Barkbox vs. Pupbox: Which Dog Subscription Box Is Better?

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See our comparisons of these two Popular Dog Subscription Boxes!

BarkBox & PupBox Comparison

Dog subscription boxes are an incredible way of showering dogs with the toys, treats, and chews they deserve. These services deliver high-quality and handpicked products right to your doorstep. But which one best suits your dog?

By now, you may have heard of BarkBox. Founded in 2011, BARK’s BarkBox has since grown to become one of the most popular dog subscription boxes that serves over one million dog lovers every month. From their customized box of themed toys, treats, and chews, BarkBox brings in the refreshing fun that is geared towards your dog’s every need.

On the other hand, another slightly newer yet well-known subscription box for dogs is PupBox, which was founded in 2014. Since then, they’ve delivered products based on the different stages in a dog’s life. In order for your puppy to reach its full potential, PupBox provides the necessary products and training information you need to become the best fur parent. This includes toys, treats, chews, grooming/cleaning accessories, and training materials.


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BarkBox is a monthly subscription service, which delivers customizable and unique themed items for dogs each month. This includes 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. Every BarkBox aims to bring satisfying toys, healthy treats, and distinctive fun right to your dog’s door.

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Mainly focused on making puppyhood easy, PupBox is a dog subscription box that contains all the products and training materials for new puppy parents. Each box comes with 4-6 goodies, 1 bag of training treats, and a full training guide. All toys, treats, chews, and accessories are carefully chosen based on your pup’s age and physical characteristics.

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Both subscriptions offer treats and toys that cater to a dog’s constantly changing needs, but knowing the nitty-gritty makes it easier to pick between BarkBox and PupBox. Here are all the details that will help you choose which dog subscription is a better fit for your fur baby!


BarkBox Pricing and Plans

If affordability is one of your criteria, BarkBox is the more budget-friendly option. Although both boxes offer lower monthly costs to subscribers who sign up for longer plans, BarkBox subscription boxes are still cheaper than PupBox. BarkBox’s subscription plans cost:

  • $35 per month for the one-month subscription
  • $26 per month or $156 in total for the six-month subscription
  • $23 per month or $276 in total for the one-year subscription

Gift boxes are also available:

  • $35 for a single box
  • $99 or $33 per box for three boxes
  • $156 or $26 per box for six boxes
  • $276 or $23 per box for twelve boxes

BarkBox has free shipping in the contiguous United States, and sales tax may apply, while Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada have a shipping fee of $8. Also, with their multi-month subscription, BarkBox offers an extra box for free. Just visit their website to claim the offer.

PupBox Pricing and Plans

PupBox is a bit more expensive than BarkBox. Both subscriptions ship to the United States for free, and costs vary when shipping to Canada (including Hawaii and Alaska for BarkBox). The shipping variation may even out the subscription cost somehow, depending on where you reside.

Whether you choose the regular or gift subscription, PupBox’s plans cost:

  • $39 per month for the one-month subscription
  • $34 per month or $102 in total for the three-month subscription (save up to 13% per year)
  • $32 per month or $192 in total for the six-month subscription (save up to 18% per year)
  • $29 per month or $348 in total for the twelve-month subscription (save up to 26% per year)

PupBox offers free shipping anywhere in the United States, and Canada will be charged an extra $5 per month in shipping.

In each of these subscription services, the more you order or gift, the more you save. BarkBox and PupBox both offer free shipping in the United States and provide discounts for longer commitments. However, between the two, all BarkBox’s subscription plans are still more affordable. It also allows more opportunities for the subscribers to save money when ordering more boxes.


When it comes to selecting a dog subscription box, there are many things to consider. Some subscribers prefer affordable boxes, while for others, the quality of what’s inside is what matters. The good thing is that BarkBox and PupBox both allow customization! Their respective sign up process includes a quiz that you need to fill up to help them better determine which products would be a good fit for your dog.

BarkBox Customization and Sign Up Process

With BarkBox, you can change the assortment if you want more or less toys, treats, or chews in each box. They can even send a BarkBox with toys or treats only. This helps ensure you are getting what you paid for and not just the same things over and over again.

