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  • Julie Smith

    I did not order refreshments and was charged how do I cancel this whole thing?

  • Jamie

    I 😘 ve this set a bunch!!!

  • Celina

    I got the refreshments but wasn’t free they charged me for Ipsy month and extra for refreshments

  • April

    How do I cancel the Ipsy refreshments? I didn’t sign up for these and I do NOT want them!

  • null

    I was promised free refreshments but I have never received them. I signed up with a card I got in the mail for a first free bag but was charged for it as well.

  • Karen holmes

    I like the refreshment cleaning face wipes hoe do I buy them

  • Gina

    I signed up last month why didn’t I get the free refreshments bag?

  • Heather Shanzer

    If u get the refreshments bundle free do u also get the 1st ipsy bag free?

  • Alice

    Nope. Not going to renew. Nothing they dangle would entice me to continue with the increase in price.

  • Saucie

    I somehow got signed up for this trial without my knowledge, luckily I saw the shipment on USPS and found out what it was before I got truly charged. It was difficult to cancel and the products were junk, anyway. The razor in particular was bad, the lubricating strip was just slime everywhere and the handle is just smooth plastic so it’s impossible to keep a grip on it.

  • Renee J Rissinger

    I opened an Ipsy account at the end of last month. I haven’t received any product yet. I would love the refreshments bag with the citrus spritz lotion!