The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men in 2022

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If there’s one thing men is not quite fond of, we all know it’s shopping. But with the help of clothing subscription boxes for men, you can still keep your look updated! Getting subscription boxes is the most hassle-free option to have new clothes to flash and wear without visiting department stores.

Whether you need fresh daily basics, stylish and trendy outfits for work, casual wear for play, or even activewear for workouts, these clothing subscriptions provide what you need with just a click away! Fill your wardrobe with fresh new clothing picks delivered to your door by the best clothing subscriptions for men!

There’s quite a lot of boxes to choose from, so we gathered all our favorite men’s clothing subscriptions on this list to help you out!

The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Stylish Men!

1. Stitch Fix

Image from: our review

What You Get: Stitch Fix offers a styling subscription service that caters to women, men, and kids as well! This subscription is like having your own personal stylist who will choose up to five clothing and accessory items just for you – all of which are based on the style profile you filled out upon signing up. You can be as detailed as you want with your profile, and you can even leave notes to your stylist to help them send you only the best items. The subscription features brands such as Ben Sherman, Original Penguin, Scotch & Soda, 7 For All Mankind, Mavi, and Converse.

There are no coupons for Stitch Fix, but if you hit the jackpot and keep everything, you save 25% on your whole fix! Just in case there’s something that doesn’t fit you or something not in line with your fashion sense, you can return them without additional cost!

Check out Stitch Fix Men Reviews to know more.

Price: Styling fee is $20 per month. If you decide to keep everything, you save 25% on your whole fix.

2. Menlo Club

Image from: our review

What You Get: Menlo Club is a monthly clothing subscription club catered to men. All you need to do is sign up, pick a style profile, provide your sizes, and enjoy the clothing items you get every month. For a flat monthly fee, subscribers receive a variable number of items each month, depending on the value of the month’s selections (months with several items usually include a tee-shirt or other lower value item).

Along with the curated monthly packages, members will receive up to 25% off items in the Menlo House E-Commerce store, as well as free shipping on all orders and access to exclusive member-only items!

Read Menlo Club Reviews to learn more.

Price: Monthly boxes start at $60.


  • Get your first package for just $40 – that’s $35 off seasonal subscriptions OR $20 off monthly subscriptions! Use coupon code TBMENLO$.
  • Get your first package for just $59 - that's $16 off on seasonal subscriptions OR $1 off monthly subscriptions! PLUS get a FREE Bonus Package! Use coupon code TBMENLODOUBLE .

3. Trunk Club Men

Image from: Trunk Club Men

What You Get: Dressing to impress is a walk in the park with Trunk Club by Nordstrom! They’ll pair you with a style editor who will assess your style profile and provide you with clothing suggestions. If you agree with the choices, the first Trunk will be delivered to your door, and you have up to 5 days to decide whether to keep them or return them.

As a subscriber, you are free to request Trunks whenever you like. However, if you’d like to receive Trunks monthly, quarterly, or at any other specific interval, you can set up a Trunk Schedule or just let your stylist know!

Price: Prices vary depending on the items you pick but a $25 styling fee is credited to the final purchase.

4. Basic MAN

Image from: our review

What You Get: For everyday wearables for men, Basic MAN is the way to go! Each package includes a new set of premium quality t-shirts, socks, and boxer briefs – definitely not your average department store basics. What makes it really convenient is that there’s no commitment, which means you can cancel anytime. All you need to do is to provide them your size, and they’ll do the rest!

The styles and designs may vary from month to month. Also, items have an expiration date or what they call “destroy by” dates, encouraging you to donate, recycle or repurpose them when they expire!

See Basic MAN Reviews for more information.

Price: Monthly subscriptions start at $24.99.

Deal: Get 50% off your first month! Use coupon code HELLO50.

5. Trendy Butler

Image from: Trendy Butler

What You Get: Trendy Butler gives members a unique styling experience as each package is curated by an A.I. stylist! Whether it’s a wardrobe upgrade or a special occasion, they got your stylish needs covered. Each box is promised to have a total value of over $150, and everything in it is picked based on each user’s style preferences, sizes, and overall personality!

These boxes are made in partnership with the most influential and trendsetting brands that ensure fashion, style, and quality. They also offer free exchanges on all style, size, and fit issues!

Check out Trendy Butler Reviews for more information.

Price: Boxes start at $65.00 per month.

Deal: Save 15$ on your first box! Use coupon code STYLIST15.

6. ThreadBeast

Image from: ThreadBeast

What You Get: ThreadBeast has a fun and cool unboxing experience to offer! They carefully curate packages of streetwear incorporating your own unique style and preference. Tell them a little about yourself, so they can match you with outfits that suit your taste and your budget. Choose from 4 different plans: Basic Plan, which includes 2+3 items; Essential Plan for 4-5 items; Premium Plan, which comes with 6-7 items; and Baller Plan with 9-11 items consisting of premium pieces and premium shoes.

