Stickii Club March 2022 Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the March 2022 Stickii sticker subscription clubs! Join by 5PM Pacific on the 7th!

CUTE Pack – Keepin’ It Cute 

Sometimes you gotta romanticize your own life and living everyday life with a cute aesthetic can keep your spirits up! This month’s pack is a love letter to living the cute life, no matter who you are. ✨🧺🧼

🍳 Start your day with a heart shaped egg on toast or a teddy bear pancake with this sheet of cute and tasty meal stamps* from @apricotmayor ! An Instagram-ready breakfast can set your mind right for the rest of the day.

🥬 These animal cuties from @beanpolice make a trip to the market look like the coolest place you could go! Pick up your fresh produce and your favorite cheese, and then chill out with a cup of coffee and a warm bun before grabbing flowers and heading home.

🪄 Even bunny witches need to get chores done, but as we’ve learned from Mary Poppins, make it fun and the task’s a game. Use @bunnycreams ‘s bun as an example to get magically motivated for your day!

🧋 Of course, everyone’s daily life looks different, and for @fatfatfactory ‘s little hammies, boba fishing and pancake camping are just what you do! We’d love to live in a strawberry cake… we’re maybe feeling a bedroom redesign coming on…

🦊 Even doing the dishes and raking the leaves looks more fun when it’s done by a fox! @foxiecscart ‘s floofy foxes are the perfect addition to your to-do list so you can get a little extra smile while taking out the trash.

🗑️ And speaking of to-do lists, @foxiecscart ‘s trash duty fox is featured on a checklist memo pad as a little extra motivation for all your spring cleaning!

Vintage Pack – The Gothic Novel

This is our fav genre, so allow us to introduce this pack of imposing architecture, mournful spirits, and dark & stormy nights with a story 🏰👻🪶:

A long-lost cousin invites you to their home – a gothic castle. As you pass a village leading up to the castle, you paint churches, arches, whatever catches your notice in the morning fog – represented here by @nastya.chay .

You find a hidden library filled with ancient books, ornate chairs, and a raven that stares like it has a secret. @ivyalive ‘s sheet sets the stage for a day of reading while staring out at the misty moors.

As the first hint of darkness crawls across the sky, your cousin suggests a séance in the family graveyard. Hands shaking, you light candles shown here by @meaganmeli , and watch as tendrils of smoke weave with disturbing intention between your fingers on the planchet.

When night falls, you begin to see them. @marysyring recreates the visions: a painting of three sisters develops ghostly chaperones, girls appear in the hall, candle smoke on their lips, old houses that you saw in the village… You seek your cousin for solace and let out a shriek at her black, feathered wings. “You weren’t meant to see this,” she says as you faint dead away.

You wake back in the library; book open on the floor where it slipped from your hands. Was it a dream? To calm yourself, you pen a letter and the raven squawks as you place on a label from @ivyalive. It’s at the door that you notice smoke curling toward you and the faint sound of fluttering wings.

You leave in a hurry, much to your cousin’s dismay. Upon arriving home, you find in your bag a stamp of the castle you have just fled. Nothing happens after using it in your journal, and you are almost disappointed. And then night falls.

POP Pack – Break My Candy Heart

Here goth girls mingle with creatures and monsters because nothing brings people together like an ~aesthetic~. Sounds pretty wholesome for a crew that likes the look of eyeballs in their hair, but sometimes pastel girls feel spooky and sometimes the creature from the black lagoon wishes they were from the lavender lagoon instead.

🔮 The right accessories are essential, and this sheet from @resendmxxn is all you’ll need to fit right into this candy-colored world with dark sensibilities.

🎮 These gamers from @ellenwong_art have the sweetest hair and the coolest gear! They wear their headphones over their space buns and their hearts on their keyboards.

👻 These creatures of the night have found their home amongst this gang of gorgeous, gorgeous girls by @duckhymn , blending seamlessly into their spooky ‘n’ sweet aesthetic.

🧠 What does a pastel creature of the night like to snack on? @draw.jess.draw provides a buffet of almost tasty looking offerings, from eyeball boba to ramen brains. Bone app the teeth indeed.

🧃 It’s tough to be spooky all the time, and even old school vampires need a rest. This little vamp from @loafi_doodles is practicing some quality self-care with a blood-red nail polish and a bloody juice box before a short dirt nap.

🧜‍♀️ Take a note to self on this memo pad from @trsgatos : you’re never too old or too goth or too nice to embrace a pastel creepy look. If even mermaids are doing it, so can you!

Stickii Club is $10 per month, and has 3 subscription themes you can choose from – Cute, Pop, and Vintage!

Visit Stickii to subscribe or find out more!


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