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With 7 books and 8 movies, Harry Potter is definitely one of the most successful franchises out there! For the serious fanatics of Harry Potter and the magical world of Hogwarts, wizardry items are a must. This is not just to unleash the wizard in you but also to keep as memorabilia of your love for the series! There’s no need to go to Diagon Alley because everything will be delivered right to your doorstep!

These subscription boxes appeal to Potterheads of all ages who love everything from it, from books to artworks, accessories to apparel, and even wands! Most of the items you’ll find inside these boxes can’t be seen or purchased elsewhere! So if you love J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, then this list is for you!

Enchant yourself with the best Harry Potter subscription boxes! Not to mention, these boxes make the perfect gift for Potterheads friends too!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans!

1. Harry Potter T-Shirt Club

Image from: Harry Potter T-Shirt Club

Why We Love It: Take pride in wearing your fandom! Harry Potter T-shirt Subscription Club sends officially licensed Harry Potter tees for men, women, and kids each month. Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, there’s surely one for you! You’ll receive a single shirt with every package delivered by owl post! It features creative designs like the Whomping Pillow, Marauder’s Map, and popular characters like Harry Potter himself, Hermione, and Ron! Shirts are lightweight, classic fit, double-needle sleeve, and bottom hem style. With these fashionable and trendy tees, Hogwarts awaits you proudly!

Price: Delivered every month for $19.99, shipping is free!

2. J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate is a bi-monthly box from Loot Crate that sends out official Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise! Unbox the magic every other month with 4-6 unique and officially licensed Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise, so there’s no need to go to Diagon Alley. Items include collectibles, apparel, figures, and more that can help you unleash the wizard in you!

Find out more by visiting J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate Reviews.

Price: You can subscribe for $39.99 + shipping every other month, or pre-pay for multiple crates for more savings!

Deal: Save 15% on your subscription! Use coupon code .

3. Salty & Lit

Image from: Salty & Lit

Why We Love It: Reward yourself with the things you love. With Salty & Lit, the next chapter awaits! This monthly candle subscription connects you to your favorite fandom like Harry Potter. Every month, you’ll receive three hand-poured, limited-edition, all-natural 4 oz or 9 oz soy wax candles to burn, a story card to collect, and 1-3 bookish goodies to have fun with, depending on your chosen plan – Mini Story box (4oz) or Deluxe Story Box (9oz). Whichever box you choose, you’ll surely enchant yourself as it incorporates your favorites!

Price: The plans start at $30 per month.

4. Geek Gear World of Wizardry

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: If you want magical items to add to your Potterhead collection, Geek Gear World of Wizardry might be the subscription you’re looking for. It is a monthly Harry Potter-themed subscription box focused on giving every Potterhead out there the best things any fan could ask for! Each box is filled with licensed and/or exclusive Harry Potter merchandise that will bring the magical world directly to your doorstep. You can even choose your fave Hogwarts House to personalize the subscription!

See past boxes by visiting Geek Gear World of Wizardry Reviews.

Price: You can get the box for £24.99 (about $33.44) each month. Prepay for more months to get discounts!


  • Save 10% on your first month! Use coupon code GEEKGEAR10.
  • Save 15% on your subscription. Use coupon code SPECIAL15.

5. Wizarding World Gold

Image from: Wizarding World Gold

Why We Love It: Wizarding World Gold is an annual subscription for the ultimate Harry Potter fan! It lets any Potterhead have an enhanced experience being an official Harry Potter club member by delivering the latest news and official products from the magical world straight to your door. You can get access to eBooks, magical gifts like souvenir pins, clothing and accessories, discounts all year long, tickets, and more. And every year that you renew your subscription, you’ll get an amazing and fantastic gift sent by Muggle mail!

Price: The gold membership costs $74.99 per year in the US or £59.99 per year in the UK.

6. Geek Gear World of Wizardry Wearables

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: If you love Harry Potter-themed wearables, this subscription has got you. Geek Gear World of Wizardry Wearables contains only wearable items from your beloved franchise, Harry Potter! Each box comes with 4-6 licensed and exclusive wearable merchandise that we know you’ll proudly wear! You will get not just 2 awesome shirts, but also 1 hoodie/jumper/long sleeve t-shirt and 1-2 jewelry, hats, socks, scarves, and more. You also have to indicate which house you prefer, so they will deliver your wearables based on the Hogwarts house you belong to!

Visit Geek Gear World of Wizardry Wearables Reviews to find out more about this cool subscription.

Price: Subscribe for $41.69 each month, with saving when you prepay for more months!


  • Save 10% on your first month! Use coupon code GEEKGEAR10.
  • Save 15% on your subscription. Use coupon code SPECIAL15.

7. Litjoy Magical Subscription

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Ever dreamt of being a wizard or a witch instead? LitJoy Magical Subscription lets you experience being one! You can also satisfy the Potterhead in you as each crate allows you to unleash your inner witch and wizard. The box revolves around a magical theme and contains at least 6-8 items to let your imagination run free. Feel the magic with unique exterior designs and experience a whole new world like never before!

See what they’ve previously sent us at Litjoy Magical Subscription Reviews.

Price: Ships quarterly for $54.99 plus shipping.

8. The Wizarding Trunk

Image from: The Wizarding Trunk

Why We Love It: Be amazed by what’s inside The Wizarding Trunk. It’s a bi-monthly subscription box that has different magical lessons to flash. Each box comes with 8-10 magical items like scented candles, an exclusive book cover – yes! and many other useful items and replicas. They also have The Wizarding Trunk Special Edition, a quarterly subscription box containing 9-12 magical items themed around holidays!

Price: Ships every other month for $54.99

And that’s our complete list of the best Harry Potter-themed subscriptions! Have you found the one that’ll satisfy the Potterhead in you?

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  • Terri Martinez

    Geek Gear is no longer doing monthly boxes effective May 2022

  • Patricia E Beck

    Geek Gear wearables no longer gives accessories. They say they do on their website. I ordered a box. I contacted them thinking maybe it was a mistake. They claimed they stopped including them, yet their website says it’s included. Ripoff!

  • Carlene Palm

    How on earth did Geek Gear and Lootcrate make this list, but you completely forgot Litjoy (which is far superior)??

    • Hello Subscription

      Oh, I see there’s a new box coming in October. I can’t say we have even received an email about it yet and I don’t think it’s on their IG yet either! Thanks for the tip! -Brandy