Reasons Why Willo Is The Best Oral Care Product for Kids

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Encouraging kids to brush their teeth and helping them build healthy oral care habits is oftentimes a struggle for parents. If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to help kids take care of their teeth minus the fuss, check out Willo – the first toothbrushing robot designed for kids ages 6 to 17!

4 Reasons Why Willo Is The Best Oral Care Product for Kids

1. It’s automated, easy to use, and kids love it!

Willo is a game-changing smart device that offers a new way for children to get more interested in keeping their teeth clean. It automates the teeth cleaning process, addressing the lack of dexterity and attention in toothbrushing that might lead to cavities. All kids have to do is gently bite down on the mouthpiece attached to the handle and press the button to start brushing and there’s no need to spit or rinse afterward. The mouthpieces come in different sizes based on your child’s molars and wisdom teeth. Willo provides an easy to use size guide to determine which mouthpiece size is a perfect fit for your child. One of the best features of Willo’s toothbrush is its timed system, where it buzzes when it’s time to turn the mouthpiece over.

2. Removes plaque without toothpaste

Equipped with silicone and nylon bristles that are gentle on kids’ teeth and gums, the Willo device cleans teeth and removes plaque by gently contracting around the teeth and stimulating the gums. Removing plaque is important even for baby teeth to reduce the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. Also, instead of toothpaste, the device uses a bubble gum flavored rinse pod made with xylitol, xanthan gum, and citric acid. The rinse pod also comes in mint and strawberry flavors. The device automatically dispenses the perfect amount of fluoride-free liquid each time your child uses Willo to clean their teeth.

3. Tracks your child’s progress with an app

There is nothing better than not having to worry if your kids brushed their teeth or not. With the Willo companion app, you can track your kid’s brushing history and if they skipped, Willo will automatically adjust to a longer brushing time the next time they use it. With Willo, parents can take comfort in knowing their child’s brushing behavior. Aside from keeping track of brushing history, you can also use the app to adjust your child’s preferences when using the automatic toothbrushing device.

4. Created by oral care experts

Who else would you trust when it comes to your children’s oral care needs, if not the dental experts? Willo was founded by Dr. Jean-Marie, and the automatic toothbrush itself was designed by Willo’s internal team of dental professionals to make sure they are not only effective, but most importantly, safe for kids to use. This smart device for kids’ oral hygiene was a product from 8 years of research and development!

Many kids see toothbrushing as a boring activity. This is why Willo‘s toothbrush is a great oral care product for them to use because it gives them a fun and convenient brushing experience, plus it’s a fun way to change their perception about taking care of their teeth. The Willo Essential Kit ($149.99) contains 1 mouthpiece and 2 fluoride-free rinse pods that should last for about 3 months per child. Refills and mouthpiece replacements ($12.99 each) are available for individual purchase on Willo’s website.

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