Almost Tea Subscription Review: Tea Blends Inspired By Your Favorite Desserts

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Here’s everything you need to know about this tea subscription. The above picture is The Sip Tea Sampler.

Almost Tea Review

If you want something to warm you up aside from coffee, tea makes a great choice. There are single-origin teas to enjoy and tasty blends to discover! Over the world, there are numerous teriffic varieties, including herbal infusions with health benefits. But have you ever heard of tea inspired by desserts? Sounds pretty unusual but super intriguing!

Enter Almost Tea, a new monthly subscription that takes the tea culture to the next level by offering tea inspired by great desserts of modern times. Their mission is to make teas that are very fun and adventurous to drink, giving foodies and tea lovers a taste of something new to steep and sip!

Founders Monique and her husband Eli want to put an end to the boring world of chamomile teas by concocting fresh, never-been-seen tea blends inspired by great desserts! Although they sound sweet, they don’t contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Upon hearing of this tea subscription, I knew I had to try it, so here it goes! Continue reading to learn more.

Almost Tea Benefits & Drawbacks

First off, here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of Almost Tea:

Almost Tea Benefits

  • Created by the founders of Universal Yums
  • Tea flavors inspired by tasty desserts
  • Works with US bakers and confectioners
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • No calories
  • 6 brand-new flavors are released each month
  • The tea bags and the teas inside are fully compostable

Almost Tea Drawbacks

  • Since it is relatively new, customer reviews are limited
  • Shipping is only available to the US and Canada
  • No option to customize boxes

Almost Tea Review




Almost Tea is a subscription made for tea drinkers and dessert lovers. Every month, they work with different US bakeries or confectioneries to offer teas with crazily indulgent flavors. Each box comes with 6 never-before-seen tea blends you’ll want to drink again and again. All flavors come with a stamp of approval from the original dessert maker, making sure you get what you imagined it to be! No added sugar or artificial sweeteners, no calories!


My Almost Tea Review

Almost is striving to ERADICATE THE EARTH OF BORING CHAMOMILE TEA with fresh, never-been-seen tea blends inspired by great desserts. They leverage a “monthly drop” model, where new teas are inspired by a different dessert maker every month. Almost Tea does not contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Brown Butter Bourbon Blitz This was the strongest of all of my teas, and looked as dark as coffee in my mug. It reminded me of a coffeehouse drink with lots of caramel notes and I added milk and sugar. If you think there’s something funky about the flavor, just know that pu-erh is supposed to taste like that, it’s definitely earthy. This was my favorite of the bunch.

Raspberry Caramel Fudge This wasn’t a super strong black tea and wasn’t bitter at all. The amount of chocolate flavor was perfect, which for me means just a hint. I could taste the berry notes and didn’t add sugar or milk — it didn’t need sweetener and milk would have made it taste like nothing at all.

Double Chocolate Chunk Once again, this wasn’t as strong as actual black tea, so sugar and milk weren’t needed and would have overwhelmed the flavor. It’s a hint of a brownie in a cup.

Cinnamon Toast Munch has a rooibos base plus lots of cinnamon and some licorice. Its name sounds like something I might eat for breakfast and sure enough, tastes like cinnamon. Sometimes licorice messes with my tongue (like stevia) but all I detected here was a smooth feeling in my mouth. This would probably taste great steeped in apple juice.

Chai Caramel Latte Looking for a festive drink at night but without the calories or caffeine? Try this caramel-forward herbal tea with a base of honeybush (which is similar to rooibos). There’s some spices plus a lot of caramel notes and no worries, there’s no milk present.

Spiked Apple Cider This was another winner. I like apple cider but it can feel heavy with all of the extras (caramel, sugar, etc.) but this has the flavor without the heft. It has a rooibos base so it’s pretty hearty but has no caffeine. It’s not sweet but no sugar is needed either. I would happily drink this every night in winter.

Is Almost Tea Worth It?

I thoroughly enjoyed my new dessert-inspired teas from Almost Tea! This box was inspired by brownies but the next box will feature teas inspired by classic desserts, like Lemon Merengue Pie, and right now you get to choose which box you prefer to start your subscription! If you are open to drinking all kinds of tea, and like those teas to be flavored, then Almost Tea is a great way to try new, yummy teas! If you are a purest who only drinks one type, or who doesn’t want fun flavors, or who wants to choose their teas, then this might not be the best box for you, although Almost Tea offers individual flavors in their online shop (in case you only want, say, caffeine-free herbals). I appreciate that they send both caffeinated teas (for my afternoon break) and caffeine-free herbals (for my before-bed enjoyment).

