Best Wine Subscription Boxes – 2021 Award Winners

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There are quite a lot of wine varieties in the world, but gone are the days when you have to travel far just to taste each one of them. Wine subscriptions help both wine connoisseurs and newbies in discovering the best wines – without leaving the comforts of home!

We asked our readers to pick their favorite wine subscriptions! See the best wine subscription boxes for 2021, selected by real subscribers!

The Top 19 Best Wine Subscription Boxes Our Readers Recommend!

Here are YOUR favorite Subscription Boxes!

1. Firstleaf

Image from: our review

What You Get: Firstleaf provides exclusive, small-batch wine selections to match your palate based on your ratings. Upon sign-up, there are a few wine-related questions you need to answer. It will be the basis of your very first shipment from this wine club, which will include 6 bottles of wine. Just rate wines after you receive your box, and their proprietary algorithm will do the trick! It gets better and better with every box!

Read our Firstleaf Reviews for more information!

Price: Get 6 bottles for just $79.98 + $9.95 shipping and tax!

Deal: Get your first 6 wines for only $40, plus FREE shipping! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

2. Winc

Image from: our review

I had no idea there was this many kinds of wines. I never know what to get at the store I’m totally whelmed. It’s cool to try all the wines – Sandy

good promo offers – GLee

What You Get: Winc is a monthly subscription where you can get 3 delectable wines of your own preference. Get to know your choice by simply answering the palate profile questions provided when you subscribed. Winc works directly with the winemakers, meaning there are no middlemen, and you’ll be getting better wines for less!

See our Winc Reviews to know more!

Price: Membership costs $59.95 a month. Shipping is free for 4 or more bottles.


3. Vine Oh!

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What You Get: Wine drinking has never been this fun and more rejuvenating! Vine Oh! is a quarterly subscription that offers 2 bottles of wines – you can pick if you want just whites, just reds, or a mix of both – plus fun seasonal goodies for just almost half their regular prices or more!

If you want to know more about the subscription, see all our Vine Oh! Reviews!

Price: The sips & surprises subscription starts at $59.99 per quarter. The monthly wine club costs $59.99 for 4 bottles of wine and $89.99 for 6 bottles.

Deal: Save $10 Off + An Extra Bottle of Wine with your first box! Use coupon code HELLOWINE.


Image from: our review

I love that we can select our own wines! – Jeni B

What You Get: Get the best wines that are sourced from well-known winemakers around the world at Naked Wines. Your membership will give you access to not only their amazing wines but also to angel executive bottles, pre-release wines, and member-exclusive discounts!

Check out our Naked Wines Reviews to know more.

Price: Boxes start at $79.99 and the Membership is $40 per month to enjoy access to their top-notch wines and exclusive discounts!

Deal: Get 6 bottles of wine for just $39.99 + FREE Shipping! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

5. Tour Guide Wines

Image from: Revel Wine Club

What You Get: Revel Wine Club is a personalized wine subscription that helps you create your own wine selection! You decide the number of bottles you want to receive and the frequency of shipment. This box is known for creating organic earth-friendly wines that are made from 100% certified organic grapes!

Price: 4 bottles cost $52, 6 bottles cost $75 and 12 bottles cost $144. You can choose to receive your wine every month, every 2 months, and every quarter.

Deal: Get $20 off first purchase of $50 or more! Use coupon code NEWTOUR20.

6. The California Wine Club

Image from: our review

What You Get: Each month, California Wine Club provides a pair of exclusively handcrafted bottles from the world’s finest wineries delivered straight to your doorstep. They have the perfect guide to wineries, as they feature tasting notes, winemaker notes, and wine tips. It’s definitely a great way to learn about wine and the California Wine scene!

Check out our California Wine Club Reviews to know more!

Price: Monthly plans start at $41.95 per month.

7. Cellars Wine Club

Image from: Cellars Wine Club

What You Get: Cellars Wine Club has wine clubs for every wine enthusiast! They have single-bottle subscriptions for starters and case clubs for those who have bigger wine consumptions. Red wines and white wines are available, as well as champagne and sparkling wines.

Price: Subscriptions start at just $29 per month!

