The 10 Best Christian and Faith-Based Subscription Boxes for 2023

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Embracing and expressing your faith is a beautiful journey. It’s about finding inspiration, strength, and a deeper connection to your beliefs. If you’re seeking ways to nourish your spirituality and share your blessings with others, look no further than these extraordinary Christian subscription boxes. They are carefully curated to ignite your faith, uplift your spirit, and foster spiritual growth.

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Within these thoughtfully crafted boxes, you’ll discover an abundance of faith-inspired items. From apparel that proudly displays your beliefs to uplifting books, religious artifacts, and inspirational cards, each delivery is a testament to the unwavering love and guidance of a Higher Power.

These subscriptions also provide an opportunity to extend your hand and gift others with faith-filled inspiration, reminding them that they are never alone in this world. With these faith-inspired boxes, the gifts of life and spiritual fulfillment are within reach for every soul.

Let us introduce you to the best Christian subscription boxes that will infuse your journey with inspiration, love, and a renewed sense of purpose. Get ready to embark on a soulful adventure that will uplift your spirit and fill your heart with joy.

The Best Faith-Based Subscription Boxes for Christians!

1. Faithbox

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Why We Love It: With Faithbox, you can get your monthly supply of devotional, inspirational, and hand-picked products that will do you good and help you connect with Christ. The box inspires daily Christian living by helping you grow in faith, affect your community, and discover products made by companies to help support causes. The items inside the box are ethically made and eco-friendly, all of which are faith-based to help you grow closer to Jesus. You can choose from two box options they offer: Faithbox, which includes devotional products + books, and Faithpak, which solely includes Christian books. Boxes come packed with inspirational scriptures, challenges, seasonal prayers, and more that will truly inspire you and make your faith stronger!

2. HelloBible

Image from: HelloBible

Why We Love It: HelloBible is a monthly subscription box perfect for Christian families with children ages 5 to 10 years old. They aim to inspire kids to create, engage, grow in faith, and have a thriving relationship with Jesus. There are two subscription options to choose from depending on your kid’s age – HelloBible Junior (ages 3-5) or HelloBible Explorer (ages 5-10). Each box contains a book, creative Bible-based art projects, fun activities, and parent guides to explore one Bible story every month. All the materials needed to complete two crafts are included, and it’s great for homeschooling. Also, each purchased box will mean a donation to the Kilgoris project that provides education for children in Kenya.

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3. Bette's Box of Blessings

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Why We Love It: Bette’s Box of Blessings is a box of abundant blessings as it contains a collection of gifts for yourself to help you grow in faith, including items that you can share with family and friends. You can find premium all-occasion Christian greeting cards, new worship music CDs, Christian coloring books, devotional and Bible study books, and other gifts in each box, with a total value of $60 and over! Also, boxes are curated around uplifting themes to help you stay encouraged and hopeful for each day that passes by. Friendship, Every Moment, Faith Renewal, On The Journey, and Unafraid are just some of the previous themes.

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4. Date Night In Faith Box

Image from: Date Night in Faith Box

Why We Love It: Date Night in Faith Box is for couples who want to deepen their relationship with God and with each other. This subscription custom creates boxes and fills them up with interactive activities that both you and your significant other can enjoy working on, even when you’re in your pj’s! Each box includes the activities, accessories, high-quality snacks or mixers, chef-curated dinner menu & recipes, and more. It also helps you connect with your partner uniquely and creatively as it includes a discussion guide that will provide you with the tools to help you strengthen your connection with God and your partner. Monthly boxes are also themed to deliver something new for a fun date night experience at home!

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5. Saint of the Month Box

Image from: Saint of the Month Box

Why We Love It: Saint of the Month Box is a monthly subscription box for those who want to learn more about  Catholic Saints and ways to become holy themselves. This box will allow you to get familiarized with popular and less-known saints. Every month, the box contains 4-5 gifts, with one gift to open after you complete a set of goals weekly. It includes DVDs, books, devotional items, t-shirts, stickers, and even custom-made ones that are exclusive to the Saint of the Month. Along with it comes a brochure with details about the Saint featured and virtues. Learn about them, pray with them, walk closer to Jesus, and grow in your faith.


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6. Hopebox

Image from: Hopebox

Why We Love It: Be inspired and get your hopes up with Hopebox! It is a monthly subscription that gifts not just encouragement but comfort and hope as well. Each month, you’ll receive a carefully selected assortment of 10 or more renewing and uplifting goodies handmade by creative artisans who have their own inspiring stories of hope and healing. Choose from three box sizes: Light (6+ treasures), Classic (10+ treasures), and Chest (15+ treasures). Boxes contain heartfelt, encouraging, and comforting messages to help you renew and connect with your faith. Such items may include books, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, masks, and more, all of which are full-sized, vegan, and cruelty-free!

7. The Delilah Box

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Why We Love It: Know more about the women of the Bible with The Delilah Box. It is a theme-based Christian subscription box centered around one spiritual woman every month. Each box contains two to three books about lesser-known women of the Bible, a study brochure, and two to three additional items relating to the theme, such as teas, jewelry, candles, and other accessories. Books vary monthly and are often new releases and hot off the press. You will also receive access to an online community with like-minded people. Enrich your study time and grow in your faith as you learn more about the sometimes forgotten and often relatable women of the Bible.

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8. The Hymn Box

Image from: The Hymn Box

Why We Love It: The Hymn Box is a faith-based subscription music service from Dave Cornwall Jazz Piano and New Friend Entertainment. It has warm, familiar, friendly, and transformational light and easy instrumental grand piano music that‘ll uplift your spirits and remind you that God loves you. Receive an instrumental album with a collection of the most special and engaging songs of the church. Each box contains a keepsake faith-based Hymn Card with special scriptures relating to the songs presented on the CD to make you feel supported and inspired. This subscription will help you strengthen your relationship with God and bring you closer to Him.

9. InJoyBox For Her

Image from: InJoyBox

Why We Love It: InJoyBox aims to bring joy, love, encouragement, and hope to people of all walks of life. A helping hand to lift you up and brighten your day – that’s what this subscription is! Each box is based on a monthly theme and includes 7-9 encouraging items, with one that is personalized with your name on it. Boxes available are For Her, For Him, and For Kids. There’s also an option for InJoyBox Mini that has 3-4 items. Items include apparel, stickers, beverages, snacks, home décor, and more, all designed to help you overcome darkness. FYI, they donate 10% of the proceeds of all boxes sold to Into the Light, a non-profit organization dedicated to bring rescue and restoration to minor survivors of sexual exploitation.

Deal: Get 30% off of your first box! Use coupon code hello30. Can not be combined with other coupons.

10. The Believer's Box

Image from: The Believer's Box

Why We Love It: The Believer’s Box is for Christian women who want to strengthen their faith while giving back. This subscription curates boxes with handmade products from women-owned businesses to help them strive. You can pick between two subscription options: The Believer’s Box VP or The Believer’s Bag (a smaller version of the VP). It contains items to celebrate the Christian lifestyle, such as Christian-inspired jewelry, accessories, and frame-able prints, along with witness and scripture cards for you to keep or share with others, beauty, wellness, and other lifestyle items. Boxes sometimes include t-shirts too, so expect at least 3-5 tees per year. Also, for every box shipped, they donate 5 meals to the Christian organization, Food for the Poor.


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And that’s our list for the best Christian subscription boxes! Have you decided on a favorite one?

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