to the subscription, worthy of adding to one’s collection! Past boxes have featured Captain Marvel, Hulk, Naruto, Adventure Time, Attack on Titan, and more.

Read Loot Crate Reviews to find out more.

Price: Boxes begin at $24.99 per month, with savings for longer subscriptions.

Deal: Save 15% on any subscription plan. Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION15.

And that sums up all our favorite subscription boxes for 2022! Which of these boxes left an impression on you?

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