Try My Snacks Subscription Box Review: SOUTH KOREA

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Try My Snacks sends snacks of all types and the majority comes from a featured country with others in there to round out the box. They send snacks that are sweet, salty, nutty, and may include cookies, crackers, candy, and more. They also include a book with all of the possible snacks listed along with the country of origin and there is a coin from that featured country too. This month, I’m reviewing the snacks that came in my box, which was themed South Korea. I was so excited to share this with my daughter, she is a big fan of BTS, BT21, Korean food, and Korean TV shows. What did she think of this box? Read on to see the surprise ending!

Ramune Ramune is a Japanese soda that has a flavor described as lemon lime, yet it doesn’t taste the same as 7-UP or Sprite. I think it has a hint of possibly vanilla cream or even bubblegum, something extra sweet. This comes in a cool bottle that has a marble you have to dislodge so read the directions on the plastic wrap around the bottle’s neck. The marble is supposed to keep the soda from going flat too quickly. Product of Japan.

Calpico Mini Shots There are several different versions of Calpico and this is the non-carbonated version that is suggested for kids. It’s sweet with a watery milky/yogurt base and is surprisingly refreshing. I placed mine in the fridge first and then drank it chilled. You are supposed to stick a straw into the top but my straw broke so I just peeled off the foil top. I received this in a fruity strawberry flavor but flavors may vary. This brand is based in Japan but it is a product of Indonesia.

Peko Gummy So many gummies! This version is shaped like a little girl’s head (as shown on the package) and tastes like purple grape candy, although not as strongly as I was expecting. Product of Japan.

Kasugai Gummy Candy had a strong apple flavor. It reminded me of some apple cider vinegar supplements I tried recently but not as sour. Product of Japan.

Uha Mikakuto Puchao The flavor you receive may vary but I received Cola (I wish it had been ramune instead!). The outside is a chewy piece of taffy candy and the inside has small gummy pieces. It also has a tab of fizzy candy in the middle but it was kind of weak. The flavor was that of classic soda like Coke or Pepsi. Product of Japan.

Hapi Cookie Stick Cookie Crunch and Popping Candy This is a chocolate covered cookie stick. The Cookie Crunch version has a Twix-like cookie base covered with chocolate coating mixed with cookie pieces. The popping one had pop rocks inside the chocolate coating so it popped and fizzed while you ate it! The packages show two sticks on each bag but I can confirm it was one stick in each bag. These were “not labeled for individual sale” but I believe they are from Korea.

Pocky Cookies N’ Cream You can usually find Pocky in the grocery store near the Asian food items. This is a skinny cookie stick (like an animal cracker) dipped in white candy coating mixed with chocolate cookies. The country of origin wasn’t listed but Pocky is a treat from Japan.

Pretz Toasted Sugar This is yet another cookie stick but this one has a flavor that’s both buttery and sweet. It’s an un-coated Pocky, and in fact it’s made by the same brand so although this doesn’t list the country of origin, it is also from Japan.

Koikeya Norishio Sticks These are salty potato chips shaped into sticks and also have seaweed sprinkled on them. I couldn’t really tell the seaweed was there so no fears of it tasting fishy or sea-like. The chip flavor reminded me of classic Ruffles or Lay’s or other salted potato chips. Product of Taiwan.

DIY Matcha Tea Boba Kit I didn’t realize that the matcha mix, boba, and straw were meant to go together! I noticed there were no instructions included, although I was able to find them on Amazon (they sell this kit and included a shot of the back of the box). I’m not a fan of matcha at all, and boba isn’t something I love, so I am going to pass this kit along to someone else. Reviews on Amazon were mixed with some loving it and others saying it’s horrible but again, not a fan of matcha so I don’t even want to try it. Product of Taiwan.

Hoka Gudetama Biscuit These are basically a round animal cracker with a print of Gudetama on each one. Product of Japan.

Lotte Koala’s March Choco have a cookie exterior (my daughter thought it was similar to an animal cracker) and chocolate on the inside. The cookies have a random English word like “queen” or “swim” printed on them. I forgot to see which country these are from but I think it’s Japan.

Pachi Pachi Panic Cola Remember Pop Rocks? This pack has cola-flavored popping rock candy plus little pieces of ramune which is also cola flavored so the whole effect is supposed to be similar to drinking a bottle of soda! I forgot to check the pack but I think this is from Japan.

Kasugai Ramune Iroiro The candies in this bag look like Smarties but they melt almost immediately and have various fruity flavors. Like a Pixie Stix but solid until it hits your tongue. Product of Japan.

Hapi Doraemon Dorayaki Dorayaki is a snack from Japan that has two soft pancakes sandwiched with sweetened red bean paste. It doesn’t taste bean-like at all, and this one has a texture that’s more like caramel and not as grainy as some I’ve tried before.

Hapi Fortune Cookies I feel like most of us have probably tried fortune cookies, although I mainly just read the fortune and pass the cookie to my daughter. I tried one and it tasted as expected. I believe these are a product of the U.S.

Hapi Bing Cones This is a flaky wafer cone with a solid “aero” chocolate center, similar to an ice cream cone except not as messy. Product of Korea.

Lotte Thomas Ramune The container holding this SweeTart-type candy has Thomas the Train/Tank Engine’s face! The ramune candies taste like lemon lime soda.

Marukama Marble Gum I received three boxes and each box had four pieces of gum inside. I stuck all four of the grape gums inside my mouth and it was like chewing a big piece of bubblegum. Of course first it feels like a candy but then all of the sudden you can chew it and it’s soft and I liked the classic grape candy flavor. I was happy to find that I could blow a bubble with this gum! Product of Japan.

While this was a wonderful assortment of snacks from various countries in Asia, my daughter and I were disappointed that so many of the snacks weren’t from South Korea – in fact, I counted only two treats from that nation. I’m not sure why it worked out that way – are snacks from South Korea hard to source? I had no problem with the snacks themselves, they were all of good quality and I enjoyed all of the ones that I tried. I guess I expected more to come from the featured country, that’s all. I also would have liked more salty/savory snacks, like the bold flavored kind mentioned in the booklet. If you like trying snacks from other countries, give Try My Snacks a try! Also, let me know if you’ve tried any of these snacks or which one you might like to try in the future!

Here is a look at the included booklet!

I also received a vinyl sticker and a coin from South Korea.

Try My Snacks is a unique subscription box that delivers snacks from a different country every month. Each box contains anywhere from 6 – 20+ snacks per box (depending on the plan), a 12+ Page booklet that includes fun facts about the country, snack information, puzzles, and more. They also include a coin from the country in every box & offer FREE shipping to the USA. You can add on drinks too!

Visit Try My Snacks to subscribe or find out more!


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