Below is the booklet that was included in both subscription levels.

All About Almost Tea

Almost Tea is a new subscription offering dessert-inspired tea blends to warm your soul! It’s like your favorite guilty pleasure but now in tea form. A new batch of 6 fresh, unique tea blends will roll out each month starting January 2023.

How does Almost Tea work?

Almost Tea is not your ordinary tea. This subscription takes steeping and sipping teas to another dimension. Instead of offering traditional tea blends, they make it more fun and exciting by incorporating delicious dessert-inspired flavors you’ll crave over and over again! They partner with a local dessert maker to turn the best desserts into tea. Each gets a stamp of approval from the original dessert maker even before the production starts, suggesting that all teas match the flavor profile of the dessert.

To receive amazing dessert teas every month, all you have to do is sign up and select a box size. The Sip Tea Sampler includes 2 sachets of every dessert-inspired tea. That’s a total of 12 teas – 6 are caffeinated, and the other half are caffeine-free. For The Slurp Tea Box, you’ll get 30 tea bags in every delivery, and instead of just 2 per flavor, you’ll receive 5 of each. They’re equally divided into caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas.

Once you’ve decided on a box, simply choose your desired subscription length. You can go for a month-to-month option or prepay for a year, and that’s it! Expect six new tea flavors every month and indulge in a sipping spree of dessert-like teas to wake your taste buds and power your day. The subscription is also quite flexible. You can skip a month whenever you like! Too indulgent for your taste? You can cancel the subscription entirely. Just log in to your account and manage the subscription tab to modify.

How much does Almost Tea cost?

The price for the Almost Tea subscription depends on the box you choose. The Sip Tea Sampler costs $15 a month and drops to $14 a month when pre-paid for a year, while The Slurp Tea Box is $29 a month and the price falls to $26 a month for a 1-year subscription plan.

Shipping is free to the contiguous US, as well as military addresses. For orders made within Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands, there is a shipping fee of $2, while all shipments to Canada incur a $4 shipping charge.

Where can I buy Almost Tea?

This dessert tea subscription is available at Almost Tea official website! Simply click the subscribe button, choose a box, select a subscription length, and check out. Provide them with your contact details, shipping info, and payment details to start receiving unique teas in the mail!

Where and how does Almost Tea ship?

Almost Tea is available in the United States, including military addresses and territories. They also ship to Canada, but unfortunately, they can’t ship to other international destinations. Orders made within the United States are delivered by the US Postal Service or UPS, while orders outside the United States are handled by the government’s postal delivery service.

The ship date can be seen on the checkout page. Once your order is placed, they’ll send you an order confirmation email with the shipping date. After the boxes leave the warehouse and are in transit, you’ll also receive an email with tracking information to track your box. This info is also available to access in your account portal.

How is Almost Tea packaged?

Your dessert-inspired teas are enclosed in a cute mailer box with Almost Tea branding. It’s just the perfect size and can double as your tea storage. All 30 bags of tea are neatly aligned inside the box. It also comes with a mini magazine with the featured dessert maker of the month, brief info about the tea flavors, art prompts, and more! The Sip Tea Sampler ships in a paper mailer and has two cards, each with 6 teas. It also comes with the mini magazine. You can see a picture of The Sip Tea Sampler at the very top of this post.

Both the tea leaves and tea bags are fully compostable. The material used in making the tea bags is soilon, which is derived from corn starch. It is safe to use for filtering and steeping tea, too!

What products does Almost Tea sell?

Almost Tea is a new subscription created by the founders of Universal Yums. Like how adventurous they are with their snack subscription, they come up with unique and special tea flavors to wow our tastebuds every month. This tea subscription delivers tea boxes filled with both caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas that you’ll enjoy steeping and sipping, each incorporating the flavors of a great dessert.

Their initial box included teas with flavors such as brown butter bourbon blitz, raspberry caramel fudge, double chocolate chunk, cinnamon toast munch, chai caramel latte, and spiked apple cider. These yummy teas are available for individual sale in their online shop as well.

Can I send Almost Tea as a gift?

Oh yes, you definitely can! Just click the “Gifts” button at the top of the webpage, and you’ll be prompted to choose a box size and subscription length to gift, with a minimum term of 3 months for The Sip Tea Sampler and 1 month for The Slurp Tea Box. You can also add a gift message for some personal touch or leave it as is for a surprise!

Will you be trying the delicious teas from Almost Tea?


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