MEL Science Holiday Deal: 50% Off Chemistry, Physics, Math, and STEM Boxes!

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MEL Science is extending their Cyber Week deal for new subscribers to try out their STEM subscription box for kids this holiday!

Get 50% off your first box on any MEL Science products! Use the coupon code CHRISTMAS at checkout (MED50 for MEL Med!). (All countries).

Want longer plans? Save 50% when you sign up for annual MEL Chemistry, MEL Physics, MEL Math, or MEL STEM subscription boxes! Use this link to subscribe and use the coupon code YEAR50 at checkout! (USA/UK only)

Or, choose lifetime savings when you use the coupon code DEERSthat’s FREE shipping FOREVER, including annual subscriptions! (US/UK only)

Get more at Mel Science this Holiday!

MEL Science brings monthly science kits straight to your door – and makes science cool and fun for kids! If you want to pass your best memories of your chemistry kit to your kids, or ensure that the kids are prepared for STEM learning, it’s the perfect subscription! The MEL science kits – they offer chemistry and physics over a range of ages – are REAL science  with an app and cool VR features, too! Your kids will learn to experiment using real science and terminology.

See more about MEL Chemistry, MEL Physics, MEL Math, MEL Space, and MEL STEM below!

MEL Chemistry by MEL Science

MEL Chemistry is a monthly AR powered STEM subscription box from MEL Science intended for kids ages 9-14. You can subscribe to the box for $34.90 each month. Each monthly kit contains 2-3 science experiments with enough materials to try it twice, plus step-by-step instructions. All the experiments are designed for home use. Read all our MEL Chemistry reviews to find out more!

Deal: Get 60% off on your your first month of MEL Chemistry! Use coupon code HELLO60. Applicable for all countries. Not applicable for MEL Med.

MEL STEM by MEL Science

MEL STEM is designed for kids 5 to 9+ years old! This new kids STEM subscription is $34.90 per month + FREE shipping, and will include all the things you need for a fun STEM project, live science classes, and a supplementary AR lesson! See all our Mel STEM reviews to find out more!

Deal: Get 60% off on your your first month of MEL STEM! Use coupon code HELLO60. Applicable for all countries. Not applicable for MEL Med.

MEL Physics by MEL Science

MEL Physics costs $34.90 per month + FREE Shipping, and will include one hands-on Physics experiment + FREE VR lessons you can access via the MEL VR app! Check out all our MEL Physics reviews to find out more!

Deal: Get 60% off on your your first month of MEL Physics! Use coupon code HELLO60. Applicable for all countries. Not applicable for MEL Med.

MEL Math by MEL Science

It may seem like a challenge to get kids interested in learning mathematics, but there is a fun and engaging way to do so! Kids ages 8 to 12+ will find math lessons exciting with MEL Math by MEL Science, a subscription box that gives kids a proper understanding of math and helps build a foundation for success in learning the depths of it.

Explore math in all of its wonders with just a monthly shipment. A box costs $34.90 per month, plus the shipping fee.

MEL Coding by MEL Science

MEL Coding  is a STEM subscription for kids age 4 – 7! This subscription starts at $20.90 per month, and will include projects to teach kids the basics of computer programming screen-free. Each monthly set contains a new book, story map, coding blocks, 3D puzzles, and STEM game!

MEL Medicine by MEL Science

MEL Med STEM subscription for kids age 14 and above has an awesome Cyber Monday sale to help kids find their path in medicine! This subscription is $69.90 per month, and will include up to 5 hands-on medical experiments every month based on a theme.

MEL Space by MEL Science

Image from: Mel Space

Learning about space is not only exciting, but it’s also crucial for our understanding of the world we live in. From the tiniest particles to the vast expanses of the universe, space science helps us understand our place in the world and beyond.

MEL Space by MEL Science offers an engaging way for kids to learn about space through hands-on experiments and activities that bring space science to life. By exploring different topics such as the solar system, stars, and galaxies, kids can develop a deeper understanding of space and how it impacts our lives. In addition, the in-app experiences offered by MEL Space take kids’ learning to the next level!

Starting at just $39.90 per month + $6 shipping fee, MEL Space is an affordable way to give your kids a hands-on education that’s out of this world! You can pause, cancel, or switch to another MEL subject at any time – so if your kids want to take a break from space and explore something else, it’s easy and hassle-free.

Visit MEL Science to get the deal!


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