To join BarkBox, you’ll have to answer some basic questions, including the following details:

  • Your dog’s name
  • Your dog’s gender (whether “she’s a good girl” or “he’s a good boy”)
  • Your dog’s size (“Small” at 1 to 20 pounds, “Medium” at 20 to 50 pounds, or “Large” at 50-plus pounds) BarkBox notes that regardless of size, all products have the same price, and you can change sizes at any time
  • Your dog’s breed and birthday or adoption day (you have the option to skip these steps)
  • Your dog’s allergies (in case your dog is allergic to chicken, turkey, and/or beef, you can easily inform them not to send any of these by ticking it from the choices). Note that all of their treats are made in the USA and Canada with globally sourced ingredients, which are always free of corn, wheat, or soy. Also, if your pooch has other dietary needs, BarkBox encourages you to chat with them after checkout, and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

After providing your email, you can sign up for updates from BarkBox so that they could keep you posted regarding the subscription. Then, you’ll be asked to choose which type of subscription you want.

For the first month, subscribers have the freedom to pick one among their theme of the month, top rated theme, and “Surprise me!” theme. This includes 2 toys, 2 treat bags, and 1 chew curated just for your dog. Every month after, your dog will get a new, surprise theme with the same number of items. The last step would be filling out your shipping address, promo code (if any), and billing address, which has the credit card and PayPal as payment options.

PupBox Customization and Sign Up Process

Every PupBox is customized depending on your puppy’s unique and changing needs. It includes 1 training treat, 4-6 products (such as toys, chews, and grooming/cleaning accessories), and training essentials. While the PupBox subscription is mostly catered to puppies, you can also get one that is tailored to adult dogs.

When you sign up for PupBox, you’ll start by answering a few questions for them to get to know your puppy better. They’ll ask you to provide the following details: 

  • Your dog’s name
  • Your dog’s birthday
  • Your dog’s gender (whether she’s a “pretty lady” or a “handsome gentleman”)
  • Your dog’s size (“Itty Bitty” at 1 to 10 pounds, “Small-ish” at 10 to 30 pounds, “Mid Size” at 30 to 50 pounds, or “Large & In Charge” at 50-plus pounds)
  • Your dog’s coat type (if he or she has a “Short,” “Medium/Long,” or “Hypoallergenic/Non-shedding” hair) as some of their boxes contain grooming tools for your pooch
  • Your dog’s best photo (you have the option to skip this step)

Next, you’ll see an overview of what you’ve answered so far and you are given the options to:

  • Add more notes about your dog
  • Add any allergies your dog may have (in case your dog is allergic to grain, chicken, beef, and/or pork, you can easily inform them not to send any of these by ticking it from the choices)

Afterward, you’ll be asked to sign up with an email or your Facebook account and choose a subscription plan. Finally, fill out your shipping address, promo code (if any), and billing address, which has the credit card and PayPal as payment options.

Both BarkBox and PupBox have a user-friendly sign-up process. Dog lovers, whether they’re familiar or not with pet subscription boxes, will find them easy to navigate. Their straightforward yet warm approach is a great way to make customers become loyal subscribers.


BarkBox Monthly Themes

BarkBox makes things exciting with their monthly themes – some of which are related to upcoming holidays, while some are just for fun. Since they produce their own toys and treats, they ensure that every item is cohesive with the theme. Plus, they never fail to come up with witty, theme-related names for the inclusions!

Some of the previous BarkBox themes are “Dinner Dates: LOVE on the menu,” “Sit, Stay, Spa Day!: Who’s a Good Dog?,” “Peanuts: Happiness is a Warm Puppy,” “Home Alone: AAAAAAAARF!,” “Dogsgiving: Playtime Is Served!,” “Lick or Treat: Happy Howloween!,” “An Autumn Tail: It’s puppy spice season!,” and many more.

PupBox Monthly Themes

PupBox curates their boxes according to a theme and even the tips and training guides are related to the theme as well. This makes the box fun and useful for both pets and pet parents! 

Some of the previous PupBox themes are “Spring Into Springtime”, “It’s Almost Turkey Time”, “Toss It. Fetch It. Repeat.”, and more. 

If you’re into creative and quirky concepts, BarkBox would be a good choice. PupBox has more general themes but they make sure to include tips and other relevant information related to the month’s theme.


BarkBox Toys

When it comes to dog toys, one of the main worries of fur parents is safety. BarkBox crafts all their toys in-house with high-quality materials and every texture, color, shape, or squeak is designed with the intention of making dogs the happiest they can be. Subscribers can also state specific toy features or types that they want to be included or excluded. Their team keeps their promise of no muss, no fuss, and no disappointed pups by sending out 2 imaginative, innovative, and satisfying toys that are enjoyable to dogs and humans alike. Alternatively, BarkBox gives you the option to choose between their standard or BARK’s Super Chewer subscription (monthly at $45 per box, six months at $35 per box, and twelve months at $30 per box), which has toys specifically designed for heavy chewers who require extra-durable playthings. If your dog needs tougher toys, you can opt for the Super Chewer subscription.

