Stickii Club February 2022 Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the February 2022 Stickii sticker subscription clubs! Join by 5PM Pacific on the 7th!

CUTE Pack – Among the Petals

Hello friends! Our Cute theme for February is “Among the Petals”! Spring is coming, which means it’s nearly time for cherry blossoms, and there’s nothing we love more this time of year than a hanami amongst the pink and white boughs of a grove of sakura trees. Now you can have your own party amongst the petals right at home! 🌸✨

🧋 Nothing says springtime like sakura snacks! This adorable sheet from @littlehecki captures all of our favorites, from bubble tea to ice cream to cakes, along with some equally adorable fuzzy friends.

🐶 If we only get invited to one hanami this year, we want it to be a Shiba Inu hanami like this one! @alittleidiot_ ‘s fluffy sheebs are way into the spring spirit, flying sakura kites and serving up yakitori for the perfect picnic snacks.

😻 Blossoms blossoms everywhere in @eriliselee ‘s kitty sheet! Branches full of pretty in pink sakura blooms and cats decked out in their springtime best.

🥤 Pastel Japanese sweets? Count us in! Crack open a sakura soda and nom on a sakura macaron with @milkkoyo’s sweet sweets in beautiful light hues!

🐸 Do you believe in frog fairies? You can try to catch @a22studio ‘s rare, winged cuties this spring by watching for them on cherry blossoms instead of lily pads.

👯 Pack your snacks and your sweets and join these pretty pastel people from @chxrry.pie as they take a stroll among the petals wearing the cutest clothes with the cutest accessories!

🎁 …and lots more surprises, for pack subscribers’ eyes only!

Vintage Pack – Natsukashi

It’s time for another spoiler reveal! Say hello to “Natsukashi,” our Vintage pack for February! Natsukashi is Japanese for that warm, fuzzy feeling you get something reminds you of old memories. (Think nostalgia without the longing.) Even if these aren’t your memories, hopefully this pack brings you that warm, pleasant feeling all the same!

🪴 Dance with the @elenaafonsoart ‘s bonsai trees, slow and relaxing. The wispy wind rustles through the little leaves as small shears carefully snip into lyrical shapes.

🌸 Whether you’re suddenly awash in memories from home or just in love with the look of traditional Japan, you’re not likely to find another sheet as evocative as @erica.ward.illustration ‘s, covered in sakura, warmer weather kimonos, stone lanterns, and little Bake-danuki and Jizu statues.

⛩ We love decorative stamps here, and these landscapes by @artpetry are giving us the little mental vacation we all deserve. We can almost feel the soft breezes blowing…

🌾 If these pieces feel a little art nouveau, that’s because the classic French style was heavily inspired by Japanese graphic designs and woodblock prints that traditionally draw on the colors, forms, and shapes of nature.

⛵️ Allow all your worries to sail away with these Japanese prints of water under the dawn and dusk skies. The deep blues of the night and soft haziness of the morning glow are a compliment to so many potential creative projects!

🍵 Finish off the perfect natsukashi journal spread with our washi strips, featuring cherry blossoms, springtime treats, and tea service from @teathoughts ! Sakura & matcha is the perfect springtime vibe.

🎁 …and lots more surprises, for pack subscribers’ eyes only!

POP Pack – All the Yummy

“All the Yummy” is our Pop theme for February! We’re bringing you some of our absolute fav Asian meals, snacks, sweets, and drinks – a total feast for the eyes! Grab your bib and let’s dig right in! 🥣🍙

🍱 The only thing cooler than @sinistersquids ‘s hypercool square sushi, bentos, and sweets is @sinistersquids ‘s square sushi, bentos, and sweets in holo confetti. You’re welcome, world.

🍣 For those amongst us with a taste for minimalism, check out @blblu0 ‘s sheet, featuring full meals, complete with dessert! The soft hues are a win for all your lighter journal spreads.

🦐 Bold and vibrant colors for bold and vibrant flavors! @littledrumsticks is really out here making us want to eat paper right now, with these stickers featuring individual and small groups of delicious snacks.

🧋 These numbered bubble tea stickers are the ultimate sweet treat for your planner or bujo! Whether you’re numbering a calendar or counting down, trust us, we’ve got the tea.

🍭 STICKII snacks, as far as the eye can see! @nomkakaii has immortalized us as the purveyor of the world’s coolest, brightly-colored snacks, along with their adorable red panda mascot named Mokka!

🍜 Oh, we’re about to get all savory in here with these delicious foods from @kailenefalls ! Ramen burgers, tofu with toppings, banh mi – so many options to accompany your journal entries or dress up your notes!

🎁 …and lots more surprises, for pack subscribers’ eyes only!

Stickii Club is $10 per month, and has 3 subscription themes you can choose from – Cute, Pop, and Vintage!

Visit Stickii to subscribe or find out more!


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