The 6 Best eBook Subscriptions of 2023

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Books open up a world of knowledge and entertainment, nurturing our minds with valuable insights found within their pages. However, time constraints often hinder our ability to indulge in physical books. Fortunately, modern technology has gifted us with the convenience of eBook subscriptions! They give us easy access to countless books, like carrying a whole library in our pocket. Now we can read whenever and wherever we want, no matter where we go!

These online book clubs provide you with access to your favorite titles and hidden gems waiting to be discovered! With these subscriptions, reading transforms into an experience that is not only delightful but also incredibly convenient. So, just relax, ensure your batteries are fully charged, and embark on a captivating journey through the world of literature, all thanks to the best eBook subscriptions. Whether you’re a book lover seeking classic literature or eager to explore the latest releases, these subscriptions have got you covered!

The eBook Subscriptions You Need To Have On Your Digital Devices

1. Scribd

Image from: Scribd

What You Get: If you love books and want access to a vast amount of bestsellers, award-winning pieces, indie titles, or reader favorites, Scribd is your golden ticket! They offer a lot, from ebooks to audiobooks and even articles that you’ll love to delve into. They will even suggest and give recommendations and special collections assembled by their team of editors. You can download the app easily on your phone or tablet. You can also use the web and easily read a book wherever you are, whenever you feel like doing so!

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2. Kindle Unlimited

Image from: kindle Unlimited

What You Get: Unlimited reading on any device? Kindle Unlimited is one of the best options to have good titles you can access wherever you may be. This digital service offers unlimited reading on any device you’re on as long as you have the Kindle app. Have the freedom to discover and choose new books, authors, and genres – from mystery to sci-fi and everything in between, from over a million titles, including eBooks, comics, audiobooks, and magazines. Borrow up to 10 titles at any one time and return them for another book.

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3. Blinkist

Image from: Blinkist

What You Get: Blinkist makes it convenient for busy individuals to read books. It is now easy for you to feed your knowledge and be entertained anywhere you are, anytime you prefer doing so! They connect readers all around the world with bestselling non-fiction titles via 15-minute audio or text that you can access on your phone. There are over 4,000 books for you to choose from, and they even add new titles per month. They also have handpicked recommendations for you, tailored to what you’re interested in, subdivided into 27 categories such as careers & success, economics, science, education, nature & environment, religion, and many more. With a friendly interface and a downloadable feature, there’s no reason you can’t read what you want.

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4. getAbstract

Image from: getAbstract

What You Get: Loves to read but don’t have much time to sit around and read a whole book? getAbstract offers access to an ever-growing library of book summaries ranging from leadership, finance, innovation, health, and science. Their mission is to give the knowledge to make a better decision not just in your private life but also in businesses. They are focused on finding top business books, articles, and video talks and convert them into 10-minute text or audios. Choose from 3 subscription plans they offer – Starter, which includes 5,000 summaries for personal development; Pro, which has 20,000+ summaries for both personal and professional development; and Enterprise, which offers flexible pans for companies of any size. With this subscription, you can save time and learn on the go!

5. ReadingIQ

Image from: ReadingIQ

What You Get: Getting children’s books is now made easy by ReadingIQ. This monthly subscription offers unlimited access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks that kids can enjoy taking their time into. With just a few taps of your fingertips, you can give them the best-selling titles they’ll surely enjoy! Their collection is carefully curated to match the reader’s age, and it includes books with kid-friendly languages and engaging and colorful illustrations. You can create 3 kids’ accounts and have the ability to monitor their progress right in the palm of your hands!


6. The New Paper

Image from: The New Paper

What You Get: With The New Paper, you can have the latest updates to the daily news on business, politics, tech, and world affairs that are summarized and sent to you via text. It is a fact-first digital subscription aiming to overcome media’s sensationalism with straightforward news. They gather all the impactful news, filter and curates a summary of each to deliver to subscribers in an easy and refreshing manner. No click baits, no ads, just news you need to know from day to day!

And that’s our list of the best eBook subscriptions!

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