Best Hair Color Subscriptions for Men

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Keep gray hairs away from the picture! If you’re a man looking for a way to touch up gray hairs, there are hair coloring kits you can easily use at home. You no longer have to visit drugstores and search aisles and shelves of the beauty section to find the color that will suit you and help you achieve a more natural-looking, youthful hair and beard!

These hair color subscriptions include everything you’ll need to conceal gray hairs. Some are also tailored to your preferences, so you won’t have to worry about not achieving the perfect coverage. Changing hair color is a great way to make your dull hair look better and transform your whole look. Just any hair dye won’t do though – you need to get high-quality hair dyes that won’t cause your hair further damage. Of course, they should be easy to use too, so you can color your hair at home minus the hassle. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the best men’s hair color subscriptions below! Check them out!

The Best At-Home Hair Color Subscriptions For Men!

1. Madison Reed MR.

Image from: Madison Reed MR.

What You Get: Madison Reed MR keeps men’s hair and beard looking healthy and youthful with an easy-to-use hair color kit. This home color subscription helps effectively reduce the appearance of gray hair for a more natural look rather than a shoe-polished look. You can choose your color or find your color match through a short quiz. They’ll send you a three-step professional hair and beard color that’s full of only the good stuff – free of ammonia, parabens, and harsh chemicals. The products are also numbered, so you won’t get confused about which goes first. It’s the solution men need to wave goodbye to grays and feel more like themselves!

Price: Remove gray hair with an easy coloring set priced at $20/month.

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2. Cleverman.

Image from: Cleverman.

What You Get: Looking for a way to achieve your hair and beard color goals? If so, Cleverman got you! This hair color kit for men customizes boxes based on the subscriber’s needs and desires, allowing them to look the most natural. They have nourishing formulas enriched with organic argan, baobab, and walnut oils, without ammonia or parabens, tailored to every look and customized to one’s hair type and skin needs. Just take the quiz so they can create a box that’s uniquely yours. Each kit is a 4-step system that’s easy-to-use, complete with all the tools you need to help you finish coloring both your hair and your beard even when at home.

Price: First Kit is $12.95 + s&h. Future shipments costs $18.95 + s&h, and one-time purchase costs $23.95 + s&h.

3. Just For Men

Image from: Just For Men

What You Get: Just For Men offers hair color products with an auto-delivery service – which means that you can get new hair color whenever you like, along with savings and extras. It’s flexible, so you can cancel anytime. Currently, they offer Shampoo-In Color which comes with 2 bottles (color developer and color base) that need to be mixed together and applied to hair, and the Easy Comb-In Color which you do not need to mix any components.

Price: Hair dye starts at $7.79 up to $27.99.

4. True Sons

Image from: True Sons

What You Get: Designed to boost your natural color, True Sons is unlike any other hair coloring kit for men. This subscription delivers an award-winning hair and beard dye foam for a natural-looking gray coverage without the fuss. All you have to do is choose a color and foam on. No mixing is required! Plus, it is so easy to apply. Massage the foam into your hair, either by hand or with the comb included in the box, to hide grays and achieve a more natural-looking color.

Price: Receive two bottles every other month for $79.98 ($39.99 per bottle).

And that’s our list of the best hair coloring kits for men! Have you decided on which one to use to cover grays? Let us know in the comments!

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