PupBox Toys

Every PupBox comes with 4-6 products (toys, chews, and grooming/cleaning goodies) and training materials that are always hand-selected based on your puppy’s age and physical characteristics. Their monthly delivery includes items such as teething toys, plush toys, rope toys, interactive toys, and tough toys, which are all rotated depending on your pup’s growth and development. Their chew toys belong in the general categories of: food dispensing toys, food stuffable toys, digestible chews, rubber and plush toys, and freezable chews. In case your pooch needs more durable toys, you can get in touch with PupBox via the contact information provided on their website to make your request.


BarkBox Treats

As for BarkBox’s treats, all of them are made in the USA and Canada. They never use wheat, corn, or soy as primary ingredients. Subscribers also have the option to exclude treats with chicken, turkey, and/or beef. Each BarkBox contains 2 all-natural bags of treats made with only the highest quality ingredients using their own recipes.

BarkBox has all the noms your dog deserve. Every ingredient and nutrition details are provided on their website. They also have feeding instructions, so you can monitor the quantity of treats that you’re allowed to give your dog based on their size. BarkBox’s recipes for treats were formulated by a board-certified nutritionist and taste-tested by their most trusted experts: dogs themselves. Some of the past treats include Pork Dawgs, Chew Ribbon Chicken, Tootin’ Turkey Gobblers, Fair Day Duck, Lamb Chomps, Duckboots, Pork n’ Spice Latte, Turkey Trot, Campfire Lamb, Harvest Moo, and Nana’s Chicken Soup.

PupBox Treats

In addition to fun toys, your puppy can look forward to 1 bag of USA or Canada made training treats in their monthly PupBox. This dog subscription also notes that none of their edible goodies are sourced from China. They only work with manufacturers that guarantee the safety of your pup!

PupBox comes with treats that will keep your dog healthy and energized. Some of the past treats they’ve featured are Yaky Charms, Puppy Cake Mix, Dog for Dog Peanut Butter, Ilio Dentals Teeth Treat, Barkworthies Acai Beef Bootie, Snif Snax Salmon & Sweet Potato Cutlet Treats, Look Who’s Happy Chicken & Pupkin Tempt’n Tenders, SmartyPaws Puppy Supplements, PureBites Lamb Liver Puppy Bites, Healthy Bud Turkey Meat & Liver Gut Booster, Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Trail Treats Turkey Biscuits Dog Treats, Heed Foods Freeze-Dried Topper Turkey, Banana, & Carrot, Heed Foods Freeze-Dried Topper Cod, Apple, & Carrot, and PupBox Paradise Poppers.


BarkBox Chews

Aside from treats, they also send 1 BarkBox-made chew in each box, which is another engaging edible for your dog to enjoy every month. Similar to their classic treats, the chews are made in the USA and Canada from both domestic and imported ingredients. If your pooch has any allergies or other special dietary needs, BarkBox promises to accommodate them.

BarkBox has all the chews your pup could ever dream of. Some of the popular ingredients in their chews are salmon, sweet potato, peanut butter, deer antler, turkey, pork, duck, and beef trachea!

PupBox Chews

Aside from the meaty training treats, PupBox also includes all-natural chews to keep your pooch active and motivated. All of their chews are sourced in the USA and Canada. If your puppy is allergic to certain ingredients or has other specific dietary requirements, you may state it in the additional notes section on their site.

Through PupBox‘s natural chews, they intend to keep your fur baby the healthiest they can be. Some of the chews they featured in their past boxes are made with lamb horns, cow hoof, and beef gullet strips!


BarkBox Extras

If you would like to add extra goodies to your doggo’s box, BarkBox has a variety of options to choose from. They have an amazing assortment of curated items available for you to select your add-ons. Aside from having the option to add an extra toy each month, you can also double the items in your dog’s box to double the fun. BarkBox notes that the items and quantity available are based on inventory and current subscription type.

PupBox Extras

Each PupBox contains 5-7 premium products in total. All boxes include 1 bag of training treats and 4-6 additional products that are specific to your dog’s characteristics and age. They provide helpful training materials like pee spray for puppies working on house training and extra chew toys for puppies going through teething.


