The 12 Best Yoga Subscription Boxes For Adults and Kids in 2023

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Practicing yoga rewards the body, mind, and soul with peace and health. It’s the art of finding serenity and mindfulness, and it relatively shows good physical results like maintaining great posture, balance, and flexibility! So, take your yoga practice to the next level with yoga subscription boxes, which will make exploring the various aspects of yoga easy and fun!

Love yoga or simply a health and wellness junkie? These yoga subscriptions offer a wide array of products, including yoga outfits, yoga tools, yoga accessories, and practically everything that can make your yoga experience better and enjoyable! These subscriptions can help you explore your knowledge on how to maximize the benefits of being a yogi. It can also encourage beginners and inspire a lot of people to join the healthy lifestyle.

For every yogi, gurus, or someone who only wants peace and relaxation within themselves, we gathered some of the best yoga subscription boxes on this list! Check them out to help you find your inner zen!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Yoga that Every Yogi Must Try!

1. Wantable Active Edit

Image from: Wantable Active Edit

Why We Love It: Wantable Active Edit is a personal styling service that combines the use of technology and stylists to handpick the perfect yoga apparel you can comfortably wear, based on your budget, size, and preference. Every Edit includes 7 styles picked out just for you with items that generally cost $30-$70 per piece. You only need to answer a style quiz, including the colors you prefer and your usual workout activities, and you can even leave specific notes to your stylist for more personalized options. You have five days to try them all in the comfort of your home – pay for what you love and return what you don’t for free. A styling fee of $20 gets credited towards anything you keep in your personalized active edit. Buy 5 or more and save 20% off your total!

Price: The styling fee costs $20 and will be credited back to you if you buy any of the items in your box! Shipping is free including returns and exchanges.

2. Ellie

Image from: Ellie

Why We Love It: Dedicated to bringing you the best of activewear, Ellie partners with top brands like Bally Total Fitness, Balance Collection, Marika, and Zobha. They also have their own clothing brand with the same name, offering tees, singlets, leggings, and more. There are three subscription types to choose from, depending on your budget or needs: the 2-item box comes with a top and a bottom; the 3-item box includes a top, a sports bra, and a bottom; and the 5-item box contains 3 apparel items, plus 2 fitness accessories. Every month, they’ll announce three new activewear collections, so you can stay trendy while seeking your inner peace! Subscribers can also purchase additional outfits if they like so!

Price: The 2-piece outfit plan costs $39.95 per month, 3-piece is $44.95 per month, while the 5-piece outfit plan is $49.95 per month.

Deal: Get 25% off your first month subscription! Use coupon code HELLOSUB25.

3. Fabletics

Image from: Fabletics

Why We Love It: Fabletics is an activewear/athleisure subscription that offers hundreds of on-trend designs and colors made from high-quality fabrics at an accessible price, and Kate Hudson – an actress, author, and fashion entrepreneur, is one of the co-founders! Take their quick lifestyle quiz to be matched with personalized outfits that best suit your workout routines. As a member, you’ll unlock member-exclusive collections at sizes that work with all body shapes, plus returns and exchanges are free within 45 days. You also have full access to the Fabletics FIT App, where you can watch and move along with trainer-led, on-demand workout videos. Exclusive VIP perks also include early access to new launches, cash rewards, free gear, discounts, and more!

Price: The subscription is $54.95 per month. You can also get major promos when you become a member of the Fabletics VIP Membership Program.

Deal: Get 2 pairs of leggings for just $24! Use this link to get the deal. Valid to new subscribers only.

4. Do a Shot of Yoga

Image from: Do a Shot of Yoga

Why We Love It: Do a Shot of Yoga is a monthly subscription bringing everything you need to start meditating. Each month, you’ll get a box that will help you deepen your understanding of yoga and give you the tools for a much comfortable practice. You can choose between three subscription plans – Deluxe Box, Mini Mailer, or Digital Membership. The Deluxe Box includes the yoga book of the month, plus 3-4 yoga/lifestyle items, and the Digital membership includes a monthly master class with a downloadable companion workbook, coaching session, 10-day challenge, plus bonus materials and extra resources. The Mini Mailer includes everything in the digital subscription plus a hard copy of the book. You can now do your daily shot of yoga, all while at home!

Price: The digital membership costs $27 per month, the mini mailer is $44 per month, and the deluxe box costs $49.99 per month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code HI10PERCENT.

5. Goddess Provisions

Image from: Goddess Provisions

Why We Love It: Goddess Provisions is a monthly subscription created to nourish your inner goddess and spiritual growth. Packed with 5-7 full-sized products, it will surely light up your mind, body, and soul. Each box has great value and includes a mix of aromatherapy products, apothecary beauty, teas, ritual tools, sacred space décor, crystals, and much more that can alleviate stress, enhance self-love and even help you find your inner peace. Not to mention, these products are always cruelty-free and vegan! Sometimes, they also include bonus gifts for you to indulge in. Some of the brands they’ve collaborated with include Fat and the Moon, House of Intuition, Behati Life, Crystal Bar, Energy Muse, and more! Also, they plant a tree for every box sold.