A personal stylist will then curate a box just for you, considering all your preferences! Some of the brands they include are Stance, Champion, Puma, Levi’s, Grizzly, and more! It’s one less trip to the mall, but still quality wear from your fave brands!

Learn more about this subscription when you check out ThreadBeast Reviews.

Price: The Basic Plan which includes 2-3 items costs $55, The Essential Plan with  4-5 essential items costs $85, The Premium Plan with 6-7 premium items costs $135 and the Baller Plan with 9-11 baller items costs $250.

Deal: Get an extra $50 bonus items in your first box! Use coupon code HELLO.

7. Wohven Socks

Image from: our review

What You Get: Wohven Socks offers the perfect blend of both comfort and versatility in every pair! All socks are soft and durable and are made using a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastic. The socks also have a different knit on the calf and foot section. The foot part is smooth for comfort, while the calf part has a texture that helps socks stay up!

The designs are also unique. Whether you wear them for a hike, for a date night, in the office, or to keep your feet warm at home, they are sure comfy!

Read Wohven Socks Reviews for more information.

Price: Subscriptions start at $13.00 per month for crew neck, $14 v neck.

8. Pub Shirt Club

Image from: Pub Shirt Club

What You Get: Wear a shirt that embodies what you love most – beer, whiskey, and pubs! Irish pubs, specifically, are known for their unique culture, and Pub Shirt Club is all about delivering great stories from these pubs directly at your door in the form of t-shirts. Each month, you’ll get the latest, authentic, and high-quality shirt of the month from unique and well-known pubs across Ireland. Along with it comes a postcard, where you can take a peek inside the pub!

Shirts are made from a blend of ringspun cotton and polyester for a comfortable fit and printed using a silkscreen process. Another thing is that you’ll never receive the same design twice because once it has been featured, it graduates from the club, forever! Experience Irish pubs with just a shirt away!

Learn more by visiting Pub Shirt Club Reviews.

Price: Subscriptions start at $22.00 per month.

9. Watch Gang

Image from: our review

What You Get: Complete your look with watches that match your outfit! Watch Gang is a monthly subscription that caters to those individuals who love to accessorize with different types and styles of timepieces. They partner with a new brand each month to ensure you have a variety of watches in your collection – you’ll never get the same style twice! Swiss quartz or luxury automatics? No worries, they have it for you! It’s like a mystery box of watches that arrives at your door every month.

Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or a newbie, they got your back! Some of the brands they work with are D1 Milano, Melbourne, Dreyfus & Co, Fortuna, and more. You’ll always get a watch that is more than what you’ve paid for! Members also have the chance to win a Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Seiko every week as a bonus.

See Watch Gang Reviews for more information.

Price: Boxes start at $29.99 per month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code GET10.

10. UrbaneBox

Image from: UrbaneBox

What You Get: Busy men don’t have much time to shop. It is always difficult to free your schedule to get clothes that fit your style. Let UrbaneBox come to your aid and deal with your wardrobe woes. This online styling service provides an effortless style to men. Tailored for men who are always on the go, they send 2 to 3 items curated by stylists based on style profile. All the items in your box are always yours to keep!

Boxes are shipped every month, and in case you want additional clothes or packages sent to your door, all you have to do is log into your account and request additional or larger packages for an added fee. Let your stylist do all the work so you can be the best-dressed gent in the room! And for every box purchased, they donate $1 to help children in need all over the world.

Price: Monthly boxes start at $60.00.

Deal: Get $30 off your first box - just pay $35! Use coupon code SAVE30.

11. Short Par 4

Image from: Short Par 4

What You Get: Dubbed as “your personal style caddie,” Short Par 4 makes their members golf-ready with a selection of 1 to 3 pieces of stylish and branded golf apparel every month. This personal styling subscription asks you to take a style quiz upon signing up, so they can curate clothing pieces based on your personal style. They offer a total of 3 memberships for every type of golf lifestyle.

Such memberships are as follows: Fairway, where you can get the most bang for your buck; Executive, where you’ll get premium golf brands for a fraction of the price; and The Magnolia Membership, which caters to female golfers. Some of the top brands they’ve featured are Under Armour, Travis Mathew, Johnnie-O, Devereux, Callaway, Puma, and more.

Price: Subscriptions start at $45.00 per month.


  • Get your first Fairway box for only $20! Use coupon code TEE20.
  • Get $10 off your first box! Use coupon code GOLF10.

