Tokyo Treat June 2022 Review: Snackin’ Shibuya

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For June, Tokyo Treat is sending us to the bright lights and busy streets of Shibuya! You don’t need to brave the crazy Shibuya Crossing to get the snacks in this month’s box. Read on as I try all of them!

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German Potato Pretzel Sticks. They’re not exactly potato, but these pretzel sticks have the savoury flavours of a German baked potato – onion, bacon, garlic, and black pepper!

LOOK Chocolates Assortment. Subscribers received one of three variations, and I lucked out and got the variety pack. These chocolates are inspired by popular ice cream treats, such as a strawberry parfait!

Cola Ramune Candies. Fizzy cola flavoured ramune candies! These fizz and froth up like a real soda and are super addicting!

Green Tea Black Thunder. Black Thunder is a popular brand of chocolate in Japan, but I don’t really care for the texture. This was still tasty though, with a green tea flavour! Not too sweet!

Sankaku Veggie Crackers. Sankaku, or “three angles” are predictably triangle-shaped. They have a veggie seasoning flavour that reminds me of the crackers I used to eat as a kid!

The LOOK chocolates come with a helpful guide as to which chocolates are where. From left to right: Strawberry Parfait, Banana Parfait, Green Tea Parfait, Chocolate Parfait.

The chocolates themselves are indistinguishable from one another until you bite into them, so the guide is helpful!

Lemonade Taiyaki. A cute lemon chocolate variation on the popular taiyaki snack! Taiyaki, or sea bream, is a popular snack and this sweet homage is just as tasty!

Cookies and Cream Waffle. Our baked goodie this month is a waffle with a chocolate cookies and cream style – it has chocolate chips and sugar embedded right into the dough.

Here’s the waffle! It was very, very sweet and had crunchy chocolate chips inside. If you don’t like super sugary snacks you might not like this, as it was really, REALLY sweet. I can’t stress how sweet it was. But oh man, it was GOOD.

Pudding Kit Kats. This month’s KitKat selection is pudding flavoured! You can even toast these lightly in a toaster oven to caramelize the top.

Kamesen Light Salt Crackers. Mini rice crackers with a sight salt flavour. These are so cute and small! They resemble turtle shells which is why they’re called “kame” (turtle).

Jagaking Potato Snacks. Jagaking is offering these big potato snacks that are shaped like wedge fries!

Corn Potage Snacks. Japan loves corn flavour, and I’ve tried all kinds of corn snacks. These are light and savoury and taste exactly like corn soup!

Okonomiyaki Snacks. Corn puffs with okonomiyaki sauce flavour. They are super savoury and perfect for snacking!

You can see the turtle shell design!

The okonomiyaki snacks are light and puffed.

Four Cheese Scon. I love Scon snacks which are basically our cheesies here in Canada, but these have a premium four cheese flavour – gouda, camembert, mozarella, and cheddar!

Neopolitan Ramen. Italy meets Japan in this twist on spaghetti in ramen! It has a tomato sauce base and cheese powder that you add after draining the water from the cooked noodles. Delicious! It had a spicy kick to it too.

Caramel Popcorn Soda. I thought this would just taste like butterbeer (Harry Potter fans where are you?!) but to my surprise, it has the distinct popcorn flavour as well! It’s a bit strange, drinking a soda that tastes like a specific food item, but it satisfied my sweet cravings.

The June box was full of delicious snacks of all kinds. I always lean towards the savoury snacks like rice crackers, pretzels, and so on, but this box also had some fantastic sweets like the waffle and LOOK chocolates. Adding in the guaranteed get of a drink, ramen, and KitKats makes Tokyo Treat always such a good box!

The snack menu goes through the whole magazine, giving more details on why the item was chosen, if it’s safe for vegetarians, and allergy info all in one easy place! See it here:

Tokyo Treat is a monthly Japanese snack and candy subscription box that is shipped directly from Japan. Tokyo Treat’s Japanese snack and candy subscription box is a reader fave and made the list in our 2022 readers’ choice picks of best snack and candy subscription boxes!

ICYMI, Tokyo Treat boxes just got bigger and better! Starting December 1, they removed the Classic option to ensure all TokyoTreat subscribers received the full Japanese snacking experience. Tokyo Treat boxes are now $37.50 per month. Some of the yummy things you can expect in this new version include ramen, udon, soba, jelly, purin, and Japanese desserts. There will still be a Culture Guide, but it will now have 24 pages – which means more articles and cultural information about Japan!

What did you think of this month’s Tokyo Treat?

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