Price: The monthly plan starts at $44

Deal: Save $5 on your first box on any-length subscription! Use coupon code 5SAVHS.

6. FitSnack

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Even though you’re keeping fit, snacking time can be fun and healthy with FitSnack! The tastiest snacks you can enjoy chomping even when keeping fit, that’s what this subscription is made for. They gather healthy snacks and nutritious drinks from the world’s best brands, to ensure that the box contents are high-quality and meet two or more of the following criterion: GMO-free, high in protein, low in sugar, gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan, and all-natural. You’ll receive 7-10 full-sized or deluxe samples and bonus items such as energy boosters, nutritional supplements, and even refreshing drinks, plus challenges or athletic gear to keep you motivated! Included also in the box is an insert with exclusive workouts created by professional trainers. And with every purchase you make, they donate healthy snacks to kids in need.

Price: Prices start at $29.90 per month, with savings for longer subscription plans.

Deal: Save $3 on your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

7. Yoga Download

Image from: Yoga Download

Why We Love It: Yoga Download allows subscribers to have unlimited access to online yoga programs and packages with the world’s top instructors! You can download videos for offline use to have a customized experience and do yoga anytime you want, anywhere you are. With over 1500 exclusive online classes and over 40 targeted programs from the world’s best instructors like Guru Jagat, Mark Morford, Eric Paskel, etc., you’ll definitely find the perfect yoga practice for your well-being and level. Not to mention, you can also customize and organize everything in it – save classes to your favorites, set reminders, and even add your own class notes. Through this subscription, you can take yoga anywhere with you!

Price: Billed quarterly for $40.

8. Yogi Secret Box

Image from: Yogi Secret Box

Why We Love It: Filled with 6 to 8 full-size, premium yoga products, Yogi Secret Box offers the best in yoga spiritual growth tools, fitness accessories, and everything that fits your yoga lifestyle. They choose cruelty-free items and support fair-trade to enhance all-natural yoga practice, whether beginner or seasoned yogi. Some of the brands they feature include Manduka, Toesox, Natural Life, Kailo, Lilac & Willow, Sol and Selene, Gaiam, and Soulmakes! It’s the kind of treat you need for your mind, body, and soul!

Price: Subscriptions start at $39.95 per month.

Deal: Get 40% off your first order! Use coupon code TAKE40.

9. Gaia

Image from: Gaia

Why We Love It: It’s a subscription of unlimited service for you, binge-watchers! Gaia is a conscious company that produces, edits, and shares the largest resource of consciousness and other thought-provoking, original shows and videos. With 8000 original programs, practices, and films centered on yoga and meditation, you can broaden your knowledge and understanding of holistic wellness. This can be your journey to personal transformation! There are lots of videos available for any level, and each video lasts 10-45 minutes. So stream your awakening to calm your mind, nurture your body, and elevate the soul, all while at home! No ads!

Price: The monthly subscription costs $11.99.

Deal: Get your first month for only 99¢! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

10. Dia Active

Image from: Dia Active

Why We Love It: Dia Active, a styling subscription that offers outfits for plus-sized women, including activewear! A personal stylist will help match you with the appropriate styles of clothing based on a style quiz. It pays attention to every detail, from your shape and style to your budget. You can even peek at what your stylist has put together before the box is shipped so you can remove what you don’t want and have them replaced! The $20 styling fee equals a full treatment, including the service of a personal stylist, a convenient home try-on, free shipping both ways, a $20 credit toward what you keep, unlimited size exchange, and 25% off when you buy everything.

Price: Styling fee is $20 per month. Get a 25% off discount when you buy everything.

Deal: Get 30% off your first shop order! Use coupon code WELCOME30.

11. YogaVibes

Image from: YogaVibes

Why We Love It: Practicing yoga at any time and in any place is made easier by YogaVibes. It provides on-demand streaming and access to yoga classes, which are refreshed daily in a variety of styles, lengths, and teachers to meet your customized needs. They let you channel your inner chi and find self-balance at any of your chosen times and place. With over 5000 yoga and fitness videos available, you can always find a variety that fits your style and yoga needs, and you can stream these videos on any of your fave devices without any hassle! Choose Yin, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Dharma, and more, and find answers to all your yoga questions from the best yoga teachers.

Price: YogaVibes basic costs $19.95 per month and the YogaVibes Max costs $30 per month.


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12. Super Kids Yoga Box

Image from: Super Kids Yoga Box

Why We Love It: Even kids can do yoga, and Super Kids Yoga Box is a subscription built around it! Little yogis can have fun exploring yoga and its elements through bi-monthly boxes that are differently themed. Designed for children ages 3-10, each kit comes with 8 playful yoga, mindfulness, and gratitude activities, plus a yoga game, a mystery toy, a calendar, and a book. It also includes weekly live yoga classes to help young yogis practice at home. It’s a great resource for parents to help their kids build healthy habits for mind, body, and soul while having fun at the same time!

Price: Shipped every 2 months for $52.

And there you have it, the list of the best subscription boxes for yoga! Which is your favorite?

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