12. Styled by PacSun

Image from: Styled by PacSun

What You Get: Get styled by your favorite brands in the comfort of your home. Styled by PacSun delivers an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles at your door quarterly. Each package is filled with game-changing outfits. They help refresh your wardrobe by sending apparel and accessories you need for the current season!

You can choose from: The Whole Package, which includes 5-7 exclusive and limited supply items; The Must-Have Package, where you’ll get 4-5 on-trend items; and The Go-To Package, which contains 3-4 of their best-selling items. Whatever package you’ll choose, expect exactly what you want from the best-selling brands!

Price: The Whole Package – $200 quarterly and includes 5-7 items. The Must Have Package – $100 quarterly and includes 4-5 items. The Go-To Package – $60 quarterly and  includes 3-4 items.

13. Sovereign Code SC Club for Men

Image from: Sovereign Code SC Club for Men

What You Get: With Sovereign Code SC Club for Men, you’ll never have to worry about where to get perfect styles that can match every season. This quarterly subscription sends exclusive and branded apparel styled to refresh every wardrobe. They curate boxes with three key elements in mind – fit, style, and quality! Receive 2-3 handpicked seasonal yet timeless styles directly at your door.

They have 3 different packages to choose from: The ‘Locals’ Package, which offers bold colors and prints; The ‘Textbook’ Package, which contains classic pieces with touches of fun novelty styling; and The ‘Go-to’ Package, which includes versatile styles you can wear every day. Subscribe to get updates on new releases, sales, and more!

14. Scotch Select by Scotch & Soda

Image from: Scotch Select by Scotch & Soda

What You Get: Scotch Select by Scotch & Soda offers rental of men’s clothing for a flat fee. Discover hundreds of styles as you go through their online boutique. Receive 3 items in every box and wear them as long as you want. You’ll receive new items when you return the past ones. They also have the option where you can buy your fave styles up to 65% off the retail price!

Need not worry about the cleaning process. They are in charge of dry cleaning and ensuring that every garment is clean and in excellent condition. Add at least 8 items to your virtual closet to receive a box!

15. Comma Vintage

Image from: Comma Vintage

What You Get: If you find it hard to let go of old and classic style or vintage fashion, Comma Vintage is here to help you out! It is a quarterly subscription delivering vintage menswear straight to your door. You’ll be asked to fill up a survey inquiring about your size and body type so they can find the best fit for your body and lifestyle! Receive 1, 2, or 3 vintage menswear along with 2 or 3 accessories and artifacts, plus a personal note detailing all the items inside your package.

Clothing includes sanforized flannel shirts, thick wool sweaters, graphic sportswear, and hard-worn workwear. Wearables are of high construction, fabric-quality, and truly vintage. These fashion finds are all American-made clothing from legendary brands such as Levi’s, L.L. Bean, Pendleton, Nike, and many more!

16. Stately

Image from: Stately

What You Get: With Stately, it’s easier for you to find outfits without the hassle of lining up to department stores by delivering fashion pieces that you’ll love to your home. Pay one low price for stylist curated outfits that you can wear on every runway, whether in the office or at home! Take a style quiz, including your style and fit so they can suggest the best outfits for you. Choose from 3 subscription plans they offer; Sharp, which includes an assortment of 3+ pieces; Luxe, which contains a variety of 5+ pieces; and Regal, which gives you a selection of 6+ pieces.

No styling fees, no hidden charges! The entire box is yours to keep. Plus free shipping and exchanges! Some of the top-tier brands they featured are Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Penguin, Hudson, and more.

Price: Choose your subscription from: Sharp- $99 per month (3+ items), Luxe- $149 per month (5+ items) and Regal- $299 per month (6+ items).

Deal: Get a bonus apparel (worth $50) with your first box! Use coupon code BONUS50.

17. The Mr. Collection

Image from: The Mr Collection

What You Get: Expanding your wardrobe several times at a fraction of the cost is made possible by The Mr. Collection! You only need to fill up a style profile so they can send clothing and accessories customized to your own preference and needs. The items in every box will be a surprise, and you can create different looks by mixing and matching. You even have the option to buy any clothes you love and return the rest when ready!

You’ll have a chance to try clothes from hundreds of brands, including 7 Diamonds, Original Penguin, Bruun & Stengade, Mavi, Tommy Hilfiger, PX Clothing, Jeremiah, Jachs NY, Grayers, and Tailorbyrd. Plus, have thousands of styles available and expert stylists who care about making you look your best. Members get discounts up to 50% with free shipping and returns!

Price: Subscriptions start at $59 per month.

Deal: Get 20% off your first month! Use coupon code hellostyle20.

That’s our list of the best clothing subscription boxes for men this 2022! Have you found the box that will satisfy your fashion needs?

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