8. Blue Apron Wine

Image from: our review

What You Get: Love trying new wines as much as you love great food? Blue Apron Wine might just be the one you’re looking for. They work with the world’s renowned winemakers to deliver the best wines that are designed to complement your Blue Apron meal kit! Each box contains six 500mL bottles of wines – your choice of all reds, all whites, or a mix, plus tasting notes and recommendations. What a great opportunity to amp up your dining experience with perfectly matched wines! It’s like dining at a fancy restaurant but at a low cost.

Learn more by visiting Blue Apron Wine Reviews.

Price: Get 6 bottles of wine for $65.99 per month.

9. International Wine Club of the Month

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What You Get: Each month, International Wine Club of the Month members will receive two exceptional quality and award-winning wine selections from the world’s renowned wine-producing regions. You can choose two reds, two whites, or a mix of both wines monthly. Also included in every box are Cellar Notes with detailed wine profiles and comprehensive tasting notes, vineyard histories, and suggested food pairings too.

To know more about this subscription, go to our International Wine Club of the Month Reviews!

Price: Plans start at $39.95 every three months.


  • Get FREE Wine Bags with International Wine Club of the month membership purchase! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Save $25 off a 12 shipment order. Use coupon code SAVE30.
  • Save $15 off a 6 shipment order. Use coupon code SAVE15.
  • Save $10 off a 4 shipment order. Use coupon code SAVE10.

10. Bright Cellars

Image from: our review

What You Get: Enjoy wines that are perfect for your taste buds. Bright Cellars is a monthly wine subscription providing a variety of premium quality wines that matches your taste preference! Receive a box containing 4 different wines that best fit your palate, determined through a fun, short quiz that subscribers answer upon signing up.

See Bright Cellars Reviews for more information.

Price: Each box of 4 wine bottles costs $80 per month.

Deal: Get $50 off your first box! Use this link to get the deal.

11. 90+ Cellars

Image from: 90+ cellars

What You Get: With 90+ Cellars, you’ll find wines you can enjoy sipping. They scour the globe, taste thousand of wines, and select only the best to bring great tasting wines from highly-rated wineries and vineyards straight to your door! You can choose to receive 3, 6, or 12 bottles of reds or mixed every quarter! Whether you’re a wine novice or a connoisseur, this wine club will satisfy your palate every season.

Check out 90+ Cellars Reviews to know more.

Price: Get 3 bottles every quarter for $50, 6 bottles for $95, and 12 bottles for $180.

Deal: Get 10% off your first order! Use coupon code WELCOME10 .

12. Gold Medal Wine Club

Image from: our review

What You Get: Get a taste of different wines each month with the Gold Medal Wine Club. They currently have 6 different clubs where you’ll enjoy a great wine experience. The Gold Wine Club features California wines, Platinum Wine Club sending premium wines, International Wine Club with wines from family-owned estates around the world, Garagiste Wine Club featuring garagiste wines by indie winemakers, Pinot Noir Wine Club for Pinot Noir fans, and Diamond Wine Club offering 93-99 rated luxury wines.

Check out our Gold Medal Wine Club Reviews to know more!

Price: Gold Wine Club is $40.95 monthly. Garagiste, Pinot Noir, Platinum Wine Clubs range from $69 to $99 monthly. International and Diamond Wine Club are for $79 and $188 per quarter respectively.


Image from: VINEBOX

What You Get: With VINEBOX, you can discover new tastes and try the most exceptional ones from high-end wine boutiques across Europe! Partnering with winemakers and farmers all over the world, they quarterly ship boxes to reward palates with the best wines each vineyard has to offer. You’ll receive nine of the current season’s best wines, by the glass (100ml), so you can bring and drink it anytime and anywhere you are, along with detailed information about the wines, the regions where it came from, the winemakers in Europe, as well as pairing suggestions. As a member, you’ll receive free shipping, save up to 25%, first access to new releases, and quarterly credits for full-size bottles!

Learn more by checking out VINEBOX Reviews.

Price: Discover 9 wines by the glass every quarter at $79.

14. The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club

Image from: The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club

What You Get: With a large array of wines, The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club features a great collection of different kinds of local, international, sparkling, champagne, rose, vintage, collectible, and rare wines made by famous winemakers from all over the world that you can enjoy in the convenience of your home. It’s quality wine delivered straight to your doorstep!

Price: Classic Series Membership starts at $25.96 per month. Other clubs are also available like California Wine, Rosé, Pinot Noir, and more with prices that range from $30.96 to $80 per month.


  • Receive a FREE wine accessory with the purchase of ANY Gift Membership. Use this link to get the deal.
  • Receive a FREE Gift with the purchase of ANY Wine Club Membership. Use this link to get the deal.

15. Martha Stewart Wine

Image from: Martha Stewart Wine

What You Get: If you are looking for quality wines at the most affordable prices, Martha Stewart Wine is the perfect subscription box for you. They send wines hand-picked by Martha Stewart, and each box also includes exclusive serving, pairing, and entertaining suggestions. You can choose whether you want a 6 or 12-bottle selection, and if you want red wines only, white wines only, or a mix of both.

Price: Get 12 bottles every 8 weeks for $89.88 ($7.49 per bottle!)

Deal: Grab 12 Bottles for just $89.88 + FREE shipping - that's $7.49 per bottle! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Plus, get a FREE 1-year subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

16. Wine Access

Image from: Wine Access

What You Get: Tasting over 20,000 wines a year to find the best wines, Wine Access will surely exceed your expectations. They are wine lovers and researchers themselves, so they absolutely know what appeals to wine connoisseurs or even newbies! They offer expertly curated and highly coveted wines that are typically reserved for industry insiders or Michelin-starred restaurants. These are sourced from the most well-known wine regions in the world! Choose the Discovery Club (all reds or mixed) if you want to receive 6 unique selections per shipment or Connoisseurs Club (all reds) if you want 2 unique selections. Join the club and have the world’s most inspiring wines delivered directly to you! As a wine club member, you’ll receive 10% off all Wine Access purchases, exclusive video tasting notes with highlights from industry experts, and access to rare wines.

Price: The quarterly subscription costs $150 plus tax per shipment, shipping included.

Deal: Get $30 off on your first $130+ shop order! Use this link to get the deal.

17. Plonk Wine Club

Image from: Plonk Wine Club

What You Get: Focused on delivering small-batch, organic, and biodynamic wines, Plonk Wine Club is one of the top-rated wine clubs you can go for! Having a certified and passionate wine expert as the founder, you can definitely trust every wine from this subscription. Find rare hidden gems made by the world’s best boutique wineries – no pesticides, colorants, artificial sugars, alcohol enhancements, or chemicals of any kind, ever! Choose which wine club suits your palate well (Red, Mixed, or White Wine Club), and decide what case size you want to be delivered. Experience unique wines at an incredible value. All you have to do is grab a glass and pop a cork!

Make sure to check out Plonk Wine Club Reviews so you can see amazing selections we’ve received in the past.

Price: Prices start at $110 per month for 4 bottles of wine.

Deal: Save $20 on your first wine club shipment! Use coupon code SUBSCRIBE20.

18. Wine Awesomeness

Image from: our review

What You Get: Wine Awesomeness sends 3 or 6 bottles of red, white, or mixed red and white wines from well-known winemakers around the world monthly. Each membership box comes with exclusive tasting notes, recipes, and music suggestions. Simply full of awesomeness!

Visit the Wine Awesomeness Reviews for more details!

Price: Pay $49 for 3-bottle and $79 for 6-bottle membership!

Deal: Save $10 on your first box when you sign up for a 6-bottle box subscription! Use coupon code YAY10.

19. The Sip

Image from: our review

What You Get: Luxury sparkling wines are made easily accessible, and that’s all a big thanks to The Sip. It is a Black-owned subscription giving you the opportunity to taste different wines without breaking the bank! Each box comes with three 187ml bottles or one 375ml bottle and one 187 ml bottle of sparkling wine, a special gift, and $10 reward points towards a full-size bottle! Along with it comes a newsletter featuring each wine in your box as well as seasonal pairings and cocktail ideas to make the most of your wine experience. On top of it, they give access to clean water for women and children in need for every box purchased. It’s a fun tasting experience in the comfort of your homes!

Read past The Sip Reviews to gain more ideas about this subscription.

Price: The bi-monthly box costs $59.95.

There you have it! Our 2021 winners for the Best Subscription Box Awards for Wine! What’s your favorite wine subscription?

There’s more for you to try when you check out our readers’ choices for all the best subscription boxes in every category!

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    I was initially looking for wines for NYE but I ended up buying two subscriptions. Absolutely no regrets. Thank you for the list, it was a great help.

  • Kristen

    wine awesomeness is my favorite because it’s sort of odd.