Best Canadian Subscription Boxes – 2020 Award Winners

Get to know more about the land of maple, as there are boxes that feature this beautiful northern country, Canada! Experience the Great White North by getting boxes that feature their products, tools, artworks, crafts, food, snacks, and more! Go into a new adventure, explore, and enjoy what the country has to offer! As they say, the best way to appreciate other place’s practices and culture is to experience it yourself, and these boxes let you do that without having the need to leave the comforts your home!

We let our readers decide on which boxes they think are best from Canada. Here are the winners for the best Canadian subscription boxes for 2020! See all the boxes that ship from Canada, plus these special subscriptions that focus on the Canadian experience!

The Best Canadian Subscription Boxes As Voted By Our Readers!

1. Frank And Oak Women's Style Plan

What you get: Frank and Oak Style Plan is a styling service that carries their own brand. The items they pick for you are based on a short style survey you fill-up upon sign up. Each package includes 3 items and you’ll get to preview them before shipping, so you can modify or skip. You can even save up to 20% on every order with free shipping and returns!

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Price: The Styling fee is $25 USD per month, and you just pay for those items you decide to keep.

Deal: Get FREE Styling FEE, plus $35 off your first box! Use coupon code HELLO35.

2. Fabletics Canada

What you get: Fabletics is an athletic wear subscription where subscribers get to pick from a variety of outfits, and also, order individual items at VIP prices. Each month, receive activewear like bottoms, tops, sports bra, outerwear, shoes, accessories, and more!

Check out the Fabletics reviews page to see more!

Price: You can subscribe for $49.95 (USD) per month.

Deal: Get 2 pairs of leggings for just $24! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Valid to new subscribers only.

3. Tribe Beauty Box - Hidden Gem!

Tribe has trendier brands and it also trends younger than many of the other beauty subscriptions, so I think it’s the BEST!! -Cathy

What you get: Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly (every two months) subscription box for make-up enthusiasts! Every box contains $100 worth of full to deluxe-sized products, and they also include and introduce new brands and products. In the box, you will find a face product, one skin prep product, an eye product, a lip product, and a beauty tool.

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Price: The subscription costs $34.99 every two months.

Deal: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code HELLO.

4. Posh Home Box

What you get: Posh Home Box is a box full of beautiful home decor that will definitely inspire homeowners to add class and elegance to their homes. Make your home posh as the subscription send you decorations and home wares that come with a theme each month which you’ll learn about in advance, but the contents are a surprise so you’ll never know what you’re going to get until the box arrives!

Find out more about the subscription by checking out the Posh Home Box reviews page!

Price: Get the monthly box for $59.95 CAD (about $46 USD), or you can choose to have a 3-month subscription for $54.95 CAD monthly or a 6-month subscription for $50.95 CAD each month.

5. Loti Wellness - Hidden Gem!

What You Get: Loti Wellness is a box from Canada that focuses on self-care. The box comes with a monthly theme curated by therapists that focus on items and rituals to promote positivity and self-improvement. Loti also works with local brands and small business, and choose cruelty-free and natural products. You can also choose on when you want to recieve your box: monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, or you can purchase a one time box to see if it’s something that you’re interested in continuing.

Find out more about Loti Wellness by visiting the reviews page!

Price: The box is $49.95 CAD per month (approx. $35 USD) with lower prices on 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscriptions.

6. Hello Fresh Canada

What you get: Hello Fresh Canada, Canada’s most popular meal kit service, continues to wow subscribers with their selection of healthy and delicious meals approved by dieticians! Their recipes only take 30 minutes to finish, and you don’t even have to be a pro to be able to do so. You can get a 2-person meal plan or a 4-person meal plan, depending on your household size. The number of recipes per box depends on you as well. Each box has step-by-step instructions, along with individual meal kits containing all the pre-measured ingredients. On a diet? No problem because they offer vegetarian and low-calorie options. Family-friendly meal plans are available as well.

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Price: Planst start at $10 per serving, $79.99 per week.

7. Canadian Beauty Box

What you get: Canadian Beauty Box sends fresh new item every season, which brings authentic Canadian twist on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. You can explore Canada as you open each box and receive 5 to 8 full-sized products with a minimum retail value at around $140 CAD! You’ll be able to explore Canada through this unique box, and at the same time, supporting local!

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Price: Get the box for $59.95CAD (about $79.01 USD ) per box every season.

8. MissFresh

What you get: MissFresh‘s goal is to help people lead a healthier lifestyle by making easy meals and eating healthy at the comforts of their home. Their recipes are designed with your health and well-being in mind. The subscription carefully select a wide variety of tasty recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, so you’ll have more time enjoying your food than spending most of it preparing!

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Price: You can get the meal plans starting at $7.99 per serving, $49.95 every week.

Deal: Get 45% off your first TWO consecutive orders! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.


What you get: KETO4ALL! Box is a subscription box for anyone and everyone who is taking the Keto path, or even considering to have a Keto lifestyle! Being Ketogenic, you only take low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet which trains your body to use fat as the main energy source instead of sugars and carbohydrates. You can get the Lifestyle box that contains 8 or more keto-friendly snacks, sauces, sweets,  books, clothes, fitness tools, and much more, or the Pantry box which contains 4 or more keto-friendly essentials including almond flour, sweetener, coconut flour and much more.