Skipping and Cancelling for BarkBox

BarkBox made it their mission to make dogs happy, but in case the subscription no longer works for your pup, you can easily let them know. In order to skip or cancel your BarkBox subscription and inquire about your options, you have to email [email protected] so someone in the customer service department can assist you. Although renewal can be disabled anytime through your account page, you will still receive the boxes you initially signed up to receive.

Skipping and Cancelling for PupBox

Each month of PupBox is carefully planned based on your puppy’s age and size, and they do encourage subscribers to stick with the monthly shipping cycle. However, PupBox can still take care of your special requests such as skipping or cancelling your subscription. You just have to reach out to [email protected], or visit your account page. If you cancel in the middle of your subscription term, you’ll still be charged for it and receive the remaining boxes in your chosen plan, but you won’t be auto-renewed at the end of your subscription term.


BarkBox Customer Service

BarkBox refers to their customer service as the “Happy Team,” and you can reach them through a live chat or email. They have an amazing reputation for friendly and prompt customer service.

PupBox Customer Service

PupBox loves to talk and get in touch with their subscribers. On working days, they give you the option to call them or email them at [email protected] You can also tag them on social media platforms, or send them a snail mail regarding your specific questions. They respond to all inquiries within two business days.


Here’s a quick overview of each box to help you decide better:


  • If you’re searching for a budget-friendly dog subscription, BarkBox costs as low as $23 per month for the one-year subscription ($35 per box for the month-to-month plan). They also offer free shipping inside the 48  contiguous United States.
  • If you’re willing to spend more money on your box, PupBox costs $29 per month for the one-year subscription ($39 per box for the month-to-month plan). Shipping is free throughout the United States.


  • If you value having the option to change the assortment of your box, BarkBox lets you order more or fewer items for your dog. Their sign up process is user-friendly and ensures that you’ve provided all the important information.
  • If you want to receive personalized products for your puppy, PupBox provides the products and materials specific to your pup’s needs. Their sign up process is straightforward and enables you to add more notes about your puppy.


  • If you’re thrilled with the idea of getting a box of themed items per month, BarkBox gives your dog exactly what they want. Their monthly themes are specially curated to provide your dog a unique experience every month.
  • If you want to experience a box that changes based on your pup’s growth and development each month, Pupbox introduces new products and themes along the way.


  • If you have an adult dog that has already gone through the puppy stage, BarkBox provides 2 innovative and entertaining toys. You can reach out to BarkBox’s customer service to note specific toy features you’d like to receive.
  • If you need a box catered around the development of your puppy, PupBox offers 5-7 age-specific products (toys, treats, chews, and grooming/cleaning accessories) and 1 training guide. You can get in touch with PupBox’s customer service to note your specific requests.


  • If your dog loves to chew, BarkBox includes 2 all-natural bags of treats. You can reach out to BarkBox’s customer service to note edible ingredient preferences.
  • If your dog loves to be active, PupBox contains 1 bag of training treats. You can get in touch with PupBox’s customer service to note your specific requests.


  • If your dog enjoys long-lasting chews, BarkBox comes with 1 chew. You can reach out to BarkBox’s customer service to note edible ingredient preferences.
  • If your dog likes being preoccupied, PupBox has all-natural chews. You can get in touch with PupBox’s customer service to note your specific requests.


  • If you want to add extra goodies to your dog’s box, BarkBox has a variety of options for you to select your add-ons.
  • If your puppy requires more items based on their age and size, PupBox has additional products to choose from that are specific to your pup’s needs.


  • If you want to skip or cancel your BarkBox subscription, you can contact someone in their customer service department or disable it through your account page.
  • If you want to skip or cancel your PupBox subscription, you can visit your account page or ask for their customer service’s assistance.


  • If you’re seeking for answers to your questions about your BarkBox, you can reach out to their customer service at [email protected]
  • If you’re seeking to find answers to your questions about your PupBox, you can get in touch with their customer service at [email protected]

Still need more info?

What’s our pick – BarkBox or PupBox?

Overall, BarkBox and PupBox both have a lot to offer. What subscription service you like better will ultimately come down to the type of dog you have. For an adult dog, BarkBox is probably the preferable choice, not to mention more affordable. However, for those who are brand new dog owners that are still learning the ropes of puppy parenthood, PupBox is recommended.

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