Stickii Club May 2022 Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the May 2022 Stickii sticker subscription clubs! Join by 5PM Pacific on the 7th!

CUTE Pack – Mushroom Forest

Hello friends! Our Cute theme for May is “Mushroom Forest”! 🍄🌳 If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise… it’s mushroom mania! From picnics to houses, mushrooms are the biggest fad this forest has ever seen, and we’re so here for it.

🏡 These little seedlings from @loonpflug are living the life in their mushroomy, foresty homes! The absolute height of forest curb appeal.

👒 And of course these girls from @qiarateor who hang out in the forest have gotten in on the trend too, adorning themselves with mushroom bags and hair accessories.

🫖 If you venture deep enough into the forest, you’ll find these little winged mushrooms from @mofuseasons ! They love a good cuppa of forest tea, and know all the best mushroom caps to drink from.

🍽 No day of forest life is complete without a picnic! These woodland cuties from @patatoni__ have planned a perfect meal, from pretty pies to steaming mushroom-capped teapots.

🐰 If you’re planning your own woodland picnic, take your mushroomy inspiration from these girls and their forest friends by @inestheunicorn ! You’ll be sure of the perfect party if you too invite an aproned bunny and a green mushroom boy.

🍄 To make sure you’ve got mushroom mania forever, we’ve got a stamp for you from @drawwithchoco of an adorable sunbathing toadstool with a fancy coffee and cheeks to the wind!

🎁 …and lots more surprises, for pack subscribers’ eyes only

Vintage Pack – Below the Blue

Say hello to “Below the Blue,” our Vintage theme for May! Are you ready to go bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful, briny sea with rainbow merpeople, dancing coral, and ghost ships? Hold your breath as we dive down below the waves to check out these spoilers!

🧜‍♀️ If you know where to look amongst the underwater cracks and cliffs, you’ll find this colony of rainbow merpeople from @sysparkle, hidden away from prying human eyes. Would you dare to go searching?

🪞 The treasures of the deep sometimes make it ashore, and these art nouveau-inspired ladies from @maddiekart have fully embraced an ocean aesthetic, from the clothes they wear, the perfume they use, and the decorations on their walls.

👻 Climb aboard this ghost ship from @emilyvarts and explore a deep, dark ocean of endless night, where the fish are all bones and the ghosts of long-gone pirates hide in the bends of shells.

🐟 Seal your letters with these icons of the blue, trimmed in gold. Beware though – your friends may think you’re up to something fishy.

🐚 Whether numbering the summer days or counting down to a beach vacation, these numbered shells will keep everything in order.

🐠 Colorful coral labels add that little touch of ocean aesthetic to any notebook or project! Until you can get to the ocean, use them to bring the ocean to you.

🎁 …and more surprises for pack subscribers’ eyes only!

POP Pack – The Hidden World

“The Hidden World” is our Pop theme for May! Enter a realm of creatures yet undiscovered and unseen realms tucked away from prying eyes. Are you ready for the unseen to be seen? 👁

🧚‍♂️ You may think you know fairies, but @peony_illustrations uncovers a world populated with dancing foxes, mushroom cap women, and butterfly wings that reminds you fairies are an unpredictable, unknowable bunch.

🌳 These spirits of the forest from @pabkins are always lurking just out of sight, under leaves and inside fallen fruits. They particularly gravitate toward old skulls, left behind to be reclaimed by the forest itself.

🐅 Natural magic is all around us in this world of snakes and tigers from @daphnasebbane ; powerful presences in concert with each other and their forest, looking for balance and harmony.

🪲 We don’t often think of bugs as beautiful, but @blandinepannequin is here to showcase the spectrum of color and patterns that bugs are wearing – and that we’re all missing out on.

🍓 This fantasy world from @manok996 is brought to you in hyper color! Flower snakes, moon months, and lunar strawberries (which btw, would make a killer band name) are just a few of the surprises waiting for you here.

🦋 Even in hidden worlds we all need to stay organized. Number those lists and calendars with unusual moths and butterflies in hazy black and white.

🎁 …and lots more surprises, for pack subscribers’ eyes only!

Stickii Club is $10 per month, and has 3 subscription themes you can choose from – Cute, Pop, and Vintage!

Visit Stickii to subscribe or find out more!


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