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Price: Get the monthly box for $64.99 CAD (about $49.04 USD), or pay $185.97 CAD (about $140.33 USD) quarterly, or $353.95 CAD (about $267.08 USD) semi-annually.

10. Chef's Plate

What you get: Chef’s Plate is a weekly meal delivery service. They send easy-to-follow recipes and fresh pre-portioned locally sourced ingredients right to your door, so you can just easily prep delicious meals in a lesser amount of time. The subscription currently delivers to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Manitoba.

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Price: Get the box starting at $8.99 per meal. For 2 servings, it costs $45.96 weekly, 3 servings for $59.94 weekly, and 4 servings for $79.92 weekly.

Deal: Get 50% Off your first TWO Chefs Plate boxes! Use coupon code AFF2X50.

11. Naked Snacks

What you get: Healthy snacks are made more accessible with Naked Snacks! Discover snacks with exceptional taste delivered straight to your door. They make the ingredients of the snacks work for you so you’re sure that what you’re eating is right and nutritious, not to mention, delightful as well! The snacks are “Naked” because they don’t contain processed ingredients and they’re transparent with what goes in the food they make.

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Price: The subscription costs start at $29.95 CAD for a 5-snack box, and $52.95 CAD for a 10-snack box, while you can get a nut-free 5-snack box for $29.95 CAD too, monthly

Deal: Get 20% off on your first subscription box! Use coupon code hellosub20.

12. Tea Sparrow

What you get: From Tea Sparrow, receive four packs of high-quality tea that are also free from artificial ingredients and have been specially selected by tea tasters who sends only the best teas. You can choose from an assortment of traditional loose-leaf teas or caffeine-free herbal ones.

Check out the Tea Sparrow reviews page to know more!

Price: The subscription costs $20 per month.

Deal: Get 20% off everything, including the first month of a subscription as well as one-off tea purchases! Use coupon code welcome20.

13. Passion-ista

What you get: Every season, get an off-the-runway and on-trend look sent by a stylist from Passion-ista! The box contains unique fashion pieces that cannot be found in any store. Every season, get a new look complete with accessories like jewelry, scarf, hat, and more, aside from the stylish clothes!

Price: The subscription costs $94 CAD ($70.94 USD) a box for every 3 months.

14. Hag Swag - Hidden Gem!

What you get: Hag Swag is a monthly subscription box for the hags, weirdos, and bewitched. Each monthly box will include 7-10 items, with a promised value of at least $100! Expect a nice collection of self-care goodies, along with new age, occult, accessories, and more. Boxes are shipped on the 1-5th of each month, and you can purchase a one time box or subscribe and save.

Price: Subscription starts $64.99 cad ($49.14 usd)  per month save upto $78 cad ($58.98 usd )for longer plans.

15. Goodfood

What you get: Goodfood delivers the raw ingredients you need to cook delicious meals for the week, in exactly the right portions. Each recipe that comes in the box is designed to be a well-balanced, healthy meal that includes protein, veggies, and carbs. Also, each delivery comes with beautifully printed recipe cards and step-by-step instructions, so if you want to cook them again, it’ll be easier!

Price: Subscription prices start at $65 CAD per week (around $50 USD). You can get the Easy Prep Basket for $96.82 CAD weekly, the Classic Basket $84.46 CAD weekly, and the Family Basket $80.34 CAD weekly.

Deal: Take $25 off your first order. Use coupon code Hello25.

16. The Great Canadian Adventure

What you get: The Great Canadian Adventure is unique, educational, and most of all, it’s FUN! Each month you and your child will receive an interactive booklet and some supplies that will introduce you to the geography or history and culture of each Canadian province. It’s like learning a lot of things, exploring and travelling all over the Great White North, without the need to step out of the house!

Go to Geography Subscription for more similar boxes!

Price: Subscription price starts at $23.33 CAD (about $17.60 USD).  

17. Creation Crate

What you get: Creation Crate is a tech education-in-a-box delivered to you monthly where you will learn how to build electronics and learn to code with no experience required. The box is suitable for anyone aged 12+. It’s really fun and a great start for kids who wants to learn more about electronics, even adults because it’s never too late to start with anything!

See all the Creation Crate reviews to learn more!

Price: You can get the subscription for $29.99 each month, and you can also choose to subscribe quarterly for $89.97, semi-annually for $179.94, and annually for $359.88, it also comes with free shipping worldwide.

Deal: Save 10% on your first box! Use coupon code HELLO10.

That’s your list for the best subscription boxes from Canada! Which is your favorite?

Don’t forget to check out our readers’ choices for all the best subscription boxes in every category!

Say Hello to more Canadian Subscription Boxes!

18. Papirmass - Hidden Gem!

Papirmass made the list but unfortunately closed down May 2020.

What you get: Satisfy your art fix and cultural curiosity every month with Papirmass, as you’ll get new art prints from a featured artist! Explore different styles and techniques and marvel at amazing creations that are great as home decorations too. Papirmass is the perfect avenue to discover new and upcoming great artists.

See the Papirmass reviews page to learn about this cool subscription!

Price: The subscription price starts at $48 per quarter, but it ships monthly and for free, globally. You can subscribe for a longer term to take advantage of a bigger discount!


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