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  • Colleen

    I ordered the card kit. I’m excited.

  • Suzanne

    Wow, it let me sign up for several of these for free ($5.95 shipping each). Unfortunately, it looks like they make you call to cancel. I hate having to call to cancel and had tried to research the process prior to signing up. It had sounded like you were able to do it online via their portal, so I’m hoping it’s because my account is still being set up.

    • Suzanne

      Just a follow up – today I was able to log in and cancel through the online portal, so all’s well. 🙂 Can’t believe what a great deal this is considering they let you sign up for as many as you want for first month free.

      • Dawn

        Thanks for sharing, Suzanne! This is helpful. Hope you love your kits!!

        I wish these were curated a little more uniformly. That birdhouse is so amazing, and I would happily pay full price to get a kit like that every month. But then you go look at the gallery of other examples of what they send, and so many are just kits to make inspirational word art (fridge magnets, paper banners, wall signs), which is not at all my aesthetic. I think they might get more subscribers if they just had a word art subscription for those who love that, and then they could do a little less of that in